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Do Mgtows Like To Have Intercoarse With Female Women

Why women hate MGTOW?

If women control men through sex and attraction then it could be said that men control women through access to resources. When women didn't work men controlled women by controlling the purse strings. Now women have jobs so men can't put money over women's heads. And society doesn't accept and allow violence so men don't really have control over women in modern society. Women are free to do whatever they want. Women of course still use their looks and appearance to attract and manipulate men and society doesn't see this as against the law. It's just a harmless lie right? But men are waking up to this and realizing we don't have power in relationships and our dealings with women so why bother if all we do is give and all women do is take.

And why are many women in the western world unsatisfied what we men do every single time? If we reject a woman, her friends would also take it personally and attack the man. You know that if we go our own ways in life, you are no value to us. Of course, that is a threat to women.

Since MGTOWs want nothing to do with women, do they resort to having sex with other MGTOWs?

MGTOWS tend to support prostitution as they have a very negative view of women to begin with.In the eyes of MGTOWS, relationships already are prostitution, except you don’t always get what you paid for.So your question really touches upon the idea of homosexual MGTOWS, which is not exactly a popular movement, since homosexuals are around 5% of the population in most countries.While some MGTOWS may be bisexual or homosexual, most of them are not. If you’re interested in more discussion on these sorts of topics, there’s a video down below. And if I answered your question well, how about an upvote? Ciao! ^_^

Is there a female version of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)?

MGTOW is descended from GGTOW, the original one, not the gay one. Women have already come through this phase of blaming marriage for all their problems and elevating man-hating to a high art with academic pretensions.Women did this first. Dianic Wicca was a thing. The SCUM Manifesto happened, along with the murder it promoted and that murderer not getting a life sentence. This thread of feminism still has Women’s Music or Women’s Art festivals where no men are allowed, right down to ‘trans’ women, while they protest vigorously against all-male sporting institutions.Men are about 50 years behind the curve at acknowledging that their oppression was a real thing. And they are going nuts about it in utterly unproductive ways, the same way the worst kind of early feminists have already done, and for which they were pretty much immediately forgiven.Symbolically, we still have draft registration. More in fact, we still have mass-incarceration mostly of males, higher rates of male homelessness and suicide, a psychological tradition chosen for its effectiveness on women, etc., etc., etc.The men who do not run things, and who either have no chance to, or who do not want to, do exist and need a place to be. This kind of extremist group is just asking for what women demanded, and got. Those women aren’t yet all dead, and those institutions are still there, too.

To all the men talking about this MGTOW movement, I got a question for ya.?

MGTOWs are guys who either made a bad call and ended up divorced or whom don't trust their own character judgement skills to be able to pick a worthwhile partner. The bottom line in most of these cases is that guys lean toward flashy, exhibitionist type women when those are the women most likely to be in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Men who marry women of substance with their own degrees and careers don't end up being taken to the cleaners in a divorce.

Are women really as bad as the Red Pill and MGTOWS make them out to be?

As who makes them out to be?For MGTOW’s, the answer is obviously not and listening to them for too long is likely to warp your perception of reality. Feel free to listen if they talk about their past real world experiences, but don’t listen to anything “theoretical” from them.For redpillers, it would depend on what kind of redpiller you are dealing with because there is quite a lot of variation and not too much coherence. The advice you’ll gain from redpill circles differs wildly in quality much like dating advice from women does. Just like a woman shouldn’t take dating advice from Jezebel, you should filter out the parts that seem to overcomplicate things or treat women as an incomprehensible other.However, some of the stuff is really just things that is just mainstream, obvious advice viewed from a different lens. I.e. women are people, like members of the opposite sex to be good looking as men do, etc etc.Much of the advice relating to SMV and such is not harmful to follow - because it will motivate you to work out, take care of yourself, and get out more. Women spend a lot of time and effort trying to make themselves look good, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do that as well.Oh, and finally, MGTOWs, Redpillers and MRA’s are completely different groups in terms of both aims and demographics. There is occasionally some overlap between their ideas and occasionally MGTOWs and MRA’s will use the red pill metaphor as well which can lead to some confusion, but the three groups tend to think very differently.You will often hear each of the three talk about how much they dislike the other two. MGTOW’s tend to be people who hate women for whatever reason, redpillers tend to be single men in their twenties and early thirties who want to live some weird exaggerated caricature of the bachelor life, and MRA’s tend to be political activists who want change on issues like discrimination against men in various areas, particularly the legal system, and tend to be of all ages.Most people who lump the three together tend to be quite heavily misinformed about the three groups. Or alternatively, they consider all three groups to be in their list of perceived enemies, and subscribe to the modern american notion that all of one’s percieved enemies must clearly share the same ideology.

What do feminists think of men going their own way (MGTOW)?

I used to be a feminist, and I now consider myself to be MGTOW, so I’ll take a stab at this. The hostility is created by the fact women tend to be valued more than men. Men not only are forced to compete for women, but are still encouraged to do so in the year 2016 (under the guise of being confident and ‘manly’). Men also are always ridiculed, and in two specific ways. One way is to belittle men on how they’re morally inferior to women, despite the fact men are ridiculed for having those same characteristics that get women praise. The other way men are ridiculed is by comparing them to other men (whom are usually female-approved).Men calling themselves MGTOW are called losers by the deluded masses, but the female equivalant to MGTOW is known as women’s empowerment. Women are allowed to bash men and everything they do wrong, but it can never be the other way around. With these horrible double standards lurking against men, it’s no wonder why some men who don’t allow their sex drive to control them may be a bit irritated. Again, all of these double standards are justified by both feminists and tradcons. Feminists do so with their male privilege concept, while tradcons use their survival of the tribe argument.Are traditionalist women really any different from feminists? The answer is no, because even ‘traditional’ women cherry pick which tenets of traditionalism to keep in place, and which ones they’ll discard. In a sense I have far more respect for the feminist, because at least they’re willing to get their hands dirty and take a great amount of heat for their views. Traditional women on the other hand not only escape having the stigma of the feminist label attached to them, but still get to reap in the benefits of a post-modern feminist movement and their still retained cultural privileges. Traditionalist women (and men) also want to keep the same tradiations in place that have harmed men to begin with. It’s nice to see that MGTOW has finally started to call out all BS, and not just concentrate on feminists.