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Do Most Feminists Believe Straight Men Should Be Castrated Before Puberty

How can a female rape a male and get pregnant? A male can rape a female, because consent is not essential for women’s genitals to be fully functional, but for males, erection can never happen unwillingly.

“…for males, erection can never happen unwillingly.” That’s an unfortunately common, yet false and extremely ignorant misconception. I can’t see how you can be a male who’s gone through puberty and never have gotten an unwanted erection. For real, unwanted erections (and always seemingly at the most inappropriate of times…) are like the plague every developing male has to suffer through at some point in his lifeBut seriously though, males can get erections unwillingly, and this is especially true for young adolescent males going through puberty—13 to 17-year-old boys—where, because of the hormonal changes, erections can come from the slightest stimulation and sometimes at completely random times. Becoming physically aroused as a result of physical stimulation doesn’t necessarily mean mentally consenting to the experience any more than laughing from being tickled means mentally enjoying being tickledThe flesh is weak: On the Erection Equals Consent rape mythIssues of Arousal and Consent" by Siegmund Fred FuchsWhat Science Says About Arousal During RapeIn addition, when it comes to adults in positions of authority taking advantage of minor children under their care, it’s automatically abusive because of the power imbalance; in these cases in particular, even if there is physical pleasure or if he gets an erection from the stimulation, that doesn’t make it not rapeYes, Rape Victims Get Erections, Too -You attempt to make a distinction between the sexes, but actually while it’s not necessary for a female to become aroused in order to be forced into intercourse, it’s also not uncommon for female rape victims to experience genital arousal the same way male rape victims get erectionsIs It Possible To Orgasm While Being Raped? Is It Still Rape If You Do?An interesting thing to consider about male erections is that they occur in all healthily functioning males at all ages, including infants and toddlersErections in BabiesSo unless you’re prepared to argue that 1-year-old boys who get erections are consenting to sex and fully up for the experience, you should recognize that there are indeed situations where the physical occurrence of erections do not automatically mean mental consent to sex, and in some cases are absent of sexual situations altogether especially with younger developing males

What happens when a girl takes estrogen?

I like Dixie Golden’s answer. She demonstrates a knowledge of endocrinology that is very much on point for not being a doctor. Some of the assumptions you make in the subtext of your question are a bit misguided though.A woman may or may not wish to have estrogen replacement when she encounters menopause, but she should see a doctor first before taking any estrogen and follow a doctor’s orders any time it proves detrimental to her health. This was my situation when I had a stroke a couple of years ago and had to discontinue estrogen injections. The situation is no different for a cis-gendered woman.Women take a combination of estrogen and progestin nearly every day in the form of birth control pills, but its purpose there is to “fool” the body into believing it’s already pregnant. Again, it’s best to see a doctor beforehand.When a biological male takes estrogen, with or without anti-androgens, the purpose is almost always because she is a trans woman and is transitioning. Again, always always under a doctor’s advice. But if she (not he) discontinues taking them for whatever reason, there will be a slight reversion to her former state. If taken long enough, the effects are permanent (functional castration, breast growth, body fat redistribution, etc). Hormones do not affect facial hair growth nor do they affect voice pitch.