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Do Most Girls Prefer Big Rich Wealthy Tallented And Famous Black Guys Like R Kelly

Why do celebrities like Justin Bieber have bodyguards but not celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio?

A simple Google search and some common sense will show you that Leo hires a security detail (the bulky man in the black shirt:And here’s the thing - Justin Bieber is a music performer who needs to face giant crowds of people. Most of them would throw themselves at him, just in an attempt to touch their celebrity crush. Even if we disregard the security risks, Bieber would still be surrounded by dozens of girls who’d get in his way, he wouldn’t be able to move.DiCaprio’s work doesn’t depend on that kind of contact with fans.He’s an actor and sets tend to be isolated from the general public. Leo is also old now, and extremely wealthy, so he doesn’t really need to engage with anyone outside of his bubble. I think that Leo is way more introverted than most celebs, so he wouldn’t want to go in public as much.If anyone tries to swim to that yacht, they’ll probably get sniped by DiCaprio’s security.

Why do people accept black pedophiles and rapists in entertainment?

Celebrities have always gotten away with more than average people. It's not a black thing, it's a celebrity thing. I do agree that SOME people tend to make excuses for them but not ALL people. I have never defended Michael Jackson or R. Kelly and always felt they bought their way out of trouble and both belong in prison. Tupac served his time and he's dead, let him rest.

The fact is, unless a black man is a celebrity he is more likely to be convicted and serve more time than a white man who commits the same crime. I guess the support by some black people for black celebrity criminals is a backlash of that fact. They see it as finally a black man beats the system. It's not right and I don't agree with it but it is what it is.

By the way, look up Roman Polanski. He was CONVICTED of statutory rape against two 13 year girls old back in the '70's and he never served a day in prison. He has continued making movies and laughing at the system since then. He is white.