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Do Mouses Or Mice Hiss

Will mice leave a house if they simply smell cats?

I think it depends on the cat. I moved into my house and after a while I started hearing squeaks and then began finding droppings in my clothes drawer. I even began seeing them run across the floor and under my bed. Put all my food in plastic boxes. I got traps, poison etc and caught over twenty in two weeks. After a couple of months it began to be less of a problem but I would always catch a couple every few weeks.Then over the summer I got a kitten. He loved to play with fishing toys. I got him a little mouse teddy and he loved it when I threw it or dangled it for him to try and catch and show off his ninja moves. Then I noticed there weren't as many moths around as much. There used to be tons of spiders but they started disappearing(I actually liked them a lot so I was a bit sad). I realised that my adorable kitten was a tiny psychotic panther who loved eating anything that tried to run from him.I tried rescuing a spider from the bath and my cute bundle of fluff went nuts trying to get the spider. I put it in a ceiling corner and my cat sunk his claws into me, climb up to my head like I was a tree, grabbed the spider in his mouth and ran off with it. He looked me in the eye as he tore it apart and then ate it. Then he trotted over and began purring and cuddling up to me.As he got bigger I realised I wasn't catching any mice in the traps. They haven't come back. I would've done the same if I were smaller than my cat.

Do mouses or mice hiss?

A mouse that hisses is a angry mouse indeed. The hissing is often a warning to possible predators to not come any closer to it. A mouse that is hissing when a human is near is trying to tell it to stay away b/c it is a guarantee that a bite will follow.

I think there is a rat or mouse in my wall?

It will probably be a rat, squirrel, or raccoon. Maybe even an opossum, who knows. All I know is that unless there are multiple mice, it will be difficult for you to hear a single mouse's pawsteps, as a mouse is -- obviously -- pretty small. If you discover a squirrel, raccoon, or opossum, don't kill it. Contact a wildlife person immediately. Or you can even ask to borrow a cat trap from feral cat rescues like Alley Cat Allies. They probably won't object. Attract the animal by using cheese, nuts, bread crumbs, cereal, and table scraps. If you come across a rat or some mice, kill it HUMANELY. I love animals, even cockroaches (I've had a Hissing roach once as a pet...they're actually pretty smart, lol), and I find it so hard to even kill a fly. I'm always like, "I'm sorry poor creature!" before I smack the bug dead. I don't step on ant hills either... *shrugs*
I understand how hard it is to kill an animal, even a rat or mouse. Rats are adorable, and so are mice (I don't know if you think the same way), but there are too many of those little fuzzies in this world. They reproduce rapidly, and sooner or later, if not killed partially, we will have rodents up to our knees. Wild rats sometimes carry diseases, although domesticated rats have less diseases than dogs or cats. When I say HUMANELY kill the rat or mouse, I don't mean slam it against the wall or use a glue trap or anything. Shoot it in the HEAD (err mah gosh I sound so evil! I'm, like, hugging my pet ratties right now), use a CO2 gas chamber (really easy to make and pretty cheap), or -- if you have the guts -- put some leather gloves on and kill it. You can kill it by hand by gently, but firmly, grabbing it by the sides of its neck, and yank it by the BASE of its tail so you dislocate its spine. No pain, least stress, quicker, most humane. Please don't use glue traps or mouse traps. Would you want to die like that? Think of it that way. An instant death is so much better than a long, painful one. A cat trap usually works just fine. Humane rat traps are great as well.

What does it mean when a cat brings a dead mouse to the new cat and just leaves it?

hahahaha! It’s usual for cats to bring their kills and leave it on the doorstep, or worse, bring them indoors! Maybe the cat is trying to show the new cat how he too can be the king of the local neighbourhood? Our vet, who is an exemplary human being, and whom we adore, says that when our bold outdoor cat does this, she is saying “here, I did this, you can do it too, it’s not hard, just try”. :D :D :D He’s teasing us, but he might even be right!! :D :D

Has anyone's bird ever got sick or died from using peppermint oil in the room to repel mice?

If you put your bird cages on platforms with smooth legs ( like a table ) at least 2-3 ft high no mouse can get to their cages.....also mice will climb brick walls so dont put the cages against a brick wall. Mice can also climb another place and leap across to the cage for the seed.
Birds will most often die because the mice have been through their food. Less so from bites and heart attack. What seems like these reasons is more often their food and water source being poisoned by mouse faeces and urine.
The biggest problem that mice create for humans and their birds is contamination of food, of grain and seed in particular, with urine and faeces. Killing problem mice is not the best answer as long as mice have access to a building there will always be more of them to deal with.
Contamination of food or utensils with rodent urine or faeces resulting in diseases such as Salmonella food poisoning (bacteria carried by mice and rats).
I have a good trap...........this one ...... works very well and catches them alive if it bothers you to kill things.
I too, would not use the oils. What would irritate a mouses nose most likely would harm a budgies respiratory system.

If a human shrunk to a size of a mouse would the pet cat kill him or her or still recognize as owner?

Your cat would play around with you and end up killing you.In my experience cats do not recognize you by appearance. Your appearance is very insignificant to them. All of us humans look the same to them. They do, however, recognize your smell and your voice. You will still smell the same when you turn mouse-sized.But everything in your house smells like you, so that’s not important. The cat won’t recognize a mouse as you just because it’s been in your house and in your clothes and gained your smell.You can still talk when you turn mouse-sized, BUT…Your voicebox has considerably shrunk. It’s now tiny. It’s SQUEAKY, and VERY tempting to a cat. You sound exactly like prey. It excites them. Your cat cannot recognize you as its “owner”/aka slave, and you will now be killed.Congratulations, in your death you provided your cat 5 seconds of entertainment. You wouldn’t last any longer than that.If it happened to me, I would last 20 seconds, only because my cat doesn’t like to kill. She will catch mice and be very careful not to kill them. Her grip is very gentle. She sets them down and plays with them. When they stop moving and she realizes they’re dead, you can easily see her go from amused to completely distressed.

Why do cats bring in live animals inside a house?

I can think of a couple reasons.Female cats, despite being rather fierce predators also have a very strong maternal instinct. Stories of female cats with kittens or who just lost or started weaning kittens, stealing baby squirrels, rabbits and even puppies or other cats kittens are all over the place.With male cats, this is actually a rare thing, but they will sometimes be involved in kit rearing, and will hunt for food. Sometimes they bring the live animals for the kittens to practice on.Mostly though its because cats like to ‘practice’ their hunting, and bringing  a mouse back to the house where its safe is a good idea in their minds.

Why does my cat bring me her toys?

There are several reasons for this. First, your cat may equate her toys with hunting, and has decided that you are not a good hunter, so she’s bringing you toys to teach you how to do it right. Cats do this with their kittens, bringing them stunned prey, so the kittens can practice their hunting skills. The cat may simply want you to play with her. Within their own personal tribe, cats can be very social. If she’s bringing you things, even if she isn’t in the mood to play, it means she wants to show them to you, to prove her prowess at toy gathering. In any case, the fact that she’s bringing you toys means you are part of her in group, a member of the tribe. You should be proud.

How do possums kill rats?

I live in a mobile home park that is bordered on one side by a river, a park, large empty field, the fourth side is now a 4 lane freeway and a large field. When I first moved hear in 1980 there was just a 2 lane highway and the field.I had many encounters with with possums. They like to play with the aluminum cans I stored under my house.Their teetc are very menising, but they are very slow. They have very long claws for digging bugs, grubs and such. They are designed to climb trees so they don't move across the ground well. If the rat was already dead the possum might have a chance.Since the 4 lane was finished in the mid 90s I don't see possums like I use to. I think they didn't like the round the clock din of freeway construction for 4 years. I know everyone in the park was happy when the noise stoppe.I don't miss possums plying kick the can under my house at night eithe.