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Do Our Soul Really Travels At The Speed Of Light And Experiences What We See In Our Dreams

I once experienced my soul leaving my body for a while. How can I explain this?

A2A.You are a projection from your Soul. What you experienced was your Astral body leaving the physical body. The Astral body is connected to your physical body by a silver cord, within the Consciousness of your Soul. It is not bound by physical laws such as is your physical body. Quite often when we sleep, our Astral bodies travel out and have many adventures that we remember only as dreams.There is no such thing as your soul leaving your body. Your Soul is like a powerful sun, and each incarnate physical body is as a ray from the sun. The body is within Soul Consciousness, and the Soul is the life force of the body. Should the Soul leave, so too would your life force. Even when you die, the only change is that the cord connecting your incarnate form to the Soul is severed. It is not Soul that leaves the body, it is other forms of Self image energy forms that leave the body, such as the Astral and Etheric bodies. The body is a construct within Soul Consciousness.The Astral body has the capacity to experience past lifetimes, visit the lives of others, and travel into other dimensions if the frequency of the life force in the physical body is refined enough.There are Astral projection techniques that are taught, such as in Eckenkar. You can learn, if you choose, to sit in meditation and at will, release your Astral body to travel while meditating. This is yet another human potential that most people are merely unaware of. It is very natural and as I said, most of our Astral bodies go out on adventures while we sleep.The Astral body is never NOT connected to the physical body, until the body passes away. If you have ever been sleeping and suddenly felt your whole body jerk, that is your Astral body coming back into the body in a not so graceful fashion. : ) The fact that you were not aware it was even flitting off is not uncommon for most, as human beings are still in the infant stages of even learning who and what they are. They therefore, rely on the most rudimentary capacity of a mere 5 senses to detect information, unless they are actually working on developing their inherent capacity, or have done so in another lifetime.

Is it true that travel heals the soul?

Travel certainly changes your perspective.Living in another country even more so.If I ruled the world, I would ensure every 18 year old was funded for a year of travel.There would be far less ignorance and fewer excuses for war.If you pay attention, learn about the countries you are going to visit and travel with an open mind, it can be a truly transformative experience.

Do souls travel?

We are evolving to grow , reincarnating continously . There can not be any end to it as the process is infinite. The journey has started from single cell to mentalised being and progressing further towards supramental.

What is soul travel?

Soul travel is similar to astral projection in that one leaves the body and moves to other locations in what is called the 'astral plane.' A 'silver cord' is said to form a connection with the physical body.'Soul travel' is also a term that has been used by the modern spiritual group known as Eckankar, the Ancient Science of Soul Travel. They posit the existence of many planes beyond the astral, including the mental and soul plane. The planes beyond are varying levels of God-consciousness.In either instance one relaxes into a meditative state by breathing chants. It is said there are 'spirit guides' and 'masters' that may lead or accompany the journey. Astral travel is mentioned by sects of Theosophy, Sufi , Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and many other religions or cults.

Can we time travel using lucid dreaming?

Yes, that's what it's all about. You can travel throughout your own home, outside your home up the street, across town, to another country (though you may have no choice in choosing your country). Also you can time travel to the future.  I have never traveled to the past, but it is probable that you can. Some people claim they have traveled to the Moon or Mars. It has been my experience in traveling locally, I actually can   "feel" myself flying and look around at the landscape taking it all in, but it seems I am suddenly in the future or very far away all of a sudden with no experience of actually flying there. I seem to spontaneously just appear in a particular place in the future, I always tell people I run into (who look absolutely normal) that I have come from the past. Some people believe me and ask questions and give me an update  on the sad shape of the world, others have suggested I need meds. I met my husband in the future (a statue in a park we walked past read  the year 3024 at that future time) during an OOBE in 1991, he had a different name, but I recognized him later in 2002 when I met him, I have never told him about my experience as he was one of the ones who suggested I needed meds in 3024.

I saw a bright flash of light while falling asleep?

One opinion: the bright white light is a resetting of your outer waking awareness, an intense flash indicating purification.

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