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Do Parents Argue Is It Normal

Is it normal for parents to argue a lot?

There is no one family dynamic that is "normal" or "standard". All families have their own. I believe it's normal for a couple to argue since both are people and have different points of view, so sometimes arguing is inevitable.

I think it depends on when you want to draw a line. If you believe your parents are arguing constantly, and angrily, it might mean that they are fighting over dominance of one another, and that's generally an unhealthy way to communicate.

In any relationship (be it family, spouse, friends), there has to be some middle ground, and both parties should be courteous enough to hear the other's perspective, and try to come to an agreement.

If you think your parents' arguing is affecting you, you can always research on family therapies that focus on improving communication between people. Believe it or not, we people sometimes just aren't able, on our own, to be good listeners.

How do I deal with parents who fight all the time? My parents argue over trivial things. Mom has a temper, blames people, and controls everyone. She compares us with others, saying how good they are. Dad is too stubborn to apologize, and has an ego.

There is nothing you can do about your parents' fighting. Believe me. I spent years wondering what I could do.The only thing that you can do is get some space from it. It is not likely that their relationship is going to change unless they decide to change it. It's not up to you or your siblings to change them and trying will just make it all the harder for you to disengage from this very toxic dynamic in your family.It's time to grow more independent of your family and seek more sane and peaceful relationships for your own life. These dynamics have a way of creeping up into your own relationships simply because you have been in the midst of them for years. You need to know that and begin to become as conscious as you can about thinking about and having good communication in your life.Decide how you would like to proceed in creating a different energy in your life from the one that your parents have created. Get some help for this. Over time, you will create your own set of relationships that are based on healthier, more loving values. If that becomes your goal, you will begin to beat the stress and move forward in a new direction. Just don't spend your life getting stuck in their dynamic- unless you want to create such drama in your own life.

Is it normal for parents to fight every day?

If it's a lil argument or heated conversation over some daily routine stuffs then yeah it's happen very often in couples who have opposite thinking.but if they became normal after that and spend lovely time with each other and family then it's ok, there are plenty of families where they made arguments daily on silly things likeWhat to cook in dinner?Why you came late?Why you put towel in bed?Why you forget wearing sleepers all the time?And many more....But if they did real fighting like using harsh abusing language for each other infront of family members and children, had grudges and try to be in real fight on daily basis and not spending good time with children.Then it's not normal. They need help from counsellor  or someone who understands them and let them out of this.They may be live in some negativityAnd that should be get out of their system.If it's happening in your house then try to talk to separately with them and together too,Observe them, analyse it and then talk about it and try to find out the root cause then you will find solution for this.If you need help take experts advice or someone elder in your family.Take care n all the best.Thanks for A2A.

Is it normal that my parents fight everyday?

I am 16 year old girl. Far past 5 years or so I ve seen my parents fight literally everyday. Not like friendly fights, but almost violant ones. They scream on me, my sister, eachother, on my little brother that is 5 years old, my brother screams at them, there is always discord in our house. Mom is screaming at my sister because she is sad, father calling her all kinds of words in every language, my mother cheating on him. I am usually in my room, because I am really afraid of them. I am too emotional, I can not handle people screaming at me very well, I have social anxiety and Paranoia.
Both of my parents drink, but not too much. When i ask my mother why they fight, she usualy says "I think you haven t seen other families if you think our is the worst!" and when i say that Our family is not normal, They yell at me and yet again reply with the same "You havent seen other families". So I am asking: Are other families like that aswell? I don t know anymore. If so, I really really don t want to have any relationship or family in the future.

Children why do you argue with your parents?

...Actually, I don't argue with my parents very often, and most of the time it's about serious situations like government, or personal rights, or just joking around. I don't like to fight with the people who raised me, I understand it's hard enough as it is to take care of me, raise me, and pay for all the expenses I need, but there are also things that I don't understand and wish they would at least explain to me.

But, with the majority of teenagers, it is very difficult for them to see life from older views. They do not understand the trouble parents go through to raise them. They only see things they want to see, they think their lives are unfair because their parents want to protect them, they think that it's cruel not to buy them the newest iPod or laptop, they don't WANT to see their lives any differently, and so they don't. Teenagers want to have a reason to complain, and so they make one.

Unfortunately, the saying "you never fully appreciate something until it's gone, and by then it's too late." is far too true.