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Do Perform Any Human Interaction Anymore Without The Use Of Your Stupid Cellphone

People always call me ditzy and stupid? help i hate myself….?

From what I seen from your question, you're not that bad as people described you, in fact, I think you're pretty sweet and a positive-thinking girl. Yes, people say bad things about you, that's a process everyone been went through in life, you don't expect everyone be nice to you but do your best to prove them they were wrong about you. Being yourself is the hardest part of growing up (that's what people say at most), we grow up and be mature by time past, saying you're dumb because you're blonde is probably the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life, I found blonde girl was the most attractive one and they're not dumb (THOSE ARE GENETICS! WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?!), keep up with the positive thinking and continue to be your best self! and one day you'll realize how great a person you are. Life is short, don't wasting your time living a life on other's expectation.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs


Nowhere (apart from exam like situations, but even here you’re still allowed to use it, you simply get a 0 and are banned from the exam board. Airplanes and hospitals with sensitive equipment. As long as you are not breaking some sort of reasonable rule you should be able to use it).If someone wishes to use their mobile phone, then they may. It is within a person’s right whether they want to use it or not. Schools may attempt to confiscate your phone, but you are under no law to hand it over, at best they can expel you from the school.I honestly dislike people who wish to assert their opinions on another person just because of their own beliefs.Perhaps the person using the phone are doing so because their parent is dying in a hospital, and due to unexpected reasons they are forced to share their last words through a phone. Or you are speaking to your business partner because an unexpected company-threatening disaster has descended. Maybe you’re having a relationship ending argument with your significant other? Or perhaps you just wish to use your phone (which is just as reasonable as the other 3 reasons).You CAN, though, advise the person to not use their phone and what you think the consequences may be (to your best of your intellectual capactiy), and then they can decide what choice they wish to make after being educated on the uderpins.I’ve even known a few people who are depressed and pull out their phone when they are by themselves e.g. when their friend pops to the bathroom. They can’t stand being by themselves, so they distract themselves with their phone. If this allows the person to remain mentally stable, then nobody has the right to tell them they can’t. One of the reasons why I think the suicide rate is so high is because people are being constantly told what to do. Defence mechanisms are put in place by your mind to DEFEND you, so if you tell someone to do something and if the person needs to sacrifice a defence mechanism to go through with it, then whatever their mind was defending itself from will cause damage.Pretty complicated answer, and a bit chaotic due to the rush job but I hope you can look past it and glean from it, some of the ideas.

I had this moment in grad school, hosting an end-of-summer party in the house I was renting right after Hurricane Alicia ripped through Houston in August '83. I was looking around the room, and realized that things were severely monocultural - almost everyone there worked with computers/networks, did that for fun on the side, and talked about it - even at parties.I decided that I didn't want to be that way anymore, and made a conscious decision to cultivate friends outside my field, to take classes (even at community college) that interested me, to explore and expand, and get out of my shell.Fast forward to now.The work we were doing then created the Internet, the computing systems we take for granted, and the "instant on" communications society we live in. In some ways, that's amazing and wonderful and awesome. In some ways, tragic.I have acquaintances all over the world that I interact with via a keyboard, screen and words. If I'm not careful, I can think of them as "friends" - because there's this artificial sense on intimacy that comes from frequent interaction, and my own ego believing that what they think of me matters.That's dangerous. And delusional.You need people in your life that are, well, IN your life. Flesh to flesh contact. Shared meals. Shared experiences.That's how we're programmed, genetically. We crave a village. In a modern containerized urban environment, we artificially create them, in our minds, using modern electronic media. I look around, and see how isolated we all, and how much more isolated we're getting. We care more about upvotes and likes and retweets than we do about stopping and saying "hi, how are you" to people - real people - that we walk past every day. We all need to get out more. Without our phones and tablets.

Umm, male "release" related question.?

So, a little over two weeks ago I started taking anti-biotics for epididymitis. I had to take anti-biotics for two weeks, kuz I waited thinking it would go away and it just got worse. Well anyway, I'm done. I'm a bit of a nymphomaniac, and now I get to leave behind that stupid infection, or so I thought.

Okay, laugh if you want, maybe I'm just paranoid, but this is a serious concern on my part. Usually, I didn't masturbate very often. I'm trying to think of a way to say this without seeming all bragy. I have a girlfriend, and we kind of fool around, so I usually didn't need to masturbate that often. Now I kind of have to. I don't know if it's just me, but something is just weird. It's actually quite annoying. If I don't masturbate at least once a day, it feels like my balls are about to explode. It just gets to be extremely uncomfortable. Like, whenever I do, it just seems like there is a ridiculous amount as well, and I mean ridiculous. I don't need to go into anymore details... but I didn't think a human being was capable of releasing this much. My theory is that it's just producing so much, that I have to let it out. It's really bothering me, because I'm noticing a difference in my stamina as well.

I don't know what the deal is, but apparently my body has decided that it needs to produce semen at the speed of sound.

Does anybody know what the hell might be going on? This wasn't happening before I caught this stupid infection. Everything, for all sakes and purposes, was normal.

What should I do about my overprotective parents? PLEASE HELP ME! (Part 2)?

I have read all parts to this question and I can honestly say I would love to help you. I am 15, so not far from your age, and I too know exactly what depression feels like. Here is one solution I'd like to recommend. This is the straightforward approach; write your parents a letter, containing everything you have mentioned here, and tell them how they are ruining your life. Tell them that you cannot be happy living like you are.

Now, if this doesn't work, a more drastic approach will have to be taken. Disobey your parents (after telling them how they are ruining your life) - this is simply what I'd do if I were in your position. I might run away from home for a night or two, or not do the chores I am told to do until they acknowledge your feelings. Basically, do anything to get your parents to know how you're feeling.

I want to get this out: DO NOT do anything stupid, like suicide or self harm. Even just from this question, you seem like a lovely person, and I know I'd like to be your friend. The world would we far worse without you brightening it up, regardless of what you think. Please don't end it all. After all, you have your whole adult life ahead of you.

Another thing is, try to make friends in school, like I know you said you're anti-social, but just give it a shot. Talk to people, get to know them. Also, my final point is, talk to a teacher you feel comfortable with about the matter. I promise you, a teacher can help you through this just as much as anyone else can.

I really hope I've helped. I care about you, honestly I hope it all works out. If possible, keep me updated on this, but if that's not possible don't worry. Just remember, don't give up, the world loves you.

- In addition, tell your parents you are depressed and why, and tell them you feel like killing yourself. Hopefully then they'll have sympathy.

I don't have a cell phone. Does that make me weird?

I do have one, but I think it's about 10 years old or something. I find no need to have a modern one, especially if peoples' only reason for replacing them so often is for "style." And the people who don't get that not everyone is a clone of the typical person are stupid.

I'm a definite nerd (proud to be a physics nerd). I have no need to be in style, be like everyone else, or care about what others think of me.

I suggest you do the same, it works.

Husband takes me for granted and I don't know what to do, quite lengthy if you can bear with me... please?

Is there any way you can look up your old friends that you have lost touch with and explain what happened and that you would like to start getting together? I realize this still doesn't change the fact that you are taken for granted by your husband though.

He does as he pleases, makes no effort to help you with anything, seems to not want you around and refuses to go to counseling to make you happy. This does not sound like someone who values his wife.

How would he feel if he truly believed you were going to leave him over this? Have you ever brought it up? Perhaps the thought of losing you would open his eyes to what he is losing, or perhaps he would not care if his current actions are any indication of how he truly feels.

It does not seem like you are going to be able to change him by continuing on the same path, and although going to a counselor alone might help you understand a few things about yourself, it still isn't going to change his self centered ways.

The problem with leaving is that it would make things difficult for your children, but you are sacrificing your happiness in the process, so it appears that you are being torn in 2 directions and there is no easy solution at all. 20 years is a long time but you are still very young and deserving of happiness. My wife was married 19 years to her first husband before she divorced. She is 47 and finally happy in her life.

I read these boards regularly and believe me, you are far from the only wife who is going through this. I see a similar story almost daily on here.

Amen to what Kurt said above.

Dead simple.I'm 5′11″ at 190 pounds with a deep booming voice.I go deadpan, lock eyes with them until they flinch a bit, then I say in a stone cold measured voice:“You. Will. Not. Ever. Speak. To. Me. Again. In. That. Tone.”Then I keep staring them straight in the eyes and take one step forward into their personal space.My policy is that I don't attempt to reason with folks who are unreasonable.. whether they're legitimately mad or they're just feigning anger because they're bullies doesn't matter a bit to me.I came to this as a result of a traffic accident decades ago where a guy was tailgating me and got mad at me when he hit me because I had to stop short for a pedestrian who wasn't paying attention.I was already a bit testy from his trying to push me to go faster in heavy traffic, and when I got out to look at the damage he did, he started screaming at me because he'd wrecked his car.That tore it. I have a limited tolerance for the intentionally stoopid.That simple response, and demand for some respect… regardless of who was right or wrong, stopped him cold and broke his lizard brain because it was completely orthogonal to any responses he might expect.The elegant thing about it is it forces them to take it down several notches without giving them anything to hang an argument on… and often the argument, in and of itself, is what they're really after.