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Do Progressives Really Know What They

I really need help with the Progressive Era i need to know who benefited and who didn't. please explain how?

Progressivism was a middle-class movement that embraced the social, economic, and often religious morals of the American bourgeoisie. This included prohibition, public sanitation, and safe working/living conditions for Americas growing cities. It also witnessed significant immigration reform, which restricted the amount of non-WASP immigrants who could enter the US.

This was considered bad for big business because improved working conditions and sanitation hurt their profits. Also, Teddy Roosevelt, even before he was VP, had adopted Progressive beliefs in "the public" and eventually was an active player in trust-busting . . . the breaking up of big business monopolies such as oil (Standard), steel (Carnegie), and railroads (Vanderbilt) . . . oddly enough, all right-wing heroes in American mythology.

How do I know if I need progressive glasses?

When your optician recommends them. This is what happened to me.Glasses with progressive lenses are used to correct vision requiring two or more prescription strengths. For instance, I need a +1.50 prescription to correct my distance vision. And I need a +3.75 prescription to correct my close-up vision. My distance vision is blurry. My close-up vision is very blurry.You can tell if you need progressive lenses, because your current single vision lenses are not correcting all aspects of your vision. I have +3.75 lens strength reading glasses which give me clear close-up vision, but distant objects remain blurry. My old +1.50 lens strength glasses for distance vision are no use for close-up vision, I just can’t read with them.Visit an optician for an eye test and follow their advice.The age related condition of presbyopia leads to progressive lenses needed to correct eyesight.I started with reading glasses. My distance vision was fine and needed no correction. At my next eye test, I mentioned that I was noticing the reading glasses were correcting my vision at greater distances. The eye test revealed that my distance vision now also needed correcting, as well as my close-up vision. The optician recommended progressive lenses.

Do people who say "Sharia is progressive" really know what the Sharia law is or are they just fooling the public?

Islamic jurisprudence can adopt a progressive attitude. Some scholars are too progressive and they tend to put more weight to the current moral values of a certain culture (liberal western culture to be specific) over Islamic tradition. This attitude is , in my opinion , flawed and goes against logic and Islam.However, jurisprudence should always take into account the status of the current world and should try to evaluate the different texts based on that. We have two major rules that can help you understand my point:1- Rules are subsidiary to situations (i.e. the proper Islamic rule should come after considering the specific situation in place)2- Islamic law generalized what changes and detailed what does not change. So regarding matters that are subject to change like political institutions, Islam stated general rules with no details, on the contrary matters related to prayers and fasting etc. are well detailed.

What are Progressive lenses?

Progressive bifocals differ from traditional bifocals in another aspect. The former type can offer wearers contemporary appearance, while the latter one can do nothing about that. This is because traditional bifocal lenses have visible segment lines separating the two lens powers. These lines constantly suggest that the wearers are elderly. In contrast, progressive reading glasses free from those lines enable wearers to be cosmetically younger. Vision correction provided by them is more natural.

What were the beliefs of the progressives?

Question: What do progressives believe in?Answer: That is an arbitrary line to draw. If you were born in the 18th century French revolution, then your biggest progressive goal in your life would be the abolition of absolute monarchy.What do progressive believe in? Change.They believe in change to current social, economical and political system. In some cases, those changes are much needed reform that will lead to better outcome.If you believe in removal of segregation in 1960s America, you would be a progressive. If you believe in continuing abolition of segregation in 2017 America, no one can predict your political alliance other than the fact that you’re not part of the KKK.Yesterday’s progressives are today’s conservatives.What do today’s progressives believe?pro-choice in matter of abortionhigher minimum wageminorities’ rights (affirmative action, BLM, etc)higher taxes on “rich” people (which is defined as everyone else except themselves. “Raise the taxes on the rich”, “who, me, rich? no way. I am poor, I am only the top 1% in world’s income statistics by being part of developed nations’ citizen. but no, don’t raise my taxes. Raise it for those other people, you know… rich people…”)on matter of immigration, this is a bit unclear. Generally conservatives are “pro-trade”, but now both sides seems to be protectionists. The funny part is where the progressives both claim to be “kind to immigrants” and “pro trade protections”. Which seems to be some weird half arsed opinion on “open border” vs “closed border”: We don’t want your goods and services, but you know, you can’t be mean to people who mow your lawn….

Do liberals/progressives really have influence over the media and college campuses?

Public universities are governed by Boards of Regents appointed by state governors so it varies by state. Most of thise givernirs are republicans. However, educated, well informed people tend to be more liberal than those who know little of the world and how it really operates. Both academics and journslists are in the business if exoloring the world and explaining how and why things happen as they do. These exolanstions may, in the surface sound liberal because they take the perspective of the people or thing being being studied. To explain a criminal’s behavior I must take his perspective but that doesn't mean that I like or support him. Likewise, for a professor or reporter to explain a terror group they must explain how they see the world. That doesn't mean that they agree or approve of it.

What is the difference between a Liberal and a Progressive?

Great question. They are the same. Actually, this game of semantics became popular in the 1930's. as socialists began to call themselves liberals to mask their socialist beliefs. It is a pro big government and anti individual freedom position. When liberals began to realize that the common public which does not pay attention to politics caught on to the fact that liberals are socialists, the liberals then came up with the word progressive.

There are many who are progressive who do not even understand that the leaders of the progressive movement espouse socialism. It actually has been well hidden. That is until Obama began to appoint many of these to his cabinet and within the entire administration. Some have been asked to resign already because the public have caught on. Others, like the current Attorney General Eric Holder, has not yet resigned.

How do progressives feel when they see videos of them being ridiculed on the internet?

Here’s what I see…I see Stupid. A conservative troll yet again putting stupid on display and parading it around like it deserves respect. You thinking your trolling is scoring some point or another. Stupid.I mean, even Conservatives don’t find that video FUNNY. What they’re feeling when they watch it is “HA, F U, you LOSE!”. It’s called being a sore winner. Not funny.What that video really shows is that Conservatives really care a lot about what Liberals think of them. That they respect Liberals. That they think Liberals really are smarter and better educated and so on. Because when you don’t respect someone, you don’t give a rats rear end what they think about you. And that video is ALL about what Conservatives believe Liberals think of them, and the big HaaaHaaa of “proving them wrong”.Sorry to tell you, but Conservatives didn’t finally win Liberals respect. It’s not because they lost the popular vote but won the election anyway because the electoral college isn’t one person one vote. It’s not because Trump is so amazingly awesome when he sure as heck ain’t. It’s because Conservatives got scammed by an OBVIOUS scammer. It’s like watching someone go to a used car dealer you warned them about, one that has a well known reputation for ripping people off, seeing them get screwed out of every dime they have, and then watching them brag about the “deal” they got. That’s how Liberals see Conservatives right now. It’s hard to not feel you deserve the screwing Trump and the Republicans want to give you at this point. For a group of people so sensitive to Liberals “looking down on you”, you sure as heck earned the contempt this go round.We don’t respect you, so calling us little snowflakes and Libtards doesn’t sting. It just makes us respect you even less.Funny and own the interenet? LoL, maybe you guys have your little Conservative bubble to feel all good inside, but the whole world is laughing at how you got duped by a guy whose company went bankrupt SIX TIMES with a long long loooong history of screwing over the blue collar folks that he employed.Kinda makes it hard to feel sorry for the coal miner who gets cancer because Trump told the mine to yeah, sure, go ahead, dump toxic waste in streams. It’s only peoples drinking water after all. You got what you voted for.