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Do Some Mirrors Make You Appear Thinner

Do some mirrors make you look thinner/fatter?

for some reason when im at home at my apt, the bathroom mirror is the most accurate it seems, but the bathroom mirror i have at my parents house makes me look thinner than the one back home. I also have one in my room at my apt that makes me look wider, and the one at my parents house in my room makes me look ultra thin, i had a friend tell me the same when she looked in it.

Why do I look thinner in some mirrors than others?

A completely flat mirror will show an image behind it of exactly the same
shape and size as the actual object. Slight curvature along only one axis
can make a person look fat or skinny. To make you look thin, your image
needs to be compressed horizontally or extended vertically. Most mirrors
bend over time top to bottom. If seen from the side, there is a slight
curvature in the edge. The top and bottom edges are usually straight. Your
home mirror can do this due to its own weight. If the center bulges out a
little bit, your height will appear slightly smaller but your width will not
be changed. This can make a person look a little fat. If the center bends
back a little, then you can look a little taller without looking any wider.
Mirrors can bend along other axes, but the one described is most likely.

Dr. Ken Mellendorf
Physics Instructor
Illinois Central College

Why do I look thinner in some mirrors and bigger in others?

This happens when the mirror isn’t properly flat. This is very common for large mirrors, because they are very thin compared to their size.When the mirror isn't perfectly flat, it will deform the image. When curved vertically, you either look taller or shorter. When not curved horizontally, you look wider or narrower.While shops get accused of doing this on purpose, it seems that in most cases, it is simply a matter of having cheap mirrors, that can't hold their shape. I've seen mirrors both lengthening and fattening in the same shop.

Why some mirrors make me look big and skinny?

i wanted to know why some mirrors make me look big and skinny? To clarify when i am shirtless i look bigger in a good way in my bathroom mirror or reflection. But on a different mirror i look really skinny and that mirror is a door mirror which is 48 inches in length and 12 inch wide and says it on back of mirror. Also last thing is why does your body look smaller close up but bigger far away from mirror.

Do mirrors make you look fatter?

Only some of them. It usually depends on the size and the shape of the mirror...

Why do some mirrors in stores make you look taller/thinner?

Its not the the shape of the mirror, because i went into H&M and there was a wide mirror and a long mirror and both made me look thinner and slightly taller almost.
i want to know the science of it.

Full length mirrors making you look skinnier?

most likely, no. If your full length mirror is at a slight tilt it can make you look much skinnier. At camp my friends and i had a full length mirror that we tilted backwards on the wall called the "Confidence mirror" because it makes you look skinny. However a mirror is a mirror and i would trust the smaller one

Why do some mirrors make you look fatter and some make you look thinner?

the lighting has an effect, and also the shape and size and placement of the mirror. I have a thin (12-14 inches across) full length mirror that is leaning against my wall because I haven't mounted it yet, and it makes me look 10 pounds lighter. Everyone loves it, except its not true. Department stores with strong overhead light showcase fat pockets and cellulite, so those make you look bigger