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Do Those Duck Dynasty Actors Wera Fake Beards And Wigs.

Do actors really shave their heads for a movie in which their character is bald?

When we see a bald character in a film, one of three things has happened:1) The actor shaved their head2) The actor is wearing a bald cap3) The actor is not wearing the toupee/wig that they sometimes wearWearing a bald cap requires that the actor spend a significant amount of extra time in the makeup chair and wearing something that is tight and uncomfortable and hot for many hours.  So the actor has to weigh the costs/benefits of choosing to shave or choosing to wear the bald cap.  Shaving their head could prevent them from getting other work.  A big factor is probably how much time they will need to be filming scenes as the bald character.  Michael Rosenbaum played Lex Luthor on Smallville.  For about seven years he shaved his head to play the character.  Then he left the show for three seasons and returned for the final episode.  He wasn't going to shave his head again for just a few days work, so in the final episode he wore a bald cap.Actresses probably have less choice in the matter.  There was no way Karen Gillan was going to be able to fit her long red lustrous locks under a bald cap, so she had to shave her head for the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy.And then there are cases like this.Twenty years from now, it might all be done digitally.

What costume are you going to wear for Halloween?

OH honey.I had an amazing concept, but sadly, this year I won’t be able to celebrate Halloween because my friends will all be away.So, get this, it’s a double dark spooky ooky reveal ok? This is a costume in a costume.My first costume is this:Yaaas madre, it’s the ghost thing from Chihiro’s Journey. It’s an effective costume because: A) it’s literally just a black sheet with a white mask on it;B) everyone knows Chihiro’s Journey; C) It’s spooky! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh black sheets are scary because you never know if they’re dirtyyyy uhhhhhhhhhhh;But wait, there’s more. My gay ass needs drama, mama. A black sheet wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me.So, I’m at the party (A gay party, obviously, because I can no longer inhabit among the straights). My black sheet obscuring all my sexy body and glamour. I am called to the stage, the voting for ‘Best Halloween costume - 2017” is starting. The host is asking the masses to clap for each costume present, whoever gets the louder reaction from the public gets the crown.I want that crown girl, I’m the spookiest person in this gay coven.I’m not going to lose to some cheap ass 3 dollar vampire mask. This isn’t Twilight. Not on this time and day, no sir.The host approaches me, the public goes insane, they love a mask that pulls on their nostalgic strings. But wait- What’s this? I’m spinning. Everyone is flabbergast. “What is he doing?”As I spin I remove my 1st costume and beneath it:GIRL, I’M BABASHOOK!!!Everyone loses their minds, some people fully die of heart failure, sirens are blasting and ambulances are arriving. Pants collectively and automatically drop to the ground, knees are shaking, girls are sweating, fans are waving in a gay manner, everyone screams, it’s complete and utter chaos.I obviously get crowned, not just because my costume is the best, but because I provided people with what they wanted: drama, mystery, betrayal, magic.Sadly, none of this will come to pass because my friends are assholes and don’t understand the magic of Halloween. I’ll probably just spend my night watching Hocus Pocus.

How can I tell if someone is an undercover cop?

Most undercover cops wear fake beards, wigs, mustaches, and sometimes fake hair pieces.The area in which I live in the U.S. is swarming with undercover cops. Many of them look like the dudes on Duck Dynasty. I however can tell when someone is wearing a fake beard. I took theater classes for ten years. Make-up and costuming were two areas that I studied.Some of them are older men, they seem to enjoy being lookouts in places like Wal-Mart and some malls. You would think they are just old and sitting on a bench, until you see they are wearing their police boots.Some watch their target's closely and begin going to places the target normally goes. They sometimes ask the store owners or restarant managers if they can masquerade as a server, or store clerk. You can always tell it's a cop by looking at their closely cropped hair. Sometimes they go overboard with beards or they wear things that doesn't seem to fit for the general population of that area. That's because they are recruited cops from other agencies in different States. They try to blend in but because they don't know the traditions, culture, and customs of the new area, they just look ridiculous.Most cops have military style haircuts, they walk upright with their chests out like a military soldier, they walk as if they are marching. Some wear shades in stores, Others wear hats. Again some try to blend in but if you take an Officer say from New York City and move him to Texas, no matter how much he tried to blend in, he may go overboard with a ridiculous looking cowboy hat or a pair of jeans that are out of style. Most are in a hurry and don't don't do their homework when they arrive at their new agency when they get transferred, so they stick out like a sore thumb.Pay attention to the side of highways and streets. If you are under surveillance you will see them dressed in baggy jeans, jeans with holes in them, or a dirty shirt. They look like bums at first glance except they have a cell phone with them, and are wearing black officer issued boots.Hope this helps!

How can I know whether my house is under surveillance?

If a new lamp post or telegraph pole has been erected opposite or very near your house. That doesn’t have to be on the front, it is more likely to the rear facing side of the property, perhaps appearing to light up a pathway behind the house.A sudden increase in traffic passing through your road, particularly if they slow down as they pass by your row of houses/apartments. That traffic may includes motorcycles as well as cars/vans.A gradual increase in apparently innocent passers by walking down your street or crossing the road near your residence. They will not be the same people of course, but if there is a general increase then that could be an indication.Cars parked in your street that were not there before, but now appear to be parking regularly; either day or night. Bear in mind, that there does not have to be a person in the car these days to operate cameras etc; it can be done by remote control and relayed to say a Police Station for monitoring.It is often worth taking a note of the index numbers of these cars. In the UK we have a central operation called DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) who keep a list of all cars on the road, and who they are registered to. In theory that should include Police vehicles as well.So if the address is not disclosed or the vehicle apparently not registered it could well be a Police or similar vehicle. Particularly if it is registered to a company that is a tracing agent for example. Again in the UK that can be checked by running the details through Companies House.Don’t be confrontational, but just raise the matter with the Police Station’s “Desk Sargent”; working on the basis of nothing to hide, why would they not tell you. If they are evasive, pretending not to know the chances are it is a Police covert operation. Alternatively it could be a Private Investigations company.