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Do U Think Women Are More Likely To Have Weapon In Their Bags Than Men

Do girls use crying as a weapon?

Most women have a bag of manipulating toys and know how to use them. They watch your reactions to see what works best, and they never forget how you respond.

Do you think cops with partners are less likely to use lethal force on unarmed suspects?

Yes, but less because of integrity issues and more because of tactical issues.When you have a partner, you have more options.Let’s say a call goes out regarding a deranged man with a machete (happens more than you might think). Realistically, I’m no less dead if the deranged man didn’t realize what he was doing, so I need to take precautions and it’s likely the deranged man would get shot.If I have a partner, one of us can be armed with less-lethal defense like a bean bag shotgun or a TASER, and the other can be armed with a sidearm or rifle. This way, we can try less-lethal first, while having the lethal backup immediately available.The problem is that less lethal options are not as reliable as we’d like them to be. TASERs can fail; bean bag rounds might just piss off a determined or hyped-up on drugs subject; and other methods are difficult to deploy or too dangerous in this scenario.So yes, having a partner gives you options you might not have if you are the sole responder to a call.

Why do women think that men have it easier?

Women think that men have it easier because:Their phone call lasts 30 seconds.In films, women are much more often shown naked.For a week's holiday, they need one suitcase.Their queues for the toilet are 80% shorter.They can open all the bottles/cans/boxes themselves.Their old friends never give a shit on changes in their weight.All their orgasms are real.If another man appeared at a party, dressed in a suit just like theirs, they can become the best friends.They do not need to always carry a whole bag of items, they need.The garage and the TV remote control are theirs. Only theirs!They do not need to shave their legs or hands.If he’s a 34-year-old bachelor, no one pays attention to it.They think about sex 90% of the time, free from sleep.Three pairs of shoes are more than enough for them.People never stare at their chest, when talking to them.They can take off their shirt, if they feel hot.They have the same mood the whole month.They never go to another petrol/gas station just because this one is "disgusting".They don’t die, if no one has noticed their new hairstyles.The shape of their “booty” has no value for employment.

Do women really believe that men need only be accused of being a predator in order to be considered one?

Thanks for asking and not at all - most men are not predatory but some are, and in ways they don’t even realise. For instance i am incredibly happily married and still quite good looking for 63 but i have hated being ‘ clocked’ by other men for decades now - it makes me feel uncomfortable and invaded. My son was shocked by this and thought it would make me feel good - still attractive etc - but that is not anything about me - that is some male projection onto me of his fantasy and i feel violated by its intrusive nature - so am I over sensitive, well after a life time of harassment rape and god knows what else - No I don’t think so. I am still recovering from all those years of invasive abuse and unkindness. That is what so many men don’t think about - what else has each woman already gone through in her life to find my attention an invasion and yes i think many men are predatory in small ways often but does that make them a true predator in serous ways that risk actual harm to women, probably not. I think that is you suspect a man to be a predator then he probably is on a scale of behaviour even if he does nothing about it, because it is all about an attitude of male mind in relation to what women are there for and the answer is not to provide interest for men. They are there for themselves so stop gawping or clocking or predating on any level - pleaseHowever the best men I know are ones who are so besotted with their own women they really don’t want to be clocked by other women either and there are plenty of them around, there really are, there is nothing predatory about them in any way at all. My husband is one of those men too.

How to defend yourself without killing someone?

You can use any weapon to harm your attacker it's just about how you use it. Example if you're both wrestling around and there's a knife in your pocket then try stabbing or slashing the guy behind the knee where the leg bends or hitting the Achilles Heel. That would sever tendons and cause so much pain which would result in you getting away and him not being able to follow you. Try carrying multiple weapons like a tazor, knife, and a gun. Obviously the gun would be the most damaging weapon to use so just try shooting him in the leg/arm/shoulder. Hitting him any where near the chest/stomach area can be fatal. BUT HELL you can decrease that by simply carrying a smaller caliber pistol like a .22 for example. The reality if the situation is when an attack happens on the streets its far too violent and quick to even think about performing some kind of self defense move you learned from your self defense class. But arts that can help you are, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and boxing. Look up Tony Blauer he's a really good 'reality self defense' expert.

Why Do Men Think Size Matters?

Because it does.

Yes, I said it. Instinctively we react to a large member.....but that's not the point (or the pun). Length, actually, is a huge turn OFF. It's width that matters. Think about the biology - where is the clit? Where is the G spot (underside of the clit)? All the important nerves are in the front. A long one just bumps your cervix and that HURTS. A long THIN one is absolute misery and guaranteed break-up material (hey - life is too short for bad sex).

Having said that, I have found, without exception, that the length of a man's penis is inversely related to his abilities as a lover. It's like they think they can just whip it out and you'll come. Ludicrous. At this point in my life, I see a long one and pull the fun plug. I just don't have the patience. And I'm not nice about it anymore, either. Just "oops, sorry."

The best lovers I have had were average if not smaller - they really made an effort to learn what I liked. And that is the whole point - reacting to your partner and having fun!

Why are male customers more likely to disapprove of Publix's carryout service?

I work at a bagger at Publix, and women usually don't mind getting a carryout. But if you offer a man a carryout, they either think you're patronizing, weird, or gay. I don't like doing carryouts, but I
could lose my job if I don't at least make an attempt to carry out every customer.

How to defend yourself without killing someone?

As a young lady, I'm learning Women's Self Defense! Lots of women carry weapons in their bags and purses! Such as knifes,pepper spray,ect.

I'm very weak and could Never defend myself against a man. I'm incredibly small. I'm not even 5 ft, I only weigh about 95 pounds, and have no muscle what so ever. I've had close encounters where I almost got kidnapped! I'm terrified of being kidnapped,raped,ect!

I've heard horrible stories of women being kidnapped and raped/tortured for the rest of their life?!?! I DON'T want to be a victim! I want to carry a pocket knife or something of the sort, but I don't want to stab my attacker because I don't want to kill him! I want him to be in enough pain where he can't get up and I can run away! I run very slow so I feel like I wouldn't be able to get far and than they'd catch up to me!

How can I use a weapon without killing my attacker! Or what type of self defense do you recommend? Thank you for reading and remember, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Should women be allowed into combat roles?

If you say that we should meet the male APFT standards to fit combat roles than you should also say that we should have to meet the male APFT standards to fill the other jobs that the males hold also. Because being here, there are males and females who fill combat roles even though they don't have the MOS for it. We all are trained in combat roles. Basic "Combat" Training (BCT) trains us to all be soldiers first. We, both males and females, are soldiers. Be it that I can be a soldier, something I could never be is a man. But we have to stop the belief that their is a difference. You are either a soldier or your not. I will say this and you can check the many times I keep answering this question, we already fill combat roles as the males. There are females who have been in firefights and have been wounded by IEDs, we man the .50cal on gun trucks, carry the heavy 249 Squad Automatic Weapon. We are trained on weapons, fighting wiht bayonets and other training just like the males aside from the APFT. If a female is afraid to fill a combat slot then she should not be a soldier she should be a girl scout. We are soldiers and if we are allowed to serve our country as such we should be allowed to be so under every since of the word. And to be a proficent soldier, one has to do alot more than be good at situps, pushups and running and every soldier, male and female, knows this to be true.

A women carrying a knife?

It is probably OK to carry a knife if it makes you feel better.
However, it is really poor protection.

I live in the USA and have my Texas CHL (concealed handgun license) and carry a Sig Sauer P220 .45 semi-automatic pistol under my jacket, sweater, or in a specially designed purse. I practice shooting often because I refuse to be a crime statistic just because I am very petite and not as physically strong as other people (under 5 feet and 98 lbs.). I do not want to kill someone but will use deadly force to protect myself if necessary.

I will not be a victim.
The Police always arrive too late.
The Coroner comes on time.

Depending on your area, you might check into firearms classes and a license.

If I was forced to carry a blade for protection, I would choose a concealable box-cutter containing a razor blade or a razor-sharp utility knife with a retractable blade. I think a regular folding knife would be slow and clumsy.

Please remember that you are accountable if you injure or kill someone. Deadly force should only be used as a last resort.

Everyone has the right to protect themselves. People sometimes get mad at me because I can carry a gun legally. The only difference between me and them is---
I am trained and better equipped.