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Do Vegans Only Eat Fruits And Vegetables

How can Vegans eat those poor, defenseless fruits and vegetables?

I've even seen people eat fruit right off the tree — WHILE IT'S STILL ALIVE! you only eat organic fruits and vegetables?

i recently became a vegan about 3 months ago and being 15, my parents buy our grocerys. my parents dont mind that im vegan but the organic fuits and vegetables tend to be a lttle more expensive. i was thinking about going to a farmers market but the nearest one is pretty far. so do you eat regulary fruits or just organic?

If vegans won't eat honey, why do they eat fruit and vegetables pollinated by bees?

This seems like yet another attempt to find a “flaw” in veganism and thereby invalidate it.Or maybe it’s just someone who spotted an apparent inconsistency and wants to tease it out, or just bring it out.Anyway: not all vegans become that way for reasons of empathy. My gal is currently vegan for health reasons: she’s chemically sensitive, and has found that the lower she eats on the food chain, the better off she feels. Others become vegans for reasons of global sustainability (i.e., producing meat etc. consumes a lot more of the Earth’s capacity than just plants, and the strain is showing).But I suspect most vegans have empathy at the heart of what they’re doing . . . and (if you’ll pardon my exasperation) what the hell is wrong with that?What’s wrong with being uncomfortable with the idea of animals suffering or being enslaved just for your eating preferences? or your fashion choices? — and so on.And what’s wrong with wanting to do the best that you can about that, while knowing that perfection isn’t there yet, and is perhaps unattainable?Isn’t there a virtue and a goodness in just trying?Let’s get down to the honey vs. pollen thing. Others have already mentioned that taking honey is kind of a theft. I don’t know if it’s the kind of a theft that endangers or enslaves the bees who produce it. I seriously doubt that eating fruits and vegetables endangers or enslaves bees. They’re just doing their good ol’ bee thang.But if you’re a person who’s made a vow to not consume any animal products, honey is on your list. “Animal products” is usually defined as something directly produced by the animal — milk and cheese being the most obvious examples.Fruit pollinated by bees isn’t coming out of their glands nor their carcasses. Therefore, it isn’t an “animal product.”So quit your quibbling.

Do vegetarians eat fruits and vegetables?

You may have heard kids in the cafeteria or at a birthday party say this as they passed on a burger and grabbed a slice of veggie pizza instead. Did you wonder what a vegetarian is exactly?A vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat meat, and mostly eats foods that come from plants, like grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Some stricter vegetarians avoid more than just meat. They also avoid animal products, which are nonmeat foods that come from animals. Some examples would be milk (from cows) and eggs (from chickens).

What do you call people who don't eat fruits or vegetables?

I know people who don't eat meat are vegetarians, but what do you call people who don't eat fruits or vegetables? I can't find a web page about it.

Can you live only eating FRUITS and VEGETABLES?

Yes, but you would not live well unless you included nuts, seeds and beans. These provide trace minerals and complete proteins.

What will happen if I only eat fruits and vegetables?

You will lose weight!

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Do vegetarians only eat vegetables?

Hi Edgar. Vegetarians and vegans eat fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes (like beans), nuts and seeds- anything you can make from plant-based foods.

Vegetarians might also choose to eat dairy products and eggs, as long as the products they're in do not contain any byproduct of slaughtering an animal, like gelatin.

Vegans try to avoid all animal ingredients too-- no milk or eggs, etc-- because of the killing and exploitation in those industries, or for other reasons. Anyone who does it for animals avoids animal products, like leather, wherever possible.

Neither vegetarians or vegans eat any meat at all. That includes no chicken, and no fish. People who eat fish are called pescetarians.

Do Vegans practice taxidermy on fruit and vegetables?

Yes! Yes, they do! Anyone that has ever eaten a fruit roll up should know this....the real true organic ones are known as......wait for it.....gasp! FRUIT LEATHER!!!!!
Decorative, dried, hollowed out GOURDS are another fine form of Vegan taxidermy.