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Do You Agree That Appealing Obamacare 41 Times Expecting A Different Result Each Time Is Crazy

Do progressives base their words on emotions, while conservatives base their words on facts?

Let’s see…Conservatives: “Limiting access to guns doesn’t reduce gun violence.”Liberals: The scientific research on gun violence indicates that strict gun control laws significantly impact gun violence. “Sanctuary communities are hotbeds of crime!”Liberals: The statistics show that sanctuary communities have lower crime rates, higher median income, lower unemployment, and lower poverty. The Effects of Sanctuary Policies on Crime and the Economy - Center for American ProgressConservatives: “Regulations are killing the American coal industry!”Liberals: US coal production has remained largely unchanged over the past thirty years, though many of the coal mining jobs have disappeared.And here’s coal employment over the same interval:Conservatives: “Global warming is a Chinese hoax! Besides, humans don’t cause it.”Liberals: There are about 4000 scientific studies of global warming. About 97% of those studies support the existence of man-made global climate change. The 97% consensus on global warmingSo what was that about conservatives basing their beliefs on facts and liberals on opinions?

I want revenge on people who hurt me in the past. When I see them happy it makes me sad and annoyed. Will taking revenge make me feel better?

“Killed my Personality”, “Murdered my Joy of Life..”I have been where you are, no I am where you are. Currently in my social life it's shit. I'm trying my best but ultimately the people trying to hurt me are starting to get into my head. I'm not happy anymore, my old personality is gone and I don't look forward to anything. My weekends I just sit and I don't want to leave my house because I have lost my will to try. I understand your pain. I wanted to hurt them too. You know, get revenge and all. In the end I am only hurting myself because I am just forcing myself back into those horrible moments where they bullied me and im not letting myself move on. You need to move on. Ignore they exist all together, try your best at getting a will to live again. That's what I'm trying to do..It's difficult. I'm not even there yet myself but we can try together? Those horrible people who hurt you and hurt me. They are unhappy in their personal life, they take out their pain on somebody else in hopes of taking our joy and filling themselves with it. It doesn't work, of course. But like an addict they try again and again, they keep hurting because it just might heal their pain. We have to forgive these people, they are broken. Find a place in your heart to forgive what they did, what they are doing and look after yourself. Look after your health, wellbeing and happiness. Once you love yourself again, you will grow to ignore them, and to not be hurt by their attempts anymore. Be happy, I wish you luckLove yourself first, then forgive

What are your thoughts on the 2017 GOP tax bill?

It’s a reverse-Robin-hood bill. The poor will make do with less so that the rich might get wealthier.It’s a tax cut bill that manages to be less popular than previous tax increases.13 million people will lose their health insurance.I’m disappointed but not surprised. Cutting taxes, especially for rich people, is why the Republican Party exists.Some people believed Trump when he said he would fight for the working class. The joke is on them.Donald Trump said that he wouldn’t pass a tax bill that would benefit the rich. Ha!Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t care about the national debt.Republicans don’t give a damn about the national debt. They just pretend to when there’s a Democrat in the White House. This bill will add $1.5 trillion to the debt. Even if you use voodoo math and “dynamic scoring,” it will still add at least $1 trillion to the debt… all so we can cut taxes… for rich people.Republicans are exceedingly unpopular right now. They’ve now passed an exceedingly unpopular bill. The best predictor of how midterm elections will go is the generic congressional ballot. If you look at the average right now, Democrats have a 13-point lead. Note that we didn’t have to abandon trans rights or to stop pissing off conservatives. We just needed to energize our people. And nothing does that more than being out of power.In spite of the hyper-gerrymandered majority the GOP has awarded itself in the House, with numbers like this, the House will flip next November. And investigations against the Trump administration can begin in earnest.I hope for Republicans that their recent victory is sweet. I hope they enjoy it while it lasts. Things are going to turn very sour very soon.Oh, and I almost forgot: Republicans don’t give a shit about the national debt.