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Do You Agree That To Be Conservative Requires One To Be Intellectually Lazy Or Willfully Blind

Is belief in God indicative of creativity or mundanity?

Heh… Both.“Jesus loves me, this I know, because the Bible tells me so.” On one level, this is an incredibly easy out for people to perch on; no thinking required, and actually, actively examining dogma is discouraged in organized religion. It has the benefit of cheap moral high ground, social acceptance, and a lack of critical examination.Now, here’s where it gets fun.Some folks decide there is no God. Fairy Tale, Mythology, Hypocracy. And there they stand - there is Science, and there is no Scientific proof of God, so… There.But there was no Scientific proof of a lot of things, until our methodology and technology was able to discern what was previously un-descernable. But that thinking has the benefit of cheap claims of intellectual superiority, edginess, and a lack of need to think wider - I.E., creativity.Now, let’s see… What caused ‘a Big Bang?’ Where did this vast amount of either energy or matter spring from that created the universe? Why not a ‘God,’ at least in the same way an ant cannot conceive of the complexity of mankind? Maybe God isn’t a Santa Claus; maybe God doesn’t know we’re here, nor does he care. Maybe there’s a reason we can’t Prove God.Maybe. Creativity is in Maybe. Not in absolute claims.

Tell me all about an aries?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.It is a cardinal and fiery sign.It is represented by the ram.Its ruler is Mars.It governs the head.The period of the Sunsign Aries is from the first day of the vernal equinox that is the 21st March to the 20th april of every year.
Aries symbolises activity.It initiates things and activities.It is thus the sign of the pioneer and the explorer.As the ruler of aries is Mars the God of war,a native of aries is forthright and active with a lot of pep and push.He lives a life of adventure and excitement.There is a tendency to act quickly and decisively,However aries is not given to profound thought.Thus whereas aries may have great vitality,it has no maturity.An average aries is a doer and not a thinker.Due to absence of profound thought sometimes aries may persist with some activity without purpose or direction.
Aries is independent and fearless.He fights straight and openly.However he has considerable ego and can be bossy and domineering.
With all the above qualities in him Aries could be rather rash.He is thus prone to accidents,explosions etc.Being rash aries also lacks tact and diplomacy.He is blunt and outspoken and does not care for the feelings of other people.In the process he may hurt others,though there is no resentment or malice in him.
The ram in aries makes him very passionate and crazy for sex.However the approach of aries to sex is very direct and lacks refinement.
As aries rules the head,use of headgear by aries natives makes their personalities very attractive as they can carry it very well.