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Do You Agree With The Father

Jesus is greater than God his father. Do you agree?

Jesus and the father are one in his own words.John chapter 10:30The Unbelief of the Jews…29My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all. No one can snatch them out of My Father’s hand. 30I and theFather are one.”31At this, the Jews again picked up stones to stone it and you’ll know. Why guess when you can read to know

Do you agree with me or my dad?

I have a job that pays $20 per hour. I graduated college and the job I got isn't related to my degree. The jobs I can get with me degree pay a lot more but I haven't been able to get a higher paying job. So what my dad does is he acts extremely negative towards me. For example, he always calls me worthless, dumb, or says I don't try. We cuss each other out often when we talk to each other. He says all the time "my job pays over $200k per year, look how much more successful I am than you". Hes said that at least 100 times towards me. So we dont get along because he thinks I should have a higher paying job and when I tell him I try, he says I don't, and then we just cuss each other out.

Do you agree that Robert Johnson is "The Father of Rock N' Roll"?t?

Robert Johnson?While he had a tremendous influence on many blues artists and several rock artists-he wasn't the father of rock 'n'roll.There were even more influential blues artists than Robert.If you are looking for an artist to consider to be a father figure of rock music,try Muddy Waters.His early electric recordings screamed rock'n'roll.Another less obvious choice might be Chuck Berry.Chuck turned country blues into "Maybelline" and "Johnny B.Goode".The Fillmore Live album (with the Steve Miller Band) shows Chuck playing straight blues later in the 60's ,but he started as a bluesman and no rocker can say he wasn't somehow influenced by Chuck Berry.
*****Jackie Brenston is actually the saxophone player in the band.Rocket 88 is actually an Ike Turner song.And no less authority than the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame agrees with me.*****

I think my father is cheating on my mother. What should I do and what should I tell her? Should I tell her anything?

Good question. When I was at the age of seventeen my father was cheating on my mom seriously. Rumours were roaming around that my dad is with another woman in smugle and all those rumours were raised by my Mom’s friends but I knew everything-I shot my mouth. One day, my mom caught him red handed with the lady but my mom was smart she didn’t say anything either the lady. The day after the scenario, my mom called me in the morning in the room and my dad was there but stayed silence. Mom explained all her feelings toward the situation to me in front of my dad and all I could do was listening carefully and made a fully eye contact with mom. After all her explanations, I only said two things and I quote,”Mom I have heard everything you said and I understood your points, mom. Mom forgive dad for what he has done.” Both of them couldn’t uttered anything and I walked out politely by saying ‘excuse me mom and dad.’ And both of them replied thank you. I was happy because I set myself free.So this is my short story. I could have told my mom everything because everything was happening under my nose. But I kept asking myself ‘if I tell my mom what could be the consequences? How can I express myself to my mom without creating any intrigue? The answer was “ let the eyes see; and keep your mouth shut!” Because I don’t know how far both my dad and mom have come before I was even born. It’s five years now since I lost my dad. So I didn’t want to end a relationship that I was not present in the beginning of that relationship so this was my points to myself. And I kept my mouth shot. No problem. No confusion. No hanger. No broken bonds. And I kept my family legacy alive till now! So I would like you to do the same if you could, please?Best regards.