Do You All Think The Shield Members Will Be A Big Star Down The Road

Has anyone had Rhino Shield done to their home instead of paint?

Rhino Shield is NOTHING more than an elastomeric paint. Don't be fooled by all of their hype. They put together a great marketing program and make up all sorts of claims that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They charge you an arm and a leg. In fact, the salesperson who comes to your home will try and get as much out of you as possible. The price may very well start out at $40,000 and by the time you haven't said yes (a couple of hours later) the price has magically dropped down to $14,358. Had you fallen for one of their sales tactics 20 minutes earlier they would have written the contract up for thousands more.

Elastomeric paint is better than traditional house paint but the people at Rhino Shield try and make you believe that their "3M Ceramic Microspheres" make all of the difference. Horse-Puckey!

Cerammics are nothing more than a filler. All paints have fillers. Some use chalk some use silica. Some use ceramics.

Ceramics WON'T save you any money on your electric bill. Look up studies done on grain silo's and the ever present need to control temperatures in them. The findings indicate that a white paint has 99% of the same effects that any ceramic/energy efficient paint has.

The 25 year warranty is UNTESTED. Rhino shield has only been around painting homes for 7 or 8 years.

If you cannot find many complaints on warranty issues and failing issues you haven't looked very far.

Google will have page after page as soon as you get past Rhino Shiled's web marketing that has pushed down so many of these complaints.

If after you have done your homework and looked at other alternatives and you really decide that you want Rhino Shield go to and order the stuff for yourself. The EXACT same product is available through the website that slaps a fancy label on the so-called proprietory Rhino Shield.

After all, Rhino Shield is NOTHING more than an elastomeric paint!

Driving Test with Cracked Windshield?

I am about to go take my driving test next Tuesday, but both mine and my moms cars have cracks in the windshield. Hers is very small (smaller than a dime) and kind of behind the rear-view mirror. Mine is in a similar spot and a similar size, but has spider legs coming off of it, not into the drivers side of the windshield. So would it be okay to take the test in either of these cars? Some people were saying yes, and others no. The California DMV website says that the windshield must allow a full unobstructed field of vision. I can see perfectly fine from both cars, in my car however, it is a noticeable crack, but up towards the top out of view.

At this point, they just might. Because Roman Reigns has failed massively as a babyface and they need to turn him heel soon. Dean Ambrose is a naturally funny guy on the mic but the shows are PG which limits the potential of the jokes and antics Ambrose can pull off on the mic as well as the ring. Seth Rollins has a good run currently but he is just a feel good upper midcard talent, although he isn't booed as a babyface but that him being a good guy doesn't suit him. If Rollins turns heel going against the fans, he'll get a huge reaction. But the WWE has plans for Reigns to win a title at WrestleMania and everybody knows how hard that's gonna flop! So right now, they can just build the three to being failures separately and until mid or late 2018, they can have them reunite again so the audience cheers all three as heels. Give them a good run, have Reigns hate the audience, then when the road to WrestleMania begins, have Reigns turn heel on The Shield and build for a non-title triple threat match at WrestleMania 2019 and if the WWE wants Reigns as the top star, make him win and all three will turn out even bigger stars than ever before. Reigns can become the next heel Rock of the Nation of Domination. Ambrose can become the next Stone Cold and Seth Rollins the next Triple H.

What about HHH? tell me something bout him and the DX.?

He was in the group Generation X with HBK and Chyna. When people started to call then degenerates. (J.R., Opponents, and Sgt. Slaughter) they came up with the idea to add a D at the beginning for Degenerates. D-Generation X was dominant until Shawn Micheals got injured not letting him wrestle again for a while. Then HHH reformed the group with The New Age Outlaws.(Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) and also brought in a former WCW superstar X-Pac and kept Chyna. When he became the leader of DX was when his popularity skyrocketed. They fired the first shots at WCW. Urinated on Motorcycles and made fun of the Cooperation and The Nation of Domination. In the end Dx Broke up because of ego's and people got tired of them.

The problem with close to light speed is you can’t see anything before you hit it. Your reaction time needs to be close to zero. If you did manage to see it, you would have so much inertia, that any course correction would be impossible.Luckily, space is incredibly empty. If you haven’t scrolled through this: If the Moon was 1 Pixel, it’s a fun exercise and it won a Webby. Takes about 5 minutes. That describes our mostly-empty solar system, which has more stuff than what you’d encounter going interstellar. But it only describes one dimension. When you look at all three dimensions, space is even more empty. We still haven’t added the time dimension. If you have a path that intercepts that body’s orbital path, there’s still a very low chance it will even be at the the same point at that time.The network-TV fear is rogue planets: planets that have been ejected from their host star and are floating through space. There’re too far from significant light sources to see them. You could easily smash into one before seeing it. They’re a real thing, and quite abundant. But again, you have to meet them in all 4 dimensions. The closest one we’ve ever detected was 100 light years away. For comparison, our closest star is 4 light years away, and the newly discovered goldilocks exoplanets are about 25 light years away.The more real threat is space dust/debris. When you hit anything at that speed, it’s the energy created by the impact and the ensuing shockwave that do the real damage. They’ve tried kevlar, but it still gets blown to bits. And that’s just for the ISS, which is only travelling in LEO at around 7.67 km/s. That’s many orders of magnitude lower than C. I think the most recent application is micro meshes, but I can’t find any literature.

The Yellow Seat At The Melbourne Cricket Ground?

I was there at the MCG that day with my girlfriend at the time. We had cycled into the city from Rosanna, along the Yarra. On a whim, we decided to go have a look at the MCG and the cricket for an hour or 2. It was her first time at the G and her first real game of cricket to watch live.

There was less than 50 people and most of those were a large group of disabled adults and there carers.

Greg Mathews was giving lots of lip, being a cocky loud mouth as usual.

My girlfriend had just taken her cycling top off and was just in a bikini top. she was getting some whistles and i remember greg mathews stopping and havin a look at what all the commotion was.
The next thing we know is that my girlfriends chest is up on the big screen ........ 2 huge boobs in a bikini !

The next ball, all of a sudden O'Donnell just went boom and the ball sailed over our heads up into the next level of the grandstand
Everybody on the field was just standing there staring in our direction.
Then you hear Greg Mathews call out to O'Donnell .................... I suppose it was worth it !

And my girlfriends chest was back up on the big screen, with me grinning like a cheshire cat ;-)

I didn't know until todays big bash game between the perth scorchers and melbourne stars that it was the biggest 6 ever at the G.

Nice too know that i was a small piece of cricket history ........ my girlfriend Barbara played a much bigger role !!