Do You Believe In Mermaids

I think they exist because we only explored 3% of the oceans and seas

Do you believe that mermaids are real?

The current description of a mermaid (half woman, half fish) is of course, totally fictional.
However, stories about mermaids go back thousands of years, so, what is the explanation for this?
It turns out that for thousands of years, in many cultures that lived near the ocean, some women would make a living by diving in the sea for seafood. Women are better adapted to the cold water of the sea bottom because we have a layer of fat over our entire body, not only the trunk like men. Before modern insulating diving suits, there was no effective insulation. Only women had the capacity to tolerate being in the water for so long. In addition, because any wet clothing coming in contact with air will cool you much faster, these women usually did their diving in the nude.
Therefore, when sailors from cultures where women were not divers would see them far in the distance, what would they see? The nude torso of a woman surfacing here and there in the water, and sometimes when diving, their feet coming up, being mistaken for tails.
Many very ancient depictions of mermaids do not show them with a fish tail, just as nude women in the water. Fish tails are a more modern fantasy.

Do you believe Mermaids are real?

yeah but i dont think they look like the one on the Disney movie lol i think they'd look more alien like....there are still so many fishes that scientist have not yet seen and the ocean is a giant completely different world,in the future i think they will discover something that looks almost exactly like a mermaid but not with long flowy hair and a pretty face.

Do you believe in mermaids?

The way I see it, it is difficult to confirm or deny this. After all, there is no proof for mermaids existence.

But it can not be denied that mermaids, or similar creatures, have appeared throughout many different cultures before these cultures had contact. This would suggest a certain truth to the legends, perhaps meaning that they do, or did once, exist.

It is likely, though, that if mermaids do exist they would not want us to discover it. After all, many humans eat seafood/hunt seafood. We also have a tendency to discriminate. If mermaids do exist, I doubt they would reveal themselves for this reason.

Do any of you believe in mermaids??? Do they even excist??

Are you kidding me? OF COURSE MERMAIDS EXIST! Actually if you want to be convinced or are willing to be, it should be quite an easy concept to understand. OK, people evolved over the years into what we are to day but originally we came from the seas. So our closest relatives are the mermpeople. They are almost extinct because of things like ocean pollution and they are nocturnal so they live in the deepest darkest reaches of the ocean where our human eyes are unable to see. People say, but if they exist why have i never seen one? Answer me this, if you were a mermaid/merman who everyone was dying to catch in a net and take to lab would you want anybody to see you?

Do you believe mermaids exist? Have you seen one or have any proof?

"The Mermaid"

When I was a lad in a fishing town
Me old man said to me:
"You can spend your life, your jolly life
Just sailing on the sea.
You can search the world for pretty girls
Til your eyes are weak and dim,
But don't go searching for a mermaid, son
If you don't know how to swim"
'Cause her hair was green as seaweed
Her skin was blue and pale
Her face it was a work of art,
I loved that girl with all my heart
But I only liked the upper part
I did not like the tail

I signed onto a sailing ship
My very first day at sea
I seen the Mermaid in the waves,
Reaching out to me
"Come live with me in the sea said she,
Down on the ocean floor
And I'll show you a million wonderous things
You've never seen before
So over I jumped and she pulled me down,
Down to her seaweed bed
On a pillow made of a tortoise-shell
She placed beneath my head
She fed me shrimp and caviar
Upon a silver dish
From her head to her waist it was just my taste
But the rest of her was a fish

'Cause her hair was green as seaweed
Her skin was blue and pale
Her face it was a work of art,
I loved that girl with all my heart
But I only liked the upper part
I did not like the tail

But then one day, she swam away
So I sang to the clams and the whales
"Oh, how I miss her seaweed hair
And the silver shine of her scales
But then her sister, she swam by
And set my heart awhirl
Cause her upper part was an ugly fish
But her bottom part was a girl
Yes her hair was green as seaweed
Her skin was blue and pale
Her legs they are a work of art,
I loved that girl with all my heart
And I don't give a damn about the upper part
Cause that's how I get my tail.

Because the world as it is sucks pretty hard, and there's this new wave of ignorance that people wear like a cloak of fairy lights, making everything seem so much more important and whimsical, and I guess people always want to feel like they're special because of what they believe in. I prefer to destroy people's fantasies with science. Don't get me wrong, I love fiction and fantasy as much as the next person but to believe in nonsense is as ridiculous as the folk in the dark ages believing that a thick layer of dirt on your skin would ward off the devil.

Do you believe mermaids exist?

Oh yes I do. It was a long time ago (about 2 months ago) when me and my shipmates were scouring the sea in search of the magical island across the way known as mermaidlantis (actually we were just kayaking across a river) . When SUDDENLY out of the corner of my eye i spot it! "LAND HO ME MATEYS!" I yell out! They turn around and we start rapidly moving to the island. (This i acctually did). Suddenly as we were about to dock our ship (kayak) we felt a movement underneath. Oh how it tumbled and shaked water splashing in from the sides. "HOLD ON YE MATES!"my comrade screams! Sudenlly the shaking stops and out from under our big bertha (again kayak) comes a beautiful young dame with a tale. (Actually just a piece of driftwood) she winked her long gorgeous eyelashes at us as we swooned. She then opened her big lucious lips and began to sing. Of course by this point we were already mesmerized. Then with a flip of her tale the singing stopped and a high pitched scream fills the air. Her mouth reveals fifty sharp as needle teeth. I then turned my head away for two seconds as my mates are torn to pieces. She looks me in the eyes, winks and swam away. (Actually the driftwood just drifted away and we docked our kayak.
And this my friends is the story of how i met your mother.

I believe that aliens more than likely exist in this dimension somewhere in the universe.Mermaids? I think if they do exist, it would be in another dimension, where non-physical entities can take whatever energy based form they like. (I’m not saying our physical form isn’t energy based…If we stopped the particles of an atom from spinning, everything and ourselves in this world would disappear).I have been very interested in quantum mechanics lately! Very cool stuff! There is definitely things in our world that don’t make sense, and until Science and physicists figure it out, their theories will ALWAYS only be theories. Every scientific theory has something that “Rational thinking people” won’t dignify or waste time or money on. So to turn these theories into facts, it’s going to take some “irrational” thinking. Of course, I think the labels should be reversed. Anyone who looks at some of the things physicists have found, and still can only believe in what they can experience with their eyes…Those, in my opinion, are the irrational ones.Ghosts, I believe are the spirits of others, (Aliens, humans, animals), in a dimension right in front of us, on a different energy frequency. I think they have a better amount of control of their energy than we do, and can become visible in our world to a certain extent.

No, genetic engineering is not required in order to pen a fantasy.