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Do You Believe In Talking

Do you believe in talking to plants?

When you speak close a plant your are releasing carbon dioxide, which the plant takes in along with water and light, and uses all to photosynthesis their sugars and carbohydrates that it the energy to grow, along with the nutrients in the soil. So talking to your plants is a really good thing.
Anything you say is good.
Also back in the 1070s, experiments were done with plants and sound waves given off by music. The plants reacted drastically to loud music, and responded in a positive to soft sounds. So don't shout but say soothing sounds and expel that CO2!

Do you believe in the talking snake?

Much of the account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is literally true but not everything. Some things are symbolic or in other words some things are a "figure of speech.". There was not literally a "Serpent" in the Garden of Eden." The "Serpent" is a symble of Satan. Some people don't like snakes so much that they see them as evil. Of course snakes are not evil but only animals and I like them but some people see them as symbles of evil just like some people see the color black as a symble of bad and the color white as a symble of good. I don't know about you but some people who ask negative questions about the "talking snake" are Atheists and know very well that it is a symble but are just trying to ridicule Christians and Jews who believe the Bible. If they only knew that it only makes them look bad. I hope my answer has been helpful to you. I believe that if it is properly understood that the account of Adam, Eve, and Satan in the Garden of Eden is one of the most profound and most important parts of the Bible.

Do you believe in the story of Adam, Eve and the talking snake?

If Adam and Eve were Semitic.How come there are Black people,Native Americans,
Chinese,Japanese ?

Also,the world's landmass evolved.How come Eden was located in Iraq,Rodinia
was the first Supercontinent.

Christians do you believe in talking animals?

Did you know that the ruins of the charriots from the Pharaoh's army and the bones still line that corridor across the Red Sea where the waters closed up on them?

Did you know that The Spirit of God spoke through the donkey and that donkeys don't talk?

Did you know that Satan borrowed the body of the serpent to do business through, with man..serpents don't talk? The only creature legal on Earth to be relevant is a spirit in a dirt body. Human..Hu from humus as in dirt and the man as the spirit that came from the breath of God.

Did you know that God had to come in human flesh to defeat Satan who had entered the realms of Earth through flesh and had contaminated humans?

Did you know that the bible taught that the Earth was round while science and all others considered it to be flat?

Me! :- )

Christians, do you believe in talking snakes?

Not a Christian.... but I can say I believe in talking snakes. I got ripped off at the fleamarket a couple of weeks ago.... the vendor was definitely a snake.... speaking with a forked tongue....

Now if we can just get other ppl to understand that metaphors are used in stories like that, we might not have many who take a literal stance on the stories in the Bible. Literalism is actually only a little over 100 yrs old. You don't find doctrines before the 1800's that use literalism