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Do You Ever Find A Cut On Your Arm/leg And Not Know How It Got There

Why is my open cut/wound not bleeding?

Not only being in police work I am also a paramedic which is required for my position, although I do not practice as a paramedic.There are many open wounds which don't bleed for various reasons. Cuts/wounds may not bleed because they were caused by a very sharp instrument and this causes the small vessels to clamp shut on their own which stops bleeding.There are many types of open wounds including gunshots where you can see an open wound where the projectile goes in and because of the force and heat it instantly closes off the blood vessels. However, an open wound under these circumstances are most likely bleeding on the inside of the body into the abdominal or chest cavity and is a very serious wound and is life threatening.  You can "bleed out" internally with no or very little blood oozing from the entry point.A lot of amputations such as having a leg or arm severed do not bleed on the outside and are bleeding substantially on the inside and are life threatening. Just because you don't see blood oozing from a cut or wound does not mean it is not life threatening.

If your leg were to be cut off, where would you feel the pain?

In your head. What do you think pain works like? Receptors get stimulus, they send information to the brain, brain processes information. Thus, it is your brain that feels the pain.If you are curious about what bodypart of yours would register the pain, obviously the area where the leg was severed. Yes, this means that theoretically if your leg was chopped off with an insanely sharp object in an instant, you’d feel very little pain due to little damage to the tissue around the wound. You’d still feel pain afterwards, when you start to bleed out, though.Additionally, amputees experience “phantom limb” effect, where they perceive neural disturbance from missing limbs, but more often than not this is not a painful experience.

If you cut your leg off would you feel pain since you no longer had a leg?

Severe pain during incident and repair, then something called ‘phantom pain’ afterwards where the brain still thinks the limb is there and creates a sense of extreme discomfort in an object that no longer exists. Psychologically this is something to get used to i hear.

How can I cut myself without my parents knowing?

As someone who self harmed for years without my parents finding out, (they know now) but I can tell you, it is possible. However, that being said it's very hard.It requires a lot of effort, wearing long sleeves ALL THE TIME. Not to mention trousers, if you harm your legs then you've got to cover those as well. No sleeping in just your panties or boxers. Come home from a long day at college/ school and you're warm, tough. Been working, sweating out? Again it doesn't matter, long sleeves are essential or you could get caught and your secret is out. In the hot sun, when exercising, even at night. There's no way out of it.You end up distancing yourself, you wake up, go to work/ place of education, you spend the day doing whatever it is you do, you come home, you go to your room, if you shower you end up using two towels, one round your body, one over your shoulders. Good luck trying to explain to your mum or dad why they keep washing loads of towels all the time.Not to mention the isolation you'll put yourself in, if you hide in your room all the time to avoid questions or suspicions then your parents might get worried. Can you imagine having a daughter or son who intentionally harms themselves because they feel they deserve it or for whatever reason, it hurts doesn't it, thinking about that. Now imagine how your parents feel if that's you.Honestly, in my opinion, they and yourself will benefit massively once they know. They may not like it, they may get mad, but they will help you. Unless you're at risk of harm from their hands if you disclose information like this to them, then it may be the best option.As an added bonus, once they are aware, you'll feel less inclined to cut yourself because they will know. Once your arms legs or wherever are healed, they'll be suspicious of you if you cover up or become isolated again. It will help you in the long run.So theres your answer, all honest and true. I am inclined to say, self harm is so hard to stop, but you don't need to self harm. I don’t know you, but whoever you are and whatever you've done, you don't deserve to hurt yourself.You are lovely, have a little faith in yourself. Also, if you ever need a chat, I'm always here :)

How do you cut yourself without dying and without people finding out?

It is highly unlikely that you will die from cutting. Suicides by wrist slashing have about a 6.0% rate of working. Just don’t cut too deep and don’t cut near veins/arteries. However, you can cut a tendon and end up with some permanent injuries. Maybe check a diagram of the human anatomy.Usually if you wear long sleeves/jackets/pants/jeans it will work for covering scars. (That’s what I do).You’re probably going to go ahead regardless if I give you the whole don’t cut, it’s really bad lecture so here’s a few things to remember:- Make sure whatever you’re using to cut is clean. If it’s metal, make sure there is no rust.- Disinfect the wound after you have cut. I use Vaseline because I cut quite shallow but larger cuts may require harsher disinfectant.- Start slowly. You don’t know how much harm a certain instrument will cause.- Make sure a band-aid and some tissues are within reach, as well as your chosen disinfectant.- Don’t pick at healing wounds.- Make sure you don’t do anything that may infect the wound. Don’t roll around in dirt or anything like that.I usually cut at night because then the cuts have time to heal. I don’t know any of the science/medical stuff about this so look at other articles to ensure you’re as safe as possible.If anyone asks, make an excuse that will work. Tailor a response to things you have been known to do. If you run, say you tripped. If you have a dog, say you were playing and he got a bit angry/something that your dog does. Try to keep your cuts hidden. If you’re a boy, you usually get away with cuts more than girls. try not to keep then in a linear pattern, that’s suspicious. You can also cover cuts with make-up. I don’t know anything about make-up, so just go check out some other articles.I am not trying to advocate cutting. I will not provide information on what to cut with (though you’ve probably figured out something by now). I understand how it feels to have no other option though. A good coping mechanism that works however, is holding ice cubes.I hope this was decent. Best of wishes.

I keep getting random cuts everywhere!?

Relax. Your not possessed. I've have had huge scratches, and cuts on my body and have no idea how they got there. one morning I awoke and had scratches on my arm so deep it really worried me. I checked my bed for anything that could have caused the damage but found nothing. I am total baffled; but I am not going to worry about it anymore. Just one of those things that have no explanation.

How can I hide fresh cuts on my arms and wrists from my mom? I am trying to quit but I'm not asking anyone to tell me to stop.

Depends on where the cut is. If it is on the lower part of the arm, opt for full sleeves. If it is near the shoulders, any top should do. My t-shirt hides the scars pretty well even when I am playing basketball.Refrain from wearing shorts for a while if you have fresh cuts on your feet. Let them dry. Once it dries out completely and forms a slight scar it’ll not be visible unless someone is looking for it.Don’t use makeup or concealer immediately when the wound is fresh. You don’t want chemicals to get into it, can really turn very nasty and even get infected. If you must use makup, let the cut dry out completely till only a scar is visible and there is no opening on the skin. Then go crazy with you artistic skills.Also, you didn’t ask for it, but keep the wound clean. And the instrument you cut with. Infections can be ugly, and it’ll be harder to hide, let alone explain.I’d have told you to stop and all, but I know it is difficult. So take your time and try to keep injuries at a minimum. Seek help if required. It is very hard to explain to someone why you have thirty different parallel patches of dark skin on your body.Get well soon.Stay hydrated and take care.

Why do people cut themselves?

I have gone through severe depression before and never had this urge. I did sometimes think about self harm, basically as a form of 'self punishment' and also because I thought releasing the pain in some other way rather than crying or screaming would do me good. Maybe some people do it for the blood? I just dont understand why the typical 'wrists'. Then the whole world can see it. I mean why dont people cut their legs or something? And is there some kind of gain people get from cutting their arms? I personally feel squeamish just looking at the veins in my wrist.