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Do You Ever Get The Impression There Are Those Much Like The Scarecrow In

Has your first impression of someone ever been totally wrong?

yes my boyfriend as a matter of fact...i wasn't attracted or interested in him at all at first i would still talk to him a lil off and on...and even then NOTHING...i just thought he was this guy that wasn't about nothing...until i got my heartbroken by another guy and called myself trying to use him as a guy to have on the rebound nothing more...and through me being selfish we spent more time together talked more and i found out so many things that me and him have in common...its crazy cuz when i wasn't into him he would always say one day we were gonna be together and i didn't think twice about it and now we are inseparable.

How do people with an IQ above 100 give the impression that they are much smarter than they are?

So, it's all about bragging rights, eh? How do you think any person can simply fake intelligence? Not only dishonest but dishonorable.I've noticed that people in outside groups in the U.S., such as those living in any kind of ghetto environment, some immigrant communities, etc. are certain, sure deep in their bones, that the world is one big hustle.These folks see paths to success as just part of the game to keep them down. They are sure that once they discover the “secrets” that the dominant group uses, they too will be rich, famous, and get any sexual partner they want.A few decades ago, the comedian Eddie Murphy starred in a brilliant video piece on Saturday Night Live, called White Like Me ([1]see footnote link). He was made up as a white man and went through a day as one. To his surprise, when he tried to pay for his bus fare, the driver laughed and waved away his money. It was like that everywhere he went. Watch his best work ever.What does this have to do with you? Substitute smart people or geniuses for the white folks in the skit. That's how you think the world works. Smart people probably aren't even smart, certainly no smarter than you.You think there is a hustle, known to the geniuses, but unfairly kept secret from you. If only you could unlock the secret handshakes, the unknown codes, the right tie, then you'd be in the club.Is this sounding ridiculous to you? I certainly hope so. If you try to put on an act, others will detect it immediately, and you'll be a laughingstock. Grow up and take the world by storm as yourself.[2]Footnotes[1] FUNNY: Eddie Murphy Goes Undercover As A White Man (VIDEO) - VASHTIE[2] FUNNY: Eddie Murphy Goes Undercover As A White Man (VIDEO) - VASHTIE

Ever get the impression everyone else is normal and you are weird?

In some ways I agree. I think it's worth it though. I don't have a lot of friends, but the people I am friends with are really good people. I don't think I would have them if I were like so many other rotten people. I also don't think those people are really happy. You just have to be smart and strong if you are going to be a good person, don't be taken advantage of, and stand up for yourself. Also be realistic about others. Know a bad apple when you see one and avoid it.

And take heart. There really are some very good people out there.

Do you ever get the impression that Quora has it out for you?

Usually when someone is disrespectful and you report them or if someone strongly disagrees with your answers and there is an argument in the comments, your answers get collapsed in the following days.It happened recently. Last week I reported someone and 3 answers of mine were collapsed this week. This happened before too.The links provided for ‘Terms and Conditions’ are vague. I don’t understand them clearly and when I improve my answers to the best of my ability and appeal, usually they are rejected.I stopped writing frequently and I am losing interest in this website. It takes a lot of effort to write answers and collapsing them for silly reasons makes me feel unappreciated and insulted and makes me not want to write anymore.I hope Quora comes up with a method to stop this revenge reporting.

First impressions: how often are "first impressions" made with one person?

It varies by the circumstances as well a the person that you're making a first impression on. If you're applying for a job, first impression is HIGHLY important. If you're dating, it's not as important, but still somewhat important because if you're really interested in the person, first impression could have 80% to do with whether or not you get to give a second impression.

So first impression - if it can possibly be the last impression is - in my opinion - highly important.

If it's just the first of a few future interactions, it's probably not critical. i.e. if you know you're getting a job interview and there will definitely be two more interviews.. it could be that the last impression could be the most important and the first one is just a b.s. session to talk about the fishing photos your potential new boss has on their desk and touch only a spec on business and your qualifications!

What is the first impression of Hong Kong for those who have never been there?

Do you mean those who have never been there BEFORE? ie their first visit? Or their remote impressions of a place they still haven’t been to?My first impression from the 1st time I went there was the place stank to high heaven - the aircraft air intakes were sucking it in even before I disembarked.The place was also very messy and there was rubbish everywhere.And many buildings were decrepit. Amazingly, as I had never seen this in Australia, a a building might be hideously decrepit except for its ground floor, which a bank branch might have tarted up so it looked really modern and clean. But the overall effect from standing on an opposite street corner and seeing it was still very poor.The toilets too were awful. Since that time I always ‘timed’ my need to answer the call of nature as much as possible - before I left home; when in someone’s nice office; in 5 star hotels; or could I wait till I got home.It certainly validated one thing that Chinese exhibit as part of their culture - that the private realm, including one’s person, is the place for strict hygiene. But the public realm is nobody’s and can be treated with disdain.Only Chinese who have lifted themselves up a level, like the Singaporeans, have got past this cultural habit.

What impression does Chicago give to those not living in it?

As someone who grew up downstate and recently moved here (last week, to be precise) after almost nine years in Colorado, Chicago has always been something of a mythical place. For landmarks, the Wrigley Field and the Cubs (I was raised a Cardinals fan, so that's essentially a blood feud), Navy Pier, the Brookfield Zoo all come to mind as landmarks. The El has a reputation for being sketchy, which seems largely distorted by Hollywood portrayals, but my limited experience with it has been fantastic since it goes almost everywhere and the trains are frequent. Chicago was a place we went for theater events that we couldn't get out in the sticks. Back then it was incomprehensibly huge, but as an adult having visited and lived in much bigger cities than the one in which I was raised, I'm finding it to be wonderful. There's little need to go beyond my neighborhood for anything. When I see a sign in the recycling room that asks residents not to put pizza boxes in the cardboard recycling box to avoid attracting rats, I'm thinking to myself, "Hmm, in Colorado we couldn't do that because it attracted BEARS." Driving here is a bit more aggressive, but hey, there are a lot of people and we all have places to go, so who has time to wait for your pokey butt to make a decision? The buildings are beautiful, the neighborhoods are block after block of tree-lined streets. The city has amazing texture which is a photographer's dream. Cold in the winter, but the breeze off the lake keeps things pleasant in the summer. Easy to get anywhere, very often with a direct flight even to far flung international destinations thanks to O'Hare and Midway. Then there's the blues, so deeply ingrained that any Hollywood that takes place here will invariably touch on it somehow. That's not a very organized list, and it's far from comprehensive, but there you have it.

Why do I get the impression that Californians are spoilt and bratty?

…because many Californians are spoiled and bratty. There’s a lot of wealth in California, and usually where there’s wealth, there will be a fair number of spoiled and bratty kids who often grow into spoiled and bratty adults.The other thing that can make Californians spoiled and bratty, is that many of them don’t have to go very far to do or get anything they want, and California usually offers the best of whatever those wants are. Many of those things or experiences are in abundance here, to the point that a huge population considers these things as their norm, while many others elsewhere would love to have those things, opportunities and the like, to experience them.A huge number of Californians also go to great lengths to live “the California lifestyle,” even when most of it is put on a credit card, mortgaged, or with other forms of monthly financing. I’ve seen and known people to throw adult friendly Birthday parties for their 5 year old that had to cost in the $10,000 neighborhood. (My guess is they wrote it off as some sort of business networking expense)That doesn’t mean that all of the spoiled and bratty are wealthy though. I’ve met and known many spoiled and bratty individuals in the middle class too. Because of how much more expensive it is to live in the metro areas of California than 90% of the rest of the country, the middle class household in California could easily be an upper middle class household in most of the rest of the country.The reality is there’s spoiled and bratty individuals just about everywhere except for perhaps poor communities, and even those communities have their own versions of spoiled and bratty. In California, it’s just more so.

It has been said that first impressions are almost impossible to change. Based on your experiences, do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I definitely disagree with this statement. Both of my ex-girlfriends hated me at the first sight. I had healthy relationships with them afterwards.First impressions really matter because they shape the first opinions in your head. These may be harder to change since other information are built on them.But the more you meet people the more you know and that's when you can assess your biases. Some people who I think like me the most say they are baffled when they hear bad things said about me. A man doing something bad does not necessitate the offender be bad too.

If you have 5 minutes to impress someone, what would you do?

Why would i have only five minutes to impress??? I would take more……it’s not that i am dying or even if i would be dying i would use that last five minutes to eat my favourite something…Considering the question “If I would have five minutes to impress someone, what would I do?”It actually depends on who is that someone!!! If the someone is a known person to whom i talk usually it won’t be much a problem…. but if the person is totally unknown then five minutes is like riding an elephant from back.But if i have to try….. i would do the following1.Firmly shaking hands… showing that i am interested in talking.2.Praising their dressing style, hairstyle or anything either shoes…. would help much.3. Start an interesting conversation on a topic which they might like to talk about…as u don’t know for the first time.. considering the person of my age I may say talk about favourite tv shows like friends or movies of this time. Make sure to keep an eye contact…this ensures u are confident and interested.4 . Consider praising their smile….. it helps like a magic.5 . End the conversation saying “It was nice meeting you and would be pleasure meeting u again!!”They will surely end up thinking of u after this!!