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Do You Find It Acceptable For A Major Australian Supermarket Chain To Sell

Do Australians find it offensive to be labeled a "bogan"?

I personally do not find this term offensive. It was originally used to denote someone of low socio economic status and on welfare payments. However, over the years it has come to mean someone that does something very stupid or ill-mannered, for example I love tomato sauce (ketchup) on everything. Recently I was in a restaurant and ordered a chicken schnitzel, it was very dry so I asked for some tomato sauce to put on it, my dining partner remarked "what are you doing, are you a bogan?" I just love sauce on everything,

Do you find it acceptable for a major Australian supermarket chain to sell "offensive" singlets?

I don't consider this slogan on a tee shirt racist or defensive at all. It reflects average opinion. Or--do you want to live and work next to someone who doesn't appreciate this country? I think not.
If Woolies wants to sell such merchandise it is ONLY the PC fanatics we seem to be breeding in unwanted masses that object. Stuff the PC mob and stuff anyone who wants to shout down freedom of expression--of which we have too many--hence the tee shirt and that slogan in the first place.
Or put another way,
You don't like my reply?---then leave this page.
No one forced you to come here to Australia or to log in here either.
Nothing racist or offensive in that at all. Except as mentioned, to idiot PC jerks.

Do they sell kangaroo meat in grocery stores in Australia?Here in Oz most ‘roo meat goes into pet food, so you can buy it at most stores.Kangaroo meat for human consumption is a different matter…Here in Sydney, you can buy kangaroo meat at the major supermarkets and it is usually in stock. However, from the comparatively few packets on display in the fridges (you have to search for it) I’d assume it isn’t popular in Oz. I bought it once but didn’t like it - too strong a flavour for my palate.Like most exotic meats you can order it from the Butcher, but you are unlikely to find it in the general stores.The meat is from wild stock, you can’t easily farm ‘roos.Most Kangaroo meat production in Australia is exported (over 30 countries). So where there is demand there must be popularity.Kangaroo meat company jumps at chance to expand in Europe - The Lead SAApparently ‘roo meat is/was very popular in Russia, but some time ago we had some trouble with “cowboy” processors trying to make a buck.The Russian government has suspended imports off & on for some reason or another (eg: sanctions retaliation), so the big exporters aren’t keen on that market.Kangaroo meat exporters let Russia hop off

As other’s have already mentioned, Harris Farm is probably the closest match, though closer to Wholefoods (US). While primarily a greengrocers, it also stocks a wide range of dried goods (pasta, pulses), dairy, gourmet breads and deli items. Though it is a supermarket chain, its stores are more akin to IGA (Independent Grocer’s Association) shops than the Coles/Woolworth’s duopoly. The Potts Point store has a small fishmongers and butchers alongside the usual fare. Harris Farm Markets Potts PointIt seems the Norton Street Grocer’s Westfield Bondi Junction store has been replaced by a Harris Farm, but there’s still the original outlet in Leichardt which is famous for its quality produce with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine. Leichhardt & Bondi JunctionDavid Jones’ food halls are at the top end of the scale with two Sydney locations soon to be revamped under the direction of chef Neill Perry. Neil Perry is rebooting David Jones’ food halls DJ’s is also set enter the supermarket wars with a Waitrose type offering. David Jones promises to revolutionise food shopping

What's the cheapest grocery store to shop at in Los Angeles?

what part of la are you in??? i recently moved to the valley an and am lucky to have a fresh and easy close by... they use local farmers... almost evrerything in the store is their brand and i really love the stuff they have... you should check it out.... prices are significantly lower than ralphs...the only thing is it is all self check out... but if you dont mind ringing yourself up and bagging your own groceries (which they offer to help anyway), its really a good value... i know there is one on hollywood blvd... other than that, tryfood for less...

There is no real equivalent. We have imported Costco, which has a few (eight) stores around the country. But otherwise there aren't any chain stores that "do it all" on a scale like Walmart does.On a smaller scale you can probably go to Kmart or Big W, which do sell some groceries (but not chilled goods, though I don't know whether Walmart sells them either). They're never going to go full on discount groceries because they're owned by Coles and Woolworths supermarkets respectively who are already aggressively competing on price, and tend to exist in shopping centres near a supermarket anyway. They're not as warehousey as Walmart either.You might try Aldi as well, which is a bit of a mix of cheap housebrand products and general merchandise. They're fairly small and random, though, but at least they're more common than even Kmart these days.

$2 per pack is the special. The normal retail price is $3.49, which is roughly RM 10. Australian supermarkets, especially Woolworths, practice a strategy called loss-leading. Every week they have a small selection of products on a steep discount, often below their cost price. The purpose is to attract the customers in for their weekly shopping, and they make up the loss from other items that are not on special. In 2015, Woolworths has one of the highest aggregate retail margins of any supermarkets in the developed world.

I am having a hard time finding yellow wax beans. Does anyone know which supermarket would sell them?

Although yellow wax beans are usually available year round, their peak season tends to run July to late September. If you can't find them at a supermarket during these months, check with your local famers' market.