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Do You Hate Men Who Make Excuses For Gold Diggers

My step mom is a gold digger. I hate her. How can I get rid if her?

Okay so my dad goes to the Dominican Republic like 3 times a year. He's been doing for about 5 years. About three years ago, he met a girl there. She ended up getting pregnant and her and my dad got married. They now have a two year old son. He visits them a few times each year since they don't have citizenship. She had two other children from a previous marriage. Ever since they've been together, all she does it ask for money. She has made no attempt whatsoever to get a job. She has my father paying her mortgage, phone bills, electricity bill, and water bill. She also has him sending her money every 15 days so she can feed herself and her three children and buy them things. Because of this, my dad is completely broke. He lost our house an we've been living with my grandparent for almost 3 months now. He can afford things I need done. I've needed my wisdom teeth out for over 6 months now. I'm in so much pain but he can't afford the $400 dollars that is needed so I can get them out. I need clothes for school and school supplies. But mainly we need a house to live in. I'm here in DR now, visiting by myself. I've been here since last Friday and my step mom has been harassing my dad non stop about getting money to take care of me, which isn't necessary because I'm staying at a resort so food and everything is already covered. I'm just fine staying on the resort and hanging out at the beach or pool all day but my step mom is telling my father that I want to go to places outside of the resort so she needs more money. I keep telling my dad that I never said that but he thinks I'm lying. I was being kinda nosey earlier this week and read her texts while she was in the shower. She sent my dad a text saying that she no longer wanted to be married to him because he wouldn't send any money. And then she sent another text right after calling him sweetie, and asking him to send money, along with her "salary". I don't even know what the hell she means by salary. I think she's just

Why do women deny they are gold diggers?

they deny it completely and say they are not interested in men's money when the opposite is true. That's what they look for in guys and what they are after. They are not dating homeless guys. Women judge men by what they have. Men do not generally. They don't care what job a women has unless it is immoral. Women are hypergamous generally and go for a guy simply because he happens to have more money than another guy. Thus they are gold diggers. So women's love is fake. They only love men because they have a certain amount of money/status or utility. So they should be seen as sex objects only.

Can we blame women for being "gold diggers"?

Not nearly as much as we can blame men for responding to it.Here's my own take on it all...The idea of the "Golddigger" has changed over time.  In my grandparents age it was basically someone who "didn't know her station", a woman who wanted to marry upward out of her class.  This was a big sin in the working class, as well as also inspiring secret jealousy that she might succeed.Rich men are equally despised in that culture, with the assumption that good people, like us, don't get rich.More recently, my parents time or just before, it has come to mean a very attractive woman who knows the value of that in trade and wishes to trade it for a better lifestyle in the form of a richer husband.  When your lifestyle was determined solely by what your husband made, that made a lot of sense.  Again, the negativity comes in large part from jealousyI think in my generation and the one that has followed me it has changed again.  As women  have come closer to parity in earnings it has been possible for them to succeed based on their own skills.  This has caused the "gold digger" to lose what respect she may have had in the past.  Now, its seen as a lazy or incompetent woman whose only value is her looks.  The assumption being that any woman who had anything else going for her and/or any self-respect would want to make it on her own rather then "in trade."

Poll: Why do a lot of women have that gold digger mentality?

I have been watching a couple of videos on youtube where the guys pull a prank where they use their super cars (ferraris, lamborghinis, bugattis) to pick up women.

One of them even literally flat out says you wanna go have sex and I can't how many women actually said yes.

Ridiculous how females are.

What can wealthy men do to avoid falling for gold diggers? Is it possible for a man who owns expensive cars, houses, private planes, etc. to date an ordinary woman who makes an average wage? E.g should I make her pay for the groceries?

In your question details, you seem to be asking about a rich man who owns fancy cars, multiple houses, and a private jet. This sounds like a man who is enamored of the luxury and status that wealth provides. In that case, yes, he is probably vulnerable to gold diggers because he has a lot in common with them. Gold diggers are, after all, enamored of the luxury and status that wealth brings. Status-conscious people are drawn to each other.And why not? If a status-conscious man married me, he'd probably end up seriously disappointed. I wouldn't enhance his status, because I'm not into looking like a perfectly put together fashionista who has a chemical peel and a root touch-up every month. You and your spouse should have similar values and priorities.A guy who's into status, and wants a wife who's into status, may be able to avoid gold diggers by marrying a woman who's wealthy in her own right. If she's got her finances taken care of all on her own, you can be pretty sure she's into you for you.A rich guy who isn't really into status can look for women who also aren't into status. Avoid women who think $500 is a reasonable price to pay for shoes. Look for women with modest lifestyles who don't go gaga over fancy cars, summer homes, and private jets. Meanwhile, don't behave like a sugar daddy. Don't offer to pay her bills. Don't take her on shopping sprees. Expect her to pick up the check sometimes.Ultimately, though, your best bet is to become good at reading people. Learn to assess people's sincerity and make educated guesses about their motivations. A truly skilled, subtle gold digger is a rare breed. Most of them are pretty transparent, assuming you care to look past the pretty package they present.

Why does our society let men use biology to excuse their shallowness but not women?

I see men use evolution all the time to excuse their piggish behavior (selfish, shallow behavior) saying they are just "wired that way"

However, I studied evolutionary psychology and women are wired to prefer men with more money or status the way men are wired to prefer beautiful women. Both things have an equal amount of scientific evidence backing it up. Ive met a lot of men (usually ones who dont make good money) tell me its bullcrap because it hurts their feelings, but scientific evidence says otherwise.

So if men can use evolution to excuse their tendencies, why cant women? I hear nothing but mean phrases such as being a b**** or golddigger when a woman embraces her evolutionary instincts but its okay if a man does it?

(BTW, Im not saying Im a golddigger...just talking about a double standard Ive been observing in our society for years where women are supposed to get over their evolutionary tendencies while men aren't)

Why would a Pisces girl get labeled as Gold diggers?

I mean really we do like a man with stability ! My child's father and a lot of others call me a gold digger. I've always worked and had a steady job, I always like to buy own lifestyle , I just love the support from someone who says they love me I believe in 50/50, but can he help when I fall short I would do it for him! I don't feel I'm a gold digger I just really want a man who can protect me in every aspect of life.