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Do You Know A Book For Learning Medicine Vocabulary

What should I do to improve my vocabulary of medicine?

Dictionary of Medical Terms - Kindle edition by Engineering Dictionaries. Reference Kindle eBooks @ what medical words mean can make all the difference in understanding and managing your health conditions in conjunction with your healthcare professional.The dictionary can search for both American and English spellings of medical words and terminology. Don’t worry about which one to use, as the dictionary has a large directory of synonyms and will find the results, regardless of the spelling.The dictionary has a very large array of medical terms and explanations of their meanings. It includes anatomy terms, acronyms, tests, conditions and diseases, treatments and signs and symptoms. When you click on a dictionary entry, it has links within the text to explain those terms, too.Medical words can be difficult to spell, so this is one way of finding the definition of the word you want.Don’t use Boolean operators or quotation marks as they won’t work with the dictionary. You don’t need hyphens for conditions such as “Osgood-Schlatter’s disease”. The dictionary will find the entry without the hyphen.Whether you are searching for asthma, arthritis or other common conditions or a rare disease or condition, the Medical Dictionary is bound to have an entry to help you find a definition of that condition.Let’s face it, there’s a mountain of medical terms to learn. Whichever area you work in, some medical words you’ll just have to understand. But nobody wants to swallow a medical dictionary to do it.Our list of the medical terms you need to know includes essential medical definitions, but helps you identify a quicker path to learning them. Understand first how to memorize medical terminology and the rest will come easily.Call it your medical terminology cheat sheet if you like, but as healthcare students get ready for their final tests and exams, this list helps up your knowledge, fast.Dictionary of Medical Terms - Kindle edition by Engineering Dictionaries. Reference Kindle eBooks @

What is a book for learning medical vocabulary?

They are dictionaries with the names of :-diseases/disordersor-medical treatments : targets and side effectsThere are apps,"real books",even sites which give medical vocabulary.Medecine language is very accessible now.The best are the books because they often are specialized in a topic (it's better for exhaustive content).a site : Medical Dictionary by Merriam-Websteran app :a dictionary : Mosby's Medical DictionaryGood luck~~

What is the best book to learn Latin essentials for a medical student?

A2A - I don’t know of any books on Latin essentials. In the USA, we have books on medical terminology. The books contain information about Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes along with the medical terminology. They aren’t big books; it’s quick and fairly easy to learn. Of course, the books I’ve seen are more for nurses and allied medicine students than for med school students, but I would imagine they would be enough. All medical professionals need to know the same words.I don’t know of a specific book to suggest. Any book I’d suggest would be in English, anyway. You can search for “medical terminology” on Books to find both textbooks and layman’s books on the subject.

Will learning Latin help with knowing medical terminology?

I think you would be wiser to spend time on learning more useful language such as Spanish and in your free time try to learn medical terminology. I went to medical school in Europe and also took Latin class. It helped me because Latin is the "medical language" in Czech and all medical terms and diagnosis are noted in Latin. However I also learned lots of grammar and other extra stuff that was not necessary for my profession. In US the medical terminology stems from Latin and Greek, but you do not have to know the languages in order to become doctor. What I think would be helpful to you to get medical dictionary and learn what different suffixes, prefixes and medical terms means. Getting good grasp on vocabulary and understanding the principles from which various medical terms are composed of would help you more then knowing Latin language itself. However I would consider taking Latin class only if it would be focused on medical terminology.

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Medical Terminology and Jargon?

Jargon is language, esp. vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group.

Terminology is the system of terms belonging or peculiar to a science, art, or specialized subject; nomenclature.

It is a subtle difference but jargon is not terminology. Terminology is agreed upon terms used to describe things in a particular science, art, or subject, but jargon is the language used regularly by people of a particular group. Jargon is sometimes used in place of terminology.

Jargon is more like shorthand. Terminology is more exact.

I am not sure if that clears if up or not. Sorry if I was not as difinitive as I would have liked.

Do you know any good medical books that are slightly more basic?

I would suggest The Merck Manual of Medical Information. We have this book on board our boat in case we are injured or become I'll when far from medical care. You will get enough information from this book to feed your inner doctor for a long time to come.The Merck Manual of Medical Information: Second Home Edition (Merck Manual of Medical Information Home Edition): 9781435290334: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.comFrom Amazon reviews:Need to find the definition of a medical term and comprehend it? Need fast information about your child's illness? Need help defining that redness in your eye? Or maybe you need a reality check on the progress of your pregnancy. For the first time, Merck--the leader in medical research since 1899--has opened its treasure chest of medical knowledge to the general public.The team of nearly 200 experts, consultants, and authors has assembled a body of information so vast that listing select items fails to do it justice. The Merck Manual provides reams of useful medical information, ranging from fundamentals such as anatomy to crisp, easily understood descriptions of complicated diseases. Clear drawings of basic anatomical details and helpful sidebars that define terms and proffer advice are invaluable features, as is the up-to-date counsel on choosing the right form of exercise.The Merck Manual's 30-page section on drugs is itself an excellent resource. Here you'll find descriptions of the biological impact of high-powered pharmaceuticals, plus a table of drugs that put the elderly at risk. Its five appendixes on such topics as legal issues and commonly used medical terms segue handily into a guide of institutions that offer information and counseling for a multitude of medical conditions. This exhaustive volume clarifies both the workings of the human body and the geography of its demise, not to mention Western medicine's solutions to its failures. If knowledge is power, buy this book to arm yourself with a world of information. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Good book to study up on medical termonology?

I am in college and taking Anatomy and phsilology next semester. My teacher said that I need to study up on my medical termonlogy. I really dont know any medical termonlolgy ... so I was wondering if anyone knows of a good book or web site that i can study up on. Thanks in advance : )

Is Medical Terminology hard class??

I actually found it to be a lot easier than anatomy and physiology.
You will learn the suffix and prefix of medical terms and its pretty simple. For example suffix, ectomy means surgical removal of.
Prefix, hyster means uterus. So when you put the two together, you have the word hysterectomy-surgical removal of the uterus. Good luck!

What is the best way to study medical terminology?

Set aside a specific time for studying medical terminology. Remove yourself from distracting elements. If your home has too many distractions, go to the library or another quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Set reasonable progress goals. Most medical terminology texts are meant to be completed in one semester. Read the chapter outline or synopsis before studying the content. Many students also find it helpful to read the questions at the end of the chapter before studying the material. This step will give you a clear idea of what you will learn and how the material will be tested. Read one section of the chapter at a time. Complete the learning exercises for each section before moving onto the next. As you complete each section, make a flashcard for each new term by writing the term on one side of an index card and the definition on the other side.  To prepare to take the chapter test, carry your flash cards with you and review them often. When you have committed material on a particular card to memory, set that card aside. When you are confident in your knowledge of the material on all of your cards, you are ready to take the chapter test. If you miss any questions on the test, restudy the terms you didn't know and then retake the test.

Good Arabic novels/books for students to read?

I would recommend مجموعة المكتبة الخضراء للأطفال .. I used to read it a lot as a kid. THey are simple , with familiar fairy tales, and it has (harakat), so it would be great, beneficial and enjoyable.
You can download them as Pdf files free from ..just put the search term المكتبة الخضراء !!

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