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Do You Know Anyone Who Believes In Ghosts Or Other Superstitions Or That They Can Sell Their Soul

List all the superstitions you know that I didn't list.?

walking past a pole with someone it is bad luck to split up & each go around on different sides of it. ( if you do you have to say Bread & Butter)
Walking with one shoe on & one shoe off will make you have some kind of leg or foot problem one day
Never shut a pocket knife someone else opened, they must shut it themselves
If your nose itches someones coming that you know
if your ears are burning someone is talking about you
If you drop a piece of silverware someone is coming from the direction it is pointing
If you pee in the road you will get a sty in your eye
if you hold a toad & it pees on you you will get a wart
killing a cricket is bad luck
a small new potato in your pocket will help with arthritis
a buckeye in your pocket is good luck
Cabbage or black eyed peas on New years with some change in your pocket means all your needs ( not wants) will be met during the that year
Find a penny pick it up but only if it faces heads up & you will have a day of good luck

What do you call a person that doesn't believe in gods or ghosts?

A person who lacks belief in things they have no evidence for is called a skeptic.A person who lacks belief in gods they have no evidence for is called an atheist.A person who is open to the idea there could be a god or gods, but they currently lack belief could be called an agnostic *or* an atheist.Most, if not all skeptics are willing to believe in ghosts or supernatural phenomena, provided sufficient evidence.Most, if not all atheists are willing to believe in a god or gods, provided sufficient evidence.The problem is faith is not evidence. It’s the opposite.

Do you know any superstitious belief in Indonesia?

My parent believe in superstitous. My parent had regular visit to paranormal (we call them “dukun”). I am not sure to believe it or not because anything bizzare that happen to us got better after visit the paranormal/dukun. So, it kind of flipping my logic.Few supetitious are:Babies were used protection charm (jimat) to protect them from evil spirit like evil or baby-eater creature called palasik( flying head or something with its organs). Me and all siblings wore it when we were babies.2. When I was born, I was weak and sick. Almost dying. Dukun told to my parent that to make me get better, they have to “sell" me. Weird isnt it? So they did. They sold me to other relatives. Just as ritual. Funny things, I got better after that. Became healthy baby.3. We had small street foodstand business. My mom was very good at cooking made our foodstand had many customers. It was widely famous in our little town. But sometime, only few customers came. My mom believed there was competititor used black magic effecting our foodstand. After went to her Dukun for consult, she got some ingredients to break the black magic. Somehow, on the next day, Customer came as usual.4. My little brother was also almost dying too. My parent belived there was “palasik" tried to catch him. He became very skinny and sick. Dukun made protection charm for him. For years after thing got better, he became sleepwalker. The scary part he always walk to outside. To the dark place. Like, there was someone guide him to go there.


1.) To see an owl in the sunlight brings about bad luck.

2.) Babies born at three, six, nine, or twelve o'clock are said to be exceptionally lucky. When they are grown up it is declared that they will be gifted with considerably more insight and ingenuity than the average person.

3.) Itchy nose - you will have quarrel with someone.

4.) Bad Luck: Sparrows are said to carry the souls of the deceased to the after-life. To kill one means that you will be cursed.

5.) Good Luck: Sneezing 3 times before breakfast

Do Atheist believe in Soul, Spirit, Evil, Devil or any other paranormal stuff?

Okay! You don't believe in God because there is no proof and science has not proved even though scientist must have prayed a lot to God to make them scientist in future.
What about Soul, Spirit, Evil, Devil or any other paranormal stuff?
Do you believe there is soul inside your body, which makes you see, smell, taste, think, dream etc..
Or you believe its the organs function and Soul has nothing to do with that..

Scientist have also made a perfect human being with working veins, heart, brain,and every other human organ but yet they were unable to bring it to life.
Whats your say to the above and the paranormal stuff ?


Why do people believe in ghosts?

Having personally failed to experience something does not disprove that thing, just as having had an experience does not prove something is universal. This is the Anecdotal Argument fallacy.Ghosts and other things fall into the supernatural. Shoud the day come that rigorous scientific validation of the phenoma (outside of the valid psychological explanations that we already have) exists, ghosts will become part of science and fit into the body of theories we have.Ghosts are just bad, pre-science attempts at understanding: guessing at an explanation for something misunderstood without rigorous experimental proof that is scrutinized, challenged and tested for verification. Without meteorology, sky spirits must be why the weather occurs.People believe in ghosts for any number of reasons:They’ve heard repeated tales of ghosts from so many people that they assume it must be a real phenomenon. The hysterical panic over ritual Satanic abuse that began in the 1980s in the United States and spread through many parts the world into the 1990s is a recent example of how stories that play on our fears or fascinations can take on an aura of truth but are based on sporadic misunderstood phenomenon and large amounts of speculation and hysteria. This is the Bandwagon fallacy. Satanic ritual abuse - WikipediaThey have heard or read claims by people they consider authorities. Argument from Authority fallacy.They have encountered odd or unexplained phenomena. Leaping to belief in the paranormal as more reasonable than scientific explanations is emotional, not rational. Occam’s Razor should be applied: the hypothesis with the least number of assumptions shoud be favored. The rational explanation is simpler, not requiring a rewriting of physics and science in general. The preponderance of cameras and the lack of a commensurate increase in solid photographic evidence is damning. lack a background in psychology or magic and do not realize just how many ways the mind can be decieved by themselves and others. The situation supernatural because there is no eational explanation. This is the Begging the Question fallacy.Cultural, regional or family tradition is to believe in ghosts. Argument from Tradition fallacy.Many people (including highly educated people) commit logical fallacies and cling to supernatural explanations instead of seeking out rational ones. This applies to ghosts as well as other phenomena.

Do some cultures believe that photography can steal your soul?

Yes, a number of cultures do not want their spirits captured by a box. While most now accept that this will not occur, when photography was first around, it was magical in a way that made people fear it. Even today, some of these cultures shun the camera. Some reasons are more superstitious others because they feel it to be an invasion of their privacy. Still others don’t like the idea of their photos being every where. Me personally, I prefer my photo not be every where and when I find it on the web, I ask that the photo be taken down. For me it is an invasion of my privacy.

Why are some cultures afraid or camera and believe they are soul catchers?

It has more to do with superstition than religion. Although to Amish, it has to do with pride, that's why they choose not to have their picture taken.

God bless!

Can someone really sell their soul to the devil?

Yes and no.Can you make a formal agreement with the devil and thereby serve him for eternity? No. Man does not fully own his soul.It is not a negotiable commodity.Can you, by serving the devil over a long period of time, come to be his servant and thus be in his employ?Absolutely!I've heard the stories about people going to a crossroad at midnight and making dark pacts with the devil. Since I'm not involved in witchcraft or the occult, I don't know whether this is true or not, but I do know you can put yourself on a spiritual journey that ultimately will remove you from God, which is spiritual death.I believe dark entities are real and have the power to impart power or fame as Satan attempted to do with Jesus. I suppose if such a contract could be entered into, that said entity would want some immediate form of evidence that your service was genuine. Such service usually requires some sort of blood sacrifice of either man or beast. Satan's ultimate goal, however, is to find ways to cause man shed innocent human blood, for he knows that murder is by far the most serious sin man can commit and that a murderer hath not eternal life dwelling in him. Why? Because it cannot be restored as can theft and other sins.Some believe Satan is simply the negative side of man, and that he represents the dark side residing in us all. This is another point of view; however, I believe in the Christian dogma that states Satan is a very real entity and one completely without honor. He will not support you at the day of judgment and, when he has had his way with you, he will seek your death so as to seal your fate.Your dying of old age doesn't benefit the Adversary, as age brings wisdom in many cases and repentance. To keep that from happening he may seek a person in his employ to push the edge. Then he removes his protection and that person finds himself dead and beyond redemption.