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Do You Know The Nationality Of The Painter .

Unknown painter?

my mom just bought a painting from a friend and there is a paper taped to the back with the artists name and where he was born. well anytime we search for this artist all that comes up is food stuff. his last name is some kind of food. any help would be great. any ideas on where i can look for info on this guy.

Does anyone know of oil canvas painter by the name of adamos?

John Adamos, born in Salonica, Greece, studied in the Academy of fine arts in Athens. Arrived in the US in October 1965. In 1967 his paintings were exhibited at the International Art Gallery in Miami, Fla. In 1969 he returned to Athens.

Andre Olsufiev do you know this architect painter?

I have an original lithograph/seriograph by the architect Andre Olsufiev, it is signed and numbered and was acquired at auction in the 1980's. Does anyone know anything about this architect that was born in Bucarest in the 1930's. I am unable find this painting on line the only thing I can find is some pictures of a library and such in a place where you buy posters of prints. This painting is of a canal, lined with speed and sail boats and has office buildings in the background. A true testament to architecture. Any help on this would be appreciated. I have already contacted an art gallery in California that I deal with and they had know clue. Any help would be appreciated

What is the name of the Italian painter who was born in the year 1452?

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy on the 15th of April, 1452.His most famous work is Mona Lisa, currently housed in the Louvre Museum, Paris. It is by far the most easily recognisable painting in the current day.Another painting of his, titled 'Salvator Mundi' currently holds the record of being the highest grossing painting sold at $450 million at Christie's auction.You can read more about him here: Leonardo da Vinci - Wikipedia.

Paintings with flowers??

Do you know any paintings with flowers by FRENCH ARTISTS? the artist must be born in France and is French. I can draw flowers like Donna Dewberry from her OneStroke TV show !

If you don't know any, do you know any simple paintings to paint by French artists?? I need it ASAP.

Is drawing a natural talent? Is it true that I must be a painter since childhood in order to draw well later?

With every skill there are a number of internal factors which can help one succeed. In sports, academics, the arts, etc. it is helpful to have raw talent, and most of the time more raw talent is better. But, beyond some baseline level of natural ability it probably isn't even the most important factor. Things like interest, good training, practice, dedication, persistence, patience are more important in determining whether one will be successful.As a kid I used to draw regularly, and most people who saw my art said I was talented. But, that talent really got me nowhere in becoming a good artist. Why is this? I lost interest in drawing at around ten or eleven years old, and without the interest I didn't really draw much for another 15 years. Just recently though, I have picked it back up again. Within a few months time I have gone to my current work in progress... from this...At best I started with the talent of an above average ten or eleven year old, and I wasn't able to do much. Over the course of a few months I practiced consistently, read lots of tutorials, watched youtube videos, learned as much as I could from my own work, and just kept drawing. I am an obsessive person, so when I get into something it's hard for me to do or think about anything else. What this amounts to is persistence and dedication, not really much raw talent. All of this is what it takes to get good at something. The amount of raw talent one has really just determines where they start. Along with drawing female faces I love to draw eyes. My first attempt since being back was...Not bad, but after going through a few tutorials and videos, and spending a lot more time on the drawing, I produced... This was only a couple weeks after the first drawing, but its quite a bit better. No change in raw talent, but with persistence, some training, practice, and patience, I improved enormously.  More of the same, and after another week...After not much progress for about 15 years, and then improving drastically in just a few months, it seems clear to me that raw talent is of relatively minor importance.

When was Vincent Van Gogh born , died , nationality , field , awards PLZ ANSWER A.S.A.P.?

Birth name Vincent Willem van Gogh
Born 30 March 1853(1853-03-30)
Zundert, The Netherlands
Died 29 July 1890 (aged 37)
Auvers-sur-Oise, France
Nationality Dutch
Field Painter
Movement Post-Impressionism

Posthumous fame
Main article: Posthumous fame of Vincent van Gogh
Since his first exhibits in the late 1880s, Van Gogh's fame grew steadily, among his colleagues and among art critics, dealers and collectors. After his death, memorial exhibitions were mounted in Brussels, Paris, The Hague and Antwerp. In the early 20th century, the exhibitions were followed by vast retrospectives in Paris (1901 and 1905), Amsterdam (1905), Cologne (1912), New York City (1913) and Berlin (1914). These prompted a noticeable impact over a new generation of artists.

Influence on art
The French Fauves, including Henri Matisse, extended both his use of colour and freedom in applying it, as did German Expressionists in the Die Brücke group. The 1950s' Abstract Expressionism is seen as benefiting from the exploration Van Gogh started with gestural marks. In 1957, Anglo-Irish artist Francis Bacon based several paintings on reproductions of Van Gogh's The Painter on his Way to Work (which had been destroyed during World War II).

Cultural depictions
Main article: Cultural depictions of Vincent van Gogh
He has been the subject or inspiration for a number of different works, including films, and classical and popular music, including Don McLean's 1971 ballad "Vincent", also known by its opening words, "Starry Starry Night," which refer to the painting The Starry Night.

Who are the most famous painters of all time?

Most famous? Difficult question.Known by the largest number of people today? In the West or everywhere? Or a sum of all people ever who knew the artist?Picasso is famous the last 100 years. Raphael 500 years, less today than during the first 400 years.Leonardo is famous today but has been less famous, before the 20-th century, the theft of Mona Lisa in Louvre 1911 made him!Dan Brown (of Da Vinci Code fame) suggests in Angels and Demons that the greatest fame you can achieve is when you are known by your first name (or a nickname). In that case, Raphael (1483-1520), Michelangelo (1475-1563) and Leonardo (1452-1519) are the winners. (Compare with Madonna, Elvis, Prince, Pelé, Magic or MJ.)van Gogh and Picasso (Vincent and Pablo) also belong to the club of famous.

How can I become a famous artist/painter?

I live in Kansas, but am quite familiar with many of the finest watercolourists in Australia because I've seen their videos online. They submit their work for juried competitions all over the world. They take fledgling painters to France and Tuscany for painting trips and participate in plein air competitions. They have their work in galleries all over the place. They have an effective web site and FaceBook presence, teach classes online, and participate in other social media outlets I'm not even familiar with. What I get from all of this is that many of the artists I've come to admire have an international presence and take good advantage of the internet for making themselves known, finding students, participating in competitions and winning awards everywhere from Melbourne to Hong Kong. You have to be really good AND put yourself out there. Your local art scene is a place to start, of course, but it seems obvious that an international career is much more of a living for any artist. The Brits and Australians seem to be exceptionally good at this. Good luck.

Were there any Greek Renaissance painters?

There were Renaissance painters who were Greek.The most famous Greek painter in the Renaissance was actually known as “The Greek” - or El Greco. His real name was Doménikos Theotokópoulos, and he lived from 1541 through 1614. From Crete, he worked in Spain.El Greco, Assumption of the Virgin, 1577–79El Greco, View of Toledo, c. 1596–1600El Greco is an interesting exception to Renaissance painting, as no one had a similar style. He’s sometime called a Mannerist, which makes sense for his era - but his art is so unique that its hard to ground him historically.Other painters include Marco Basaiti (c. 1470–1530) - an accomplished painter who worked in Venice who may be of Greek ethnicity.Marco Basaiti, Agony in the Garden, 1510–16Belisario Corenzio (c. 1558–1643) was born in the Peloponese and worked in Naples.Belisario Corenzio, Solitude, in the Chartusian monastery of San Martino in Naples, 1624