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Do You Know What Song Is This Melody

How do you come up with a melody for songs?

Play with notes. Establish your time signature...tempo....decide what notes you want to use.

How do I find a song that I can only remember the melody and the two words the background says?

Hi,if you are good at humming the song, or whistling it, you can give a try to Shazam app in you smartphone; you have a chance it might recognize the song and hint you with it’s title/singer.You also *must* make use of those 2–3 words you seem to recognize in the lyrics; you may have even greater chance to grasp the title starting from these words by simply posting them in a google search.Also, there’s this site I just found out about now: Find Music By Lyricsthat might also help you in identifying the title. It seems to work quite good (I tried it with lines from songs that I know well, and the correct song title was among the first results every time, so I think it does a pretty good job).

How do know if your song is original?

You never know for sure.You get influences from everywhere. I've written loads of songs only to find the melody was lifted, often embarrassingly. For professionals you generally know your song isn't original when you are sued.

Song lyrics/Haunting Melody?

There is a place I call my own
Where I can stand by the sea,
And look beyond the things I've known ,
And dream that I might be free.
Like the bird above the trees
Gliding gently on the breeze,
I wish that all my life I'd be
Without a care and flying free!

But life is not a distant sky
Without a cloud, without rain.
And I can never hope that I
Can travel on without pain

Time goes swiftly on its way,
All too soon we've lost today.
I cannot wait for skies of blue
Or dream so long that life is through.

So life's a song that I must sing,
A gift of love I must share .
And when I see the joy it brings,
My spirits soar through the air.
Like that bird up in the sky ,
Life has taught me how to fly.
For now I know what I can be
And now my heart is flying free!

Do you know any good english songs with oriental (Arabic ) melody?

these by Madonna have Persian and Arabic elements, instruments and melodies within the music:
"Bittersweet" (the lyrics are actually a poem by the Persian mystical poet Rumi)
"Skin" (it starts very electronic and it progressively ends up being an Arabic delight)

and of course these Arabic/Persian songs by the musical genius Loreena McKennitt:
The Mystic's Dream
Marrakesh Night Market
Marco Polo
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

You know that space zoom out melody used in movies? What is it called?

I'm currently helping my friend with a movie project, and I need that song/melody.

If this can help:
It's something like this:
"Duuu Tuuuu... DUTU. Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam baaaam"

It's often used in movies.

It was used in The Simpsons, in a "beginning" when you sort of go in homers brain.

Any help out there?