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Do You Know Where V-town Is

Do you know where i could look?

I have a problem. My real father is a child molester (I know from experience). He lives in Ca, and I live in Ia. I just recently found out that he may have a child whom is a young girl. If this is true, the mother is dead and that little girl would be living with him alone. He is one of those people that don't want anyone to know where he is. I was wondering how I can see if there was a birth by him. I don't have any money but I have to find out. Is there somewhere I could look for free?

Do you know where V-town is?

Short for Vallejo; A city of western California on San Pablo Bay north of Oakland. Home of E-40 and the Click, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, and Potna

Do you know where to get a toilet lock?

I'm pretty sure I have tried them all. Seriously. None of them are worth the investment. My son broke every single one of them or defeated it within a day (if not an The last time I spent $50 on two locks Those are supposedly the "best" and I begrudgingly spent the money on them. It took him a while but one day we were in the bathroom and he was examining it and just ripped the piece under the arm that holds the seat down right off. I was shocked. He's all boy!

The best thing to do is put a doorknob cover on the outside of the door and keep it shut. We have these now and they are the only ones he hasn't figured how to take off...yet... We were finally able to trust him (mostly) with the bathroom doors open at about 21 months old. Now the only issue is him flushing the toilet constantly...

The correct sentence is "Do you know what it is?"."What IS it?" is also a correct sentence.Why?First of all: in English (and other Germanic languages), the verb and subject switch places in a question, in order to show that it is a question.Question: "What is it?" = question word (what) + verb (is) + subject (it)Example answer: "It is a dog." = subject (it) + verb (is) + substantive (a dog)So why is your example sentence "Do you know what is it?" incorrect?Your example question contains something called an "embedded question". That means, there is a question ("What is it?") inside of your question ("Do you know what it is?").Embedded questions take standard [subject + verb] sentence order.Question: "Do you know what it is?" = auxiliary [helping] verb (do) + subject (you) + main verb (know) + embedded question: (what it is)Example answer: "Yes. What it is, is a dog." = embedded question (what it is) + verb (is) + substantive (a dog)Let's remove the embedded question from our example, and put in something else:Question: "Do you know Max?"Answer: "Yes. Max is a dog."Here we begin to see, that "what it is" in our original question, is a phrase that is standing in for "a thing".Here is a page showing some other similar examples of correct and incorrect statements: Embedded Questions

Hey, do you know where I could buy these?

Hey, I really want one of those Hippie head band thing. I really love this trend so much. I've seen people use shoe laces, but i'm not really up for that. ;p
So do you know where, Claires? I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. So we don't have much stores here. Thankyou so much! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a picture
Okay thanks so much!

Do you know we all come from Africa?

That's true Anon we all have a little colour in us. Damn it Stanley, my tan is fading a bit from last summer. YES, SO IS MINE. ;-(

Do you know where this place is?

Croatia, probably.


NO ,First you need to define “You” .Your Ego ? Your sense of self ? Your Brain ? Your mind ?Did “you” decide when you were 15 what you,d be doing at 40 ?Most likely not .Will you decide , or know , what mood you,ll be in tomorrow ? or in half an hour ?NO WAY .Try this ;, Go to a Youtube channel on something your passionate about , and you,ll find thaty your BRAIN and fingers , are typing words before youve even decided what to type . Your Brain is in the driving seat .And your brain reacts faster than your conscious mind can conceive.You dont control any aspect of your Brain .Your brain controls every aspect of you . And it is literally ALWAYS a million steps a head of “you “Next time you open your mouth to speak in a conversation ask yourself had you rehearsed or even imagined saying what you said ?You are ,— 99.99% of the time — on auto-pilot .So , in short - No .You dont know what your doing .Your brain does ……and your brain is NOT the same thing as “you” You just call it “yours”

The bible has lots of tests for truth. If you believe in Jesus, God will come and live in you. So, if you make the decision, there will be fundamental deep changes in your life. If there is no inward change the belief has not yet occurred. Mk 16 If you believe, signs follow believers- for example, lay hands on the sick and they recover. I have done that and seen that many times. Acts 2: the holy spirit is given with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I have been spirit filled now sine 1980. Too late to argue its not real.My 11:24 If you ask in prayer, believing , you shall receive. This has happened too many times to discount its veracity. Time and space does not allow for the proof by the bible actions yielding bible results. Things don't happen for those who don't believe. Yet we keep finding unbelievers arguing about how come they don't see things happen. I happen to hang around Christians for which things do happen, and so the bible becomes real in our lives. We know the bible is true because we have seen the results with our own eyes.

Do you know where Indonesia is?

The Republic of Indonesia is located in the Asian Archipelago, the world's largest archipelago, between Indochina and Australia, between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, in South East Asia.