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Do You Like The Name Howard And Howie As The Nickname Or Do You Like Just The Name Howie

What do you think of the name Howard "Howie"?

Makes me think of Hungry Howies....
I also once made a story up called Howie the Hippo.

What are some boys' names that would go with Howard for the middle name?

Aaron Howard
Jason Howard
Michael Howard
Daniel Howard
Jesse Howard
David Howard
I like the name Ethan Howard! It's pretty cute

What is a good nickname for the name Harold?

Har (pronounced like hair)

My ex boyfriend's given name was Harold Joseph and he went by Joe.

Hope that helped! Congrats and good luck!

Boy names that start with H?

i've been thinking about the name hunter taylor for my little BOY( my husbands name is Taylor the the middle name has to be that, but i what some opptions for the first name that needs to start with H.

What funny nickname should I give my sister?

My sister and I are giving each other guy names as an inside joke, and I wanted to know a good one to give her. The one she gave me is Hamilton and I want to come up with a better one. And the nickname for me is Hammy. So can you give me a name that is easy to make a funny nickname out of too? Any suggestions?

Good 1st names for the middle name raymond?

it really depends on the kind of name you like, traditional, unique, new/hip, casual? Anyway, I'll try to give a few ideas for each and nicknames after, just in case you are into names that can be shortened....
Christopher Raymond (Chris, Topher)
Alexander Raymond (Alex, Xander, Al)
Joseph Raymond (Joe, Joey, JR)
Matthew Raymond (Matt)
Malikai Raymond (Malik, Kai)
Finley Raymond (Finn)
Jackson Raymond (Jack, JR, Jacky)
Jayden Raymond (Jay, Jade, JR)
Joshua Raymond (JR, Josh, Josh)
Harrison Raymond (Harry)
Tucker Raymond (TR, Tuck)
Tyler Raymond (TR, Ty)
Stephen Raymond (Steve)
Braxton Raymond (Brax)
Levi Raymond (Lee)
Louis Raymond (Lou, Louie)
Leland Raymond (Lee)
Kayden Raymond
Charles Raymond (Charlie)
Connor Raymond
Collin Raymond
David Raymond (Dave, Davey)
Ephram Raymond
Elias Raymond (E, Eli)
Elijah Raymond (E, Eli)
Ethan Raymond
Franklin Raymond (Frank, Frankie)
Graycen Raymond (Gray)
George Raymond
Gunnar Raymond
Hayden Raymond
Howard Raymond (Howie)
Isaiah Raymond
Isaac Raymond (Ike)
Asa Raymond
Aiden Raymond
Dexter Raymond
Deacon Raymond
Drake Raymond
Lakyn Raymond (Lake)
Thomas Raymond (Tom, Tommy, TR)
Nicholas Raymond (Nick, Nicky)
Nathaniel Raymond (Nate, Nathan)
Owen Raymond
Phillip Raymond (Phil)
Paul Raymond
Quincy Raymond
Randall Raymond (Randy)
Reece Raymond
Van Raymond
Wesley Raymond (Wes)
Zane Raymond

Anglicized Names: What is the best English name I could pick for the first Chinese name, "Haoran" pronounced as "how-re-an"?

If you are a girl, Heather.  Heather is a flower name.Harmony sounds like a hippy.  Probably not what you want.Holly (spell it like the plant) is good.Ani isn't an English name, and Rian and Rianna are very strange names the no one will spell or pronounce correctly.A boy, Howard is a bit of a formal, older name, and Howie is the nickname for that, but it's not offputting.  Same with Owen.Harlan would be a very trendy sounding name.Aaron is a common name.  Henry is fine--it's becomming common among younger people again.Hamilton sounds not wealthy so much as stuck-up.Harold is an old name that doesn't sound good to young Americans.  It sounds unpleasant.  ("Harry" these days is a nickname for "Henry" only among the younger set.)"Heron" is ridiculous.  "Auren" is so weird it's no more familiar than your original, and "Oren" is nearly as bad.  Herman is a cruel name.

What happened to Howard Hughes' money after he died?

They were all after his money and you can believe there are those that got some of it for their doings.

This or that 1930 and 1940 baby boy names?

Please choose one. Do not say none or both. You will not choose best answer. This is just for fun. Have fun!These are random names on the top 100 baby names from 1930's and 1940's. I found these off of and
Earl or Howard
Clifford or Ernest
Donald or Gilbert
Alfred or Harvey
Arnold or Leonard
Edwin or Francis
Chester or Albert
Clarence or Bernard