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Do You Prefer King County Washington Where Seattle Is To Be Named After Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the relationship between Seattle and Martin Luther King Jr.?

King visited Seattle once in 1961, see for a discussion of the visit. It includes this on the "King County" naming:On February 24, 1986, the King County Council approved Motion 6461 "renaming" the county to commemorate Dr. King rather than William Rufus de Vane King, the Vice President-elect for whom the county was named in 1852. A bronze memorial plaque to commemorate this change is located on the first floor elevator lobby of the King County Courthouse at 3rd Avenue and James Street in Seattle. (In 1999, the state legislature made the change in county namesake official, passing a law that formally renamed the county in honor of Martin Luther King.)

What is a reliable internet source I can find on Martin Luther King Jr?

I'm going to be doing a project on Mr. King and I need two internet sources. I've already found Can someone help me find another one? It can't be Wikipedia, though, because it's not a good source. It has to be reliable, and perhaps authoritative. Thanks.

Martin luther king jr?

Communist, plagiarist, drug abuser, wife beater, fraud.

Has anyone ever heard the last name Presas?

Have any of you ever heard the last name Presas? If so, can you tell me where you heard and where you heard the name? It is my maiden name and I am from San Antonio, TX...everyone in the phone book here with that last name is related to me. Thanks

Dreams and Visions Concerning America?

Well Peter D said most of what I was going to say and more. I will only add that these so called predictions have been made since I have been alive Back in the 1960's self declared prophets predicted stock market collapse, civil unrest yadda, yadda, yadda.

If you get back issues of the watch tower magazine from the 1960's 1970's and 1980's you see the exact same predictions in fact the way it wa sworded I think he may have borrowed this from the JW's. Garner Ted Armstrong before he died said the exact same things but 20 years a before your guy actually about 30 years and his dad before him did same before that.

Peter D is right this is not a question and should have been in R&S not here. I was born in 1952 and lived through the cold war and we had bomb drills in school and went to churches who claimed to be prophetic churches so I have heard it all way before you were born.

Would going Seattle University be a bad idea for someone who loves the sun?

Seattle’s late fall, winters, and early spring is almost perpetually overcast with a light drizzle and somewhere around 45 degrees. BUT during that time there will be short scattered stretches of 3 other weather condition combos:-There’s the occasional storm that brings intense wind and heavy rain, but those usually only happen a couple of times a year. Those DO have a habit of wrecking the power grid for the area for anywhere from a few hours to several days (depending on where the downed lines are), so be prepared for that with flashlights and some food that doesn’t require any appliances to make.-There’s also the occasional 0–10 degree and completely sunny days, those usually only happen for a few days once a winter, if that.-AND there will be scattered 2–3 day stretches of moderate, maybe even slightly warmer than usual temps, that are very sunny.Snow and ice in winter is exceedingly rare, so rare that it doesn’t happen every year. When it does less than an inch will halt the city because of all the hills. The majority of those youtube videos of cars failing to safely drive down/up icy hills were filmed in Seattle. However, every time it rains in seattle, it’s almost certainly snowing up in the mountains. So if you like skiing, there’s 4 or 5 ski areas within an easy drive, and another just over the Canadian border (if you have a passport).IF you’re going to be around in the summers too, it almost never rains AT ALL in the summer and it’s around 70–80 degrees with the occasional extra-warm 90 degree stretch of 2–3 days. If it does rain it’s only for a day or two at most, and that happens maybe once or twice a summer, those rains are the only time in the summer you won’t see blue sky. Summers do often have thinly overcast mornings, but it’s usually gone by 10amIn between the clearly defined wet and dry seasons is an equally clear transition period of random wet & dry days/stretches.So when you hear that statistic about seattle’s crazy number of rainy days, most of it is drizzle (not downpour), and nearly all of it happens on one half of the year.

Where are the best off-leash dog parks near downtown Seattle?

Marymoor  is a classic one. It's huge, has some varied terrain options, and is packed every weekend. My dog often found it a bit overwhelming, especially given the large number of somewhat aggressive off leash dogs who were far from their owners, but once we got away from the entrances and got further into the off leash areas he would really enjoy it.  It's located in Redmond, WA so it is a bit of a stretch to say that it is 'near' downton Seattle. I would argue that it's one of a choices worth driving to, though.There are 40 acres in the off leash area; much of it is open fields but there are also some trees to run through and water access.  Well worth the drive down 520 to get over to it.  Here's the King County park page:  Off LeashAnd here's a list of all the City of Seattle off leash areas if you want to go tour them all: Seattle Parks and Recreation: Off-Leash Areas