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Do You Prefer This Name On A Girl Or Boy

Do you prefer the name Paxton on a boy or a girl?

Since it's a surname, I don't care for it for a boy or a girl.

If used, surnames being used to carry on a family name are traditionally male and used as a middle name.

If you plan to hijack a masculine name to use as a faux-feminine name, leave the spelling alone.
Just be honest that you'd rather have a boy.
"Y" is NOT a "feminine" letter even if it does look like a drawing of a woman's uterus.
Stay with Paxton so she only has to explain having a boy's name but doesn't have to defend the ditzy spelling too.

Do you prefer Emery as a boy or girl name?

I think that Emery is absolutely gorgeous for a boy. Yes, it does sound a tad similar to Emily but that doesn't automatically make it feminine and I wish people would realise that! If you want proper feedback on such a distinguished, classical boy name then I suggest you head on over to Nameberry if you haven't already. The users on there give intelligent, well-thought-out feedback and put their rationality before their own tastes more often than not. Whereas the users on here are almost all trendy name lovers who wouldn't recognize a proper boy name if it ran around their neighborhood starkers.

On the whole, I think it's great and while I LOVE Emery Isaac, Isaac Emery is chic, distinctive, sophisticated and entirely elegant and classical, there is no question. I think it's nice and if you do as well then you should go for it; especially since middle names aren't on public broadcast like first names are. I personally know plenty of boys named Hamish, Barnaby and Alexander with 'girly' middle names like Lynn and Alexis and they've never had any trouble with them. :3

Do you prefer the name Jordan for a boy or girl?

Yep my daughters name is Jordyn Trinity!!! so love the name.. more for a girl though

Do you prefer a boy or a girl?

I wished for a boy. I had pinned my hopes that I will have a boy. I come from a family where there are more girls born than boys. Although my immediate family is liberal and feminist, the subtle societal influence had rubbed on me. (I am ethnically Indian)When I found out I was going to have girl I cried my eyes out. My husband cared less about whether it was girl or boy. It was his dream to be a father and it was coming true. He was so happy and couldn’t wait to meet his daughter.We always talked about and hoped for a healthy baby and suddenly I wasn’t happy. I wanted more. I wanted to dictate sex of the baby.…That happened a decade ago. I can not believe I was that stupid. Our children who happen to be girls are the most precious thing for us. They are our life and our pride. There are lot of things I want to change - sex of our children isn’t one of them.

Do you prefer Parker for a boy or girl?

For a surname.

Do You Prefer Blaine as a Boy or Girl's Name?

BOY. This is my sons name! I personally like the name, as its a bit different, but simple & not weird. One meaning is "thin, lean, slender & strong" & that certainly is my son.

Im sorry that its your middle name. It is TRADITIONALLY a BOYS name in Celtic. Only in recent years has it been used as a girls name. I dont think people should name their kids neutral or other-gender names, I think its mean, selfish & basically says you dont care about the child's self-identity.

If I was you I would change my name to something similar but definitely feminine like Blythe (happiness) or Briar (wild english rose).

Do you prefer Isadora or Isolde as a girl’s name?

Isadora is beautiful.Isolde sounds like an European shoe company.

Which name for a girl do you prefer: Bellamy or Ripley?

For a forename or surname?If it’s for a forename, I don’t prefer either.Both Bellamy and Ripley are surnames, and I’ve never personally met anybody with either as a forename.With Bellamy, just shorten it a bit and call your daughter Bella or Bella May or something like that