Do You Prefer Winter To Summer

Poll: Do you prefer summer or winter?

I love the winter for many reasons,most of which is because like u said being sweaty and sticky isn't my thing where as in the winter if you get to warm with the clothes you have on, you can always take a layer off. Also it seems like during the winter time everything is more calmed down and relaxed,even at work things are more layed back. Everything about winter is better.

Survey - do you prefer Summer or Winter?

I prefer Winter!
Being wrapped up in warm scarves, hats, gloves and boots..
Sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate after being outside in the cold.
The growing excitement as Christmas gets closer and closer...
I do like Summer (when it's hot and sunny), but winter feels a bit more special.

Which season do you prefer, summer or winter? Why do you like it?

Why must we choose one or the other? The joy of living in Canada is that we get allll the seasons!!I love summer!I love swimming in the pool or in a lake. I love the sand between my toes. I love campfires and sundresses and long walks and patios. I love driving with the windows open or the top down. I love the flowers and the trees and the grass and all of the birds and little creatures that we get to see only half of the year. I love cottages and board games and family time. I love walking in the rain and sitting on the porch during thunderstorms curled up and reading my book. Summer is wonderful and free.I love winter!I live the cold crisp air. I love how clean everything looks under a blanket of snow. I love being the first one to step on that brand new blanket of snow as if you are the first person to greet the world that day. I love big mittens and scarves as big as blankets and cozy hats that almost cover your eyes. I love snowball fights and snow angels and dumping with the dog in the snow. I LOVE HOCKEY!! I love skating even if I haven’t done it in a while. I love hot chocolate and apple cider and coming home to a warm fire and a bundle of blankets and a good book or movie. I love Christmas and I love family time and board games and icicles and snowflakes.Please don't make me choose….

Why do some people prefer winter over summer?

I can't speak for anyone else.As for me, personally, and why I prefer Winter over Summer is because:1) I love snow.It's so pretty when everything is coated in white.2) It's easier to dress up to stay comfortable in Winter.  In Summer, how much can one remove to stay comfortable before the cops come to arrest them for "indecent exposure"?  And, even if nudity was legal, it still wouldn't be enough to cool off on hot Summer days.  I know because I'm often nude a lot at home and when it's hot outside, certain rooms inside become hot, too, and I often sweat.3) I have asthma and year-round allergies that make me feel miserable all year-round.  This is why I'm cooped up inside all the time (haven't been outside since February, 2014).  However, in warm weather, my asthma seems to flare up more often and more severely than it does in cold weather.  Recently, I had to take my emergency rescue inhaler for an asthma attack.  Not once when it was cold did I need to use it because any asthma attacks I had were not significant enough to need my inhaler.So, that's why I prefer Winter over Summer.

Do you prefer winter fashion on summer fashion?

I personally love winter/Autumn fashion. I am much better at dressing for winter than summer. I am a train wreak when I dress in colorful clothing. I find it so much easier to for the autumn.

Do you prefer summer or winter clothes?

I absolutely love winter styles. I love the various coat styles, the scarves, and oh my gosh the boots!!
However, I live in south Florida and it doesn't get cold enough to play off winter fashions. -.-" so I prefer to wear summer clothes.
In summary: love winter styles, prefer summer clothes

Do you prefer Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall?

I am a Fall Autumn Ace! I like the colors, the weather, the football, the hit cider and cocoa, the pumkin pie, the Halloween, the all of it.

Fall is the best.

Do you prefer summer or winter and what do you tend to do during those seasons?

Summer all day hands DOWN! Summer wins easily every time. Why? Let’s break it down.Longer days in the summer meant waking up earlier and in the mood to be outdoors to enjoy the warmth.More things to do in the summer. Bike riding, barbecuing, swimming, vacationing, cruising in a convertible with the top down, watching the fireflies dance at night, jogging, walking, riding a boatWashing the car, mowing grass, playing basketball, tennis, golf.Family reunions.I loved summer the best since I was a child. Why? Because of NO SCHOOL!!!!! No more waking up at the crack of dawn, sleepy and depressed due to the anticipation of another 8 hours of being indoctrinated with a systematic teaching experience as well as ignorant violent classmates. Fights in the cafeteria, trying to stay awake in biology class…..blah…..I hated school with a passion.What was there to do in the winter? Watch TV, watch tv, watch tv, play on my phone, watch tv, play on my computer, watch tv, surf the web, watch tv.I HATED winter. There’s nothing to do in the winter. And of course someone would always say “you can build snowmen, make angles in the snow, snowball fight, ski, sled ride…..” etc etc.I’ve done all of those things as a child and the #1 memory that seems to last were the short days and painful hands due to being exposed to cold weather. Cold, flu, coughs and sickness always accompanied me during the winter. Oh and let’s add homework due to the school season during the winter. Can’t have too much fun outdoors when there’s tons of homework due.Let’s also add the dark grey skies, the dead trees, the deafening silence and miserable temperatures.In the winter I can’t drive this lovely toyYeah, so in all honesty summer has way more perks than the winter.I also love the landscape and scenery much better during the summer.Look at the drab winter scene belowvsYeah, summer wins.