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Do You Read Several Books At Once Or One At A Time

Can you read more than one book at once?

Depends on the book, I have 5 on the go at present but still one timed a single book in the interim. 4 of those books are text books (weird sort of name isn't it?)

Is it more effective to read several books at once or read them one by one?

It depends why you are reading. If I am doing research, I will often read four or five books at a time to compare and contrast the information that I am learning.If I am reading a book of fiction, if its good, you can't get me to read anything else until I'm finished with it.If I am reading short stories, I can read several at one time, same for poetry. If I'm doing a report of any kind, I often like to keep my mind on just that one book in order to get the full flavor.Books where they say, the hottest utopia, romance, whatever since book x, it's often fun to compare and contrast them.

Is it a bad habit to read several books at once?

So, it seems like a good discipline that most people have, to read one book before moving to the next one.However, for as long as I have known, since I was a little kid actually, I have read 2-3 books at once. It just comes naturally. The downside is that I finish 30 percent of the books I read. But I feel like many of the serve their purpose with just 30 percent. Meaning that, sometimes I feel like getting close to the experience of a book is what I really need.I have studied engineering, film and multidisplinary studies in different colleges. I consider myself a multidisciplinary thinker so this is really something that is natural for me.I'd like to know if there are other people out there who read several books at once, and maybe have developed a way to read the right books and finished them all. Anyone this works for?

Is it okay to read two books at a time?

Yes and NoIt’s okay to read two books at a time. Why?Because you might find books more interesting when jumping from one book to another after reading say 50–60 pages, and this continuous to and fro shift will make you feel cherished until a time.I’ve done this a several times while reading a classic fiction (Which requires a complete attention) and a spiritual/self-help book. I’d read 20–30 pages of a classic fiction and then would read some 150–200 pages of spirituality books, and if I’m reading a general fiction, I’d read 200–300 pages of it and read spirituality books.This thing can be done only when there is a difference of genre.However,It’s only okay, when you’re stuck in a book and want to be quick with reading.It’s not okay to read two books at a time because it might distract you from the plot, characters, moral of the story and what the authors wanted to see. It might happen that you find yourself trying to link a plot of one with another, when there’s no relation between them actually.I haven’t done this for more than 3 books.So, yeah, this is how you go ahead with reading two/three/four books at a time.When I took this picture, I was reading The God of Small Things (1997 book), Strategy by Harvard Business Review and The Man Who Knew Infinity (book) at a same time.See these all books are of different genres.I think you’d like to read some of my answers on the topic of book, including recommendations too, here.My Answers on Books by Akshat Solanki on Read Something

How many books do you read at once ?

usually only one but no more than two

Can you read two books at once?

Yep, it just might take a while. I usually have one book for reading at night in bed, and one for reading on my morning/afternoon bus journeys!

It is possible to read more than one book at the same time?

I'm currently reading on ebook:“Ignition: An informal history of liquid rocket propellants” by Dr. John Clarke[1]“Truth, Lies, and O-Rings” by Allan McDonald and James HansenAnd on Audible:“The Sky Below” by Dr. Scott Parazynski“For We are Many: Bobiverse, Book 2” by Dennis Taylor“When the Air Hits Your Brain” by Dr. Frank Vertosick“Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” by Dr. Neil DeGrasse TysonSo, yes. It is more than possible. In my view, it's necessary. My desire for the kind of book I want varies according to my mood. Thus I always have at least two or three books “on the go” at any given time.(And yes, I am incurably geeky and quite happy that way.)Footnotes[1]

Is it right to read a book more than once?

Advice on reading more than once from "The Practicing Mind" by Thomas Sterner: "My mother, who passed on from cancer a number of years ago, once expressed to me an observation she had made about herself as she sorted out both her illness and her situation in her mind. It is worth passing on here. During the time she was dealing with her illness, she was reading through books that served to both comfort her and make her more aware of her spiritual nature. This daily routine gave her a soothing perspective during what was surely a difficult time. Though she tried to keep up with this routine, there were times when, for whatever reason, she drifted away from both the reading and her thinking about what she had read. She told me one day that when she maintained her effort, her thought process was elevated and more evolved. She felt different about herself and life, and enjoyed increased clarity and perspective about her situation. But she also noticed that when she drifted away from her reading and fell into an “I don’t have time” or “I don’t feel like it today” frame of mind, she would feel herself slip back into attitudes and perspectives that she felt were not only unproductive but, unfortunately, very prevalent in the world today. "Speaking about her reading, she said, “You need to keep reviewing these ideas so that you can hang on to their clarity and perspective. Otherwise, life steals them away.” ~ Thomas Sterner