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Do You Shop At Cheap Food Shops Or Not

Does anyone know a place with cheap online grocery shopping?

You cannot shop for food online unless it's specialty food and the shipping is expensive. if you want regular store bought items then yo might need to wait for sales. SOme places offer items for sales like amazon but i'm not so sure how fresh it is. I live in NYC and we hae some supermarkets that allow you to order online but I';m not sure if you have that option? Check out amazon. I buy some Asian products online but not meat. Only meat you might find is steaks or seafood they overnight but you'll spend alot of money for nothing.


Which shop is cheap to buy grocery. Costco, save-a-lot, wal mart take it from me, I'm from Jacksonville:

Wal-Mart- ehh, i hate giving my money to them
Publix- really nice, but their prices are higher for that reason
Winn-Dixie- i shop here the most because its a JAX based corp. I like to keep the money here
Save-A-Lot- About 2/3-3/4 of things are offbrand, but most are good....of course they'll have name brands here and there, also make sure to check the exp. dates in SaveALot stores
Rowes- i'm not so crazy about this store, it's another crappy Albertsons
Costco- We do have one store
Sams' Club- We have three stores with cheap gas and apparently car washes. I for some reason don't consider it Wal-Mart
Target- clean stores
Food Lion- has gotten horrible these days, but some things can be cheap

Are US supermarkets better for food shopping than UK supermarkets?

I don’t know much about the supermarkets in Britain but here in the USA the markets vary from small to huge. A small shop would specialize either in serving a small community or a type of product. Normal supermarkets here have a wide variety of goods usually ranging from filet mignon to flashlight batteries. Almost all have a good variety of international foods usually leaning heavier on the population in that area. Fresh veggies are more abundant in California than in some areas of the country but that isn’t saying much. Most stores in the USA are well stocked with a good variety of fresh fruits and veggies. I shop in a local store that has 14, 20 meter long isles (considered smallish but not small here) and 1/4 are devoted to fresh produce, mostly organically grown and another 1/4 of the store is a hot serve deli and fresh meats. I can buy grass fed beef as well as standard processed meats. It has organic chicken and Foster Farms and they carry organic, free range, local grown turkey year round. I buy fresh salmon, rockfish or other fish that was swimming in local waters that morning and fresh or cooked shrimp sustainably caught within 24 hours. This store buys directly from the boats every day and sells it cheaper than the Safeway store here. I admit this is not the average store but for a village of 2,500 people in a remote area of California it is great.

How expensive is food, drinks and shopping in Barbados?

Ha! Very expensive! Of course if you are a tourist coming in with your currency that is higher than the BDS$ you should be comfortable.
The food you speak of is at restaurants? If so then you prepared to pay for the service as well and it should not be so bad. Actually there are some nice little spots all over Bim that you can enjoy a cosy meal, but if you loooking to be in the heart of things that's going to cost a bit more. But all in all the food at restaurants that is, is relatively affordable. And so too are drinks. Place to go is The Gap during the night for a lil more then just drinks.
But shopping, hmmm, again if you come with the aim you should be prepared to spend some cash. Duty free shopping would evidently be the best option.
Take it from me, I'm not Bajan but spent a couple years living there so I can tell you from the perspective of a non-national.

Where to find good street food & shopping in Bangkok?

Two most renown places for row of food shops are firstly in Soi St. Louis near St. Louis hospital. I used to work around the area. Every odd, you have the food stores in shops opening during the day, and a complete set of vendors selling foods on movable carts during the night. The taste and the price are good.
Another place which is really big on foods is Prachachuen near Samean Nari Temple. The whole streets filled with roll of small restaurants, beers and seafoods, cheap and expensive.
These two places are quite known for Thai but I often not see westerners.
Jaturajak market, and Mabunkrong, flea markets. Cheap staffs and practically everything sold there even dogs and birds for pets. Cheap clothing, etc...
At Ratchaprasong intersection there are many mega shopping malls like Central World, Siam Paragon, Gesorn Plaze, Sogo, Siam Centre, these are close by Mabunkrong anyway.

Also can anyone let me know the approximate cost of 32 inch LCD tv in Bangkok ????
LCD 32 inches is dirt cheap here in Bangkok because it's becoming obsoleted at the moment. We are using LED which are much better. you can get 32 inches LCD for may be starting at 10,000 baht, if they still sell them.

When single, why does eating out seem cheaper than cooking at home?

Original question answered “I'm 33 and single. I've heard people say how its better and cheaper to eat at home than out, but I've found the opposite to be true. Having tried a couple runs, it cost me $40 to get all the ingredients for a basic mexican dish that made 4 meals. In the same time period, I spent $28 for meals out.”Due to lack of experience, you're probably doing it wrong, buying ingredients that are not needed, or overly expensive.My rule of thumb is: if eating out is cheaper than cooking that same dish, I don't want to eat in that restaurant :). Once I tried making sausages from scratch, a big batch. My sausages cost ~5-10x the cheap sausages I can buy at a supermarket and more than eating sausages out. I can only imagine what they use to make those super-cheap sausages, and I don't want to put them in my body (my health is the most expensive thing I have, well worth maintaining it by eating healthy). Yes, making sausages in bulk is cheaper than making them at home in small amounts, but the difference in price is way too high to be explainable purely by volume. And if you add the cooking, serving and cleaning part, it's not possible to eat out healthy food for the same cost than you can prepare at homeI suggest to buy a simple book like Ruhlman's Twenty: 20 Techniques, 100 Recipes. It's a book of cooking techniques and tricks. Big fancy recipe books are useless, but understanding simple techniques is critical. You'll learn how to speed up your cooking, use cheaper cuts for better flavor, and how to make your budget stretch and how to substitute. You'll also learn that cooking is simpler than most people want you to believe, and more entertaining.

How do people shop for groceries in New York City?

In car-centric/car-friendly towns and cities, the standard practice is to drive to the supermarket once a week and buy everything you think you'll need for the next seven days -- typically, several rather heavy bags of food.In New York, it is quick and easy  -- and quite common -- for people to stop in a grocery store or a farmer's market on their way home from work and buy only what they're planning to cook that night and/or tomorrow night. Particularly in Manhattan, most people live quite near a supermarket (walking distance) and don't bother using a car for groceries (many don't even have a car). Because you buy less at any given time, it's not a big deal to  take 10 or 15 minutes to buy what you need and carry it as you walk home.This works out well in reducing food spoilage, too. People eat out on a whim more often, in part because it's not just convenient, but also often only marginally more expensive than cooking yourself. It doesn't make sense to buy groceries unless you know for sure that you're going to cook it that night or the next. Because you don't know if two days from now you'll end up working late and eat near the office (or get takeout), and the next night some friends will text and say "Haven't seen you in a while, let's have dinner tonight!" and then  the night after that, you'll simply not feel like cooking, and the night after that you have a date,  etc. etc. Then you realize that the stuff you bought on Sunday, planning to cook it on Tuesday, has gone bad because a week's gone by.This is what we did when we lived in NYC. But of course, there are easy alternatives, too. Many people use Fresh Direct, where you order your stuff online and arrange for it to be delivered to you at a predetermined time. And some people still do weekly shopping, using their own utility cart to get it home.