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Do You Support Getting Rid Of Pennies

Have you ever paid child support in Pennies?

No but that would be funny. My husband HAS been told he needs to pick up pop bottles if he has a problem making his weekly payments when he was $400 behind last year. I would love to see him drop a truckload of pop bottles off to Friend of the Court. That would be hilarious.

What are some ways to get out of child support?

This answer is coming from a single parent, a Mom who never received one dime of child support, because my ex told his lawyer; “How do I know my money is being spent on my child and not on her?”I was a single Mother, working and raising my daughter alone. My boyfriend, walked out on us 9 months after she was born. He never wanted kids and still acted like a teenage boy, who wanted to screw anything in a skirt.I took him to court and he was forced to pay $300/month. He immediately quit his job and moved away. I found out later, that he had a new girlfriend and worked at a night-club for cash only.Again, I went after him for non-payment and my lawyer contacted his employer and he was fired. So he simply got another part-time job painting houses, where he insisted on being paid in cash. After awhile, I simply gave up and he was free to live his life.I realize that most people try to defend their point of; “why should I have to pay child support?” Also, there are several postings which I agree with, however the sad truth is that MOST dead-beat parents are men, and these men feel they shouldn’t have to pay.But, it takes two-to-tango - so stop blaming the wives and girlfriends for getting pregnant. Raising a child alone costs a lot of money!Rent $$$Utilities $$$Food $$$Reliable Car & gas for that vehicle & Insurance $$$Entertainment $$$School supplies $$$Clothing $$$I was able to find a good-paying job, a low-rent complex, where I rented a very nice townhouse, I bought a reliable used car and I had the support of my family. I am (most definitely) not a bad parent, I worked and raised my child, and I stayed home on Saturday nights, while my friends were out having fun and I was and still am a good Mother.My dead-beat boyfriend never paid me a dime of child support. I also found out that he has (6) children with (6) different women. Note ( he told me he never liked wearing a condom?) So, I guess I feel bad for those other women who thought they could change him, and I know that he’s not paid them either.Sorry men, but if you chose you have sex, then you need to PAY !

Child support & welfare in MI?

When you recieve certain welfare benefits, not all, & child support, the state MAKES you sign your right to child support over to them. They do it as a way to recoup the money they spent on you. The dad still pays whatever the court told him to, it's just that the state gets the support instead of mom. Each state vary's on which welfare benefits they make you do this for, each state vary's on how much of your support they take, & each state vary's on what age of the child they start doing this it at. Some take every penny, some only take up to the amount you got in benefits, and some take all but like $50 that you get to keep, or a variety of these things depending on what benefits you are getting & how many different "baby's daddy's" you've got. If you don't get any welfare benefits that "take" your child support, then the child support is figured as part of your households total income, thus changing your benefit amounts or eligibility. My family gets foodstamps & no other state assistance, & no child support, I'm married to the father of both of my children. My 6 year old son is autistic, when he started getting SSID they lowered our foodstamps by $300. So if she's getting to keep any of the child support, they will probably lower some if not all of her benefits, but if they are keeping every penny of the support, she'll probably get to keep all her benefits the same. Can't say for sure without specific dollar amounts, but I hope that helps.