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Do You Support The Ukranian President

Why Black US president support neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

A well organized and orchestrated propaganda campaign has, thus far, been able to keep the American Public uninformed of the US/EU support of the Neo-Nazi peppered illegal coup in Ukraine.
The information is available only to those who are willing to search for truth.
The majority of Americans will simply believe what they are spoon fed by the highly propagandized arm of the US Government, better known as "the media".

Some Ukrainians do some don't, that's how politics works. A majority of Ukrainians that recognized the coup of yanukovych like him however a large population of Ukraine don't recognize the current Kiev government (which is why there is a rebellion). To say everyone loves him or that everyone hates him is just wrong.

The problem with Ukraine's forces was not lack of weapons, it lack of training. Just giving them weapons would be pointless without the training, tactics and logistics needed to make those weapons effective. Now that could have been done a significate expense rotating out Ukraine's forces into say Germany, rearming, retraining and then sending them back. In time this would have give Ukraine a nice advantage that Russia would then have had to commit more forces to counter. It would simply have escalated the conflict. Russia was vulnerable to economic sanctions so that was the method used.

I would encourage every lawmaker to voice their own opinion on the matter. Partisanship gets us nowhere (nowhere good, anyway), but understanding consensus gets us everywhere.Bill Clinton was well-regarded internationally, despite constant hounding by the GOP. International populations tend to judge our presidents based on their actions and accomplishments, and less on whether Congress agrees with the president.The international community is watching Obama very closely on the Ukraine/Crimea issue, and his actions and accomplishments alone will be how our friends across the pond, and history, judge him. I should not expect grumbling by the GOP to be a factor in that assessment.

It is very vague at the moments.First, polls are often rigged. It is an “imported” Russian political technology: to claim one is in the lead or rapidly progresses. I see no real grounds for Tymoshenko to be far ahead of other condenders. She has a strong negativity surrounding her past and she has little or no victories to claim.Second, Poroshenko has some achievements to show. This goes beyond recent church independence, visa-free trevel to Europe, multiple free-trade agreements and Western support to Ukraine. The economy is struggling but it recovers. I know Kyiv is a distorted example, but the venues are full at weeked and Christmas sales were phenomenal for many businesses. Our economy grows faster than rivaling Russia three years in a row. One could only dream about it before 2014.Third, there is a joker factor, forgive the double pun. A real comedian and owner of a comedy show brand, Volodymyr Zelensky, is running for the seat. He is third in the polls (however, remember about the polls scam). The question is whether he gains on Tymoshenko’s voters or on the undecided. I think Zelensky is really bad for Tymoshenko as he “feeds off” the same populist agenda to people who think of themselves as “les miserables”. Zelensky has no political record at all and all criticism at him stems from his bad jokes and offshore registration of his companies. He is from Eastern Ukraine and this adds to his support. Moreover, he effectively terminates chances for pro-Russian lefovers from the Party of Regions, who attempt to run for the presidency.My guess is that Poroshenko wins this time again, while his party will have troubles in the fall parliamentary election.

Ukrainians do not support Saakashvili, most Ukrainians do not understand what kind of person he is and what he has to do with Ukraine. In addition, this person committed crimes and was declared wanted in Georgia.To be or not to be Saakashvili Ukrainian President is decided not by the Ukrainians, but by the CIA and the US Department of State. It's time to understand that Ukraine, at least the last 5 years, is not an independent state. In addition, you should read the testimony of the Georgian snipers who shot people on the Maidan. Do not see the connection - "Georgian Saakashvili" and "Georgian snipers"?

Ukraine's ruling party revolts against President PoroshenkoWhat is presently being intensely circulated in the Ukrainian Internet segment is the letter composed by the head of secretariat of Petro Poroshenko Bloc "Solidarity". The letter addressed to the territorial party organizations informs about the changes in the party activities on the threshold of the presidential and parliamentary elections pending in 2019.According to the letter, the last party congress, following recommendations of the Ukrainian international partners, decided on putting forward a new presidential candidature for participation in the upcoming elections. This means that the current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko won't be able to run for the presidency for the second term. The only explanation that suggests itself in the context is that the USA and Europe are disappointed with the failure of the Ukrainian leader to perform the mission they had trusted him with. The West is now voicing harsh criticism of Poroshenko and his name is only associated with frequent scandals and conflicts both inside the country and on international arena. Poroshenko has lost credibility of the Ukrainian citizens having no full authority anymore. The law-enforcement agencies and ministries aren't actually under his control, there is thriving corruption in the country, and many major problems are still staying unresolved. Apart from that, Poroshenko has failed to arrange cooperation with international organizations and comply with the commitments before them to get the necessary political and financial backing. Western experts believe that Ukraine needs a new leader able to bring more political and economic stability to the country.The source to make the first release of the letter was the political movement "Spravedlivost" ("Justice") led by Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). It only proves the fact that the ruling party is acting hand in hand with Mr. Nalyvaichenko. It's quite probable he is just the person to become an alternative presidential candidate of Petro Poroshenko Bloc. Ex-leader of SBU has been repeatedly declaring his intention to join the presidential race in 2019. It is important to note that he is strongly supported by the USA, intensely interested in replacement of Poroshenko for a more loyal man. Nalyvaichenko is also welcomed by European politicians with whom he had series of meetings after quitting as the SBU head.