Do You Tattoo Idea For A Recovering Addict

Tattoo ideas for recovering pill addict?

Before I start...
If you respect me, I’ll respect you.

If you’re about to comment on this post and it includes...
1. Reasons I shouldn't get a tattoo
2. Reasons why I shouldn't be proud of my sobriety
3. Reasons why I shouldn't be representing my sobriety with a tattoo
4. Anything else along those lines
…It would be best if you just kept your comment to yourself (no need to waste your time).

Please & Thank You!

I’m in my early 20’s. I was addicted to pain medication for three years. I quit on my own. I strongly believe in God but I’m not educated in religion. The tattoo will most likely be on my lower back (other ideas for different places are welcome but it needs to be in a place that can be covered for work).

I want my own personal tattoo design, something original. I want the tattoo to represent my sobriety and the (great deal of) strength it took to achieve it. I also want the tattoo to show that I still have to fight every day to keep my sobriety. I want to be able to look at my tattoo and have it remind me that I can beat addiction.

To give an idea of what I have so far...
-I've stumbled on different pictures of a woman (mix of devil and angel) that have caught my interest.
-Awesome quote --> "The darkest moments of our lives are not to be buried and forgotten, rather they are a memory to be called upon for inspiration to remind us of the unrelenting human spirit and our capacity to overcome the intolerable."

I don't want anything to dark (no skulls, no blood, etc) but i don't want anything girly either.

I appreciate the help!

I need ideas for a tattoo. Has to do w/ me being a recovered self injuerer and addict.?

first of all congratulations on beating your problem, believe me i know the feeling. how about a tatoo of something or someone which helped you beat it. you could allways buy fake ones and try them on to see what they are like, you could allways have something translated into latin,gaelic etc.
"i am myself, and nobody else but me"
good luck

Is there really such a thing as tattoo addiction?

I've recently had all these crazy ideas and spent a lotta money on a variety of tattoos.
I went through it with piercings when I was in high school, came and went I grew out of it.
But do you think people can become addicted to the experience?
It's becoming like a milestone thing in my life now.

Why are tattoos addictive?

I thought my first tattoo would be my just a single. I knew it would be on my body always, so I thought it needed to join some profound significance. "Addiction" is hurled around a considerable measure with regards to tattoos. A person likes different kind of tattoo designs like Birds, Trees, Meaningful Sister Tattoo Ideas, and Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos and more. A few people say that the drive to gain body craftsmanship is addictive while others say it neglects to meet the genuine meaning of an enslavement, calling it basically an energy.The level headed discussion raises doubt about the very way of compulsion, can enslavement be mental or must it contain a physiological component of compound reliance? Since with regards to tattoos, there are a few mental, physiological and even social components which could add to an enslavement.Self ExpressionMost by far of individuals who have body craftsmanship will reveal to you that for them it is a type of self-expression. Each tattoo has an importance which is huge to the individual who has it; regardless of the possibility that now and again that significance is as straightforward as "I thought it was lovely/cool/renegade".1. The feeling of achievement: They don't hurt that awful, they truly don't. I know everybody has distinctive levels of resistance for torment however in all trustworthiness, I would contrast it with sunburn or floor covering consume perhaps. The torment even feels great now and again.2. Adrenaline surge: No matter what number of tattoos I have, the surge of adrenaline I get from sitting in that seat as I am going to get a new tat and the distance through until it's done is sufficient to prop me up back for additional.3. Self-expression: Carefully choosing something to express my independence or something that is exceptional to me and afterward making the sense of duty regarding have it on me everlastingly for the world to see makes you can rest easy.4. Revolting: Maybe not the correct word. Possibly I simply get a kick out of the chance to the sudden stunning exhibition. Tattoos are all the more broadly acknowledged these days, yet there is still some imperiousness to them.5. Stretch help: The sentiment those needles comforts me and truly discharge any anxiety and strain I may have. Which is because of the endorphin discharged as you are being inked.Must Try : Angelina Jolie Tattoos that will Inspire You

How can I stop my tattoo addiction?

I am 18.. I have 9 tattoos. Upper back, chest, sleeve, ribcage, hips, thigh, and foot. I have been getting tattoos ever since I was 15. I have been noticing I get them whenever I am overwhelmed and stressed. I have PTSD and My family situation is messed up. I do not speak with my mother so when we come in contact I shutdown. I don't know what happens but I then crave a tattoo. Not that they don't all have a meaning, just that I get them when I'm faced with issues. What worries me is I act on impulse. I will take whatever money I can spend and get a large tattoo. 9 tattoos may sound small but they are all BIG. I like the feeling because it somehow calms me down.. Kind of like a high minus the drug.. I just don't know how to stop the impulsive behaviors.

How common is tattoo addiction?

Tattoo addiction is very common.
It comes from your body's natural response to getting a tattoo. Your body goes into the 'fight or flight' response, meaning that your body is flooded with adrenaline. This adrenaline high can be addictive.
You will get a feeling for the type of pain to expect once your tattoo is finished.
I always told myself that I had to wait a year before getting another one to prevent this from happening and to ensure that the tattoos i get will be meaningful.

Some ideas for an above the influence tattoo?

dont bother commenting if you're going to say something negative about tattoos, I'm 20 years old and old enough to know that theyre permanent and I'll have it for forever, its common sense.

Should I drink alcohol after getting a tattoo?

Can you drink after getting a tattoo? yes. Should you drink after or before getting a tattoo? no. Alcohol thins the blood(duh) which if taken before the tattoo procedure can cause excess bleeding and make it much more difficult to get solid saturation of ink in the skin. If taken after the tattoo, the thin blood will prolong the bleeding and plasma stage of the tattoo, making it much more likely to have heavy scabbing or infections. Heavy scabbing or infections can lead to scarring. Scabbing, scarring, and infections are all things you want to avoid. So, best bet is to wait a day to have that drink. Or even three. By then you should be done bleeding, and the risk will have passed.

Is getting multiple tattoos an addiction?

I have seen many people with numerous tattoos. Some only have one or two but there are some who have them all over their bodies and some have it on their face. For those who have a bunch can this be seen as an addiction?.