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Do You Think 8 Stone 5 Is Fat

I am 5'5 and weight 119lb (8 and a half stone) do YOU think I'm skinny/fat/slim/chubby? x?

How would anyone know? We don't have a picture & we don't have a body fat percentage. Your weight sounds ok, but then so does the weight of a lot of sedentary people. If you are sedentary, I guess you're skinny/fat. If you exercise nearly everyday I'm guessing you look proportionate, or good.

Im 5'4'' & 8 stone. i think i need help.?

body mass index states your at an ideal weight - if you go too 7 stone youll be in the catagory of unhealthy index - the simple answer is dont do it!

i just sat there and worked tht out so be nice.
you should be on over 1000kcal a day to be healthy aswell -

and if you INSIST on losing weight follow this:

1) its not how much you eat its what you eat.

2) dont skip meals - your body starts to eat emergency energy supplies making you ill just have a light meal.

3) excersise is better than diet.

instread of missing breakyfast etc - have wholegrain cereal/brown toast with margarine/ fresh orange juice. itll actually help you lose weight eating the right food than no food

5ft 2in (158cm) and 121lbs (8stone 9lb, 55kg), would you think that's really fat?

No, your not overweight. You are normal , but then again it all depends on your body type. Everyone has different body's and you could be 140 pounds but still not be overweight because you have more muscle then fat. Muscle overpowers fat, therefore weighing more.

Is a teenager fat if they are 9 stone?

I'm under 5 ft 2 and I always looked my best at 8 stone 10lb. At that weight I am a UK 8 (US 4). If I am 9 stone or over I am a size 10.Teenage me suited a size 8. However teenage me thought I looked great when after months of drug taking and partying, very little sleep and irregular meals, I was 7 stone. It was only after I gained the weight again that my friends told me I had looked ill.The chart for my height and build would have me believe I was fat at my ideal weight.If you are healthy and you feel comfortable then don't worry about what the scales say.And no, 9 stone can not be considered fat. Not unless you are a Lilliputian. In which case, you are huge!!

Hello :) im 5ft 4 and im 8.5 stone (119 pounds) do you think this is ok?

Thats ideal, your inbeetween the ideal weight for your height,

Im 5 foot 3 and I weigh 6 stone 8?

WHAT DO you mean when you say 6 stone 8?

I am 14 , 5'6 and 8stone, so im underweight, but have excess fat and moobs. Need to change, have barely any self esteem. What can I do quickly?

Have you pubed yet? If not or it's just started, grab hold of something and hold on! Some start early, some start late, but the effect is nearly all the same: "Oh dear! When did THAT happen?"When I was 11, I was 5'5" and weighed 11o lbs. I come from large stock, but had no idea what was coming. Like you, I was "pudgy", limp, a real "wiener". At 13 I was 5'10", 165 lbs, and strong as a freakin' ox! Terrible time! Felt like my legs were gonna rip from my knees and pelvis! God it hurt! Thing is, if your clock just hasn't "struck" yet, there may not be anything you can "do" but wait, and like I said, hold on for dear life! Still, you want to start good habits right away anyway, like eat proteins and complex carbs; save the sweets for real treats or rewards; get out and bike or skateboard or run, play football, whatever. Start now and don't stop, because when you're older, those nasty old moob cells are gonna come knockin' again, and it's easier to KEEP them off than to RUN them off once they've settled. "Sigh..." I know...