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Do You Think A Lot Of People Let Their Personal Beliefs Affect Their Work

How Can People's Beliefs Affect Their Actions?

My mom told me, when I was very small, that if I chewed my fingernails, my appendics would burst. I believed her, because I trusted that she knew what she was talking about. After all, she had been a nurse before she was married, so she had to know what she was talking about. So, because of my belief in her trustworthy admonition, I refrained from chewing my nails. When I learned that the appendics has no apparent function in the human body, I felt betrayed, and no longer held to that belief. Then, upon thinking about it, I realized it was probably the only way my mom could get my attention and stop me from chewing my fingernails to the quick, thus possibly allowing infection to set in. Was her lie justified? In her mind, it was the only way to get my attention. If I really believed that I'd be harmed, I needed to trust in her knowledge. She knew what was best for me, though she went about it incorrectly. She wanted me to believe that my actions would bring harm to me, so she did what she thought was best, to bring about the appropriate action. Even after I found out the truth, I realized that the result of chewing on nails could definitely bring on an infection, which actually happened when I was 14 (after chewing on a hangnail). Getting a shot of pennicillin and riding on a city bus wasn't my idea of having fun, and was a big learning experience. While my belief in the appendics theory was busted, I was truly a believer in the possiblity of infection due to chewing on a hangnail. My mom always said that experience is the best teacher. So, if it happens to you, how can you not be a believer? <*)))><

How does reading affect your personal life?

Reading is a major part of my life -- pretty much everything revolves around it. There are books that I get carried away by and can't bear to put down for weeks on end (authors include: Marianne Curley, Trudi Canavan, Lynn Flewelling, Lian Hearn, Anne Bishop, Elizabeth Vaughan and others to name some), their work captures my imagination and heart through a combination of interesting plots and characters I care about. A good book will make me want to stop doing anything else (even stuff like revising for important exams. Never read an author you truly love during exam time, unless you don't want to revise at all.). And despite occasional inconveniences, it is a wonderful feeling to be so swept up by a book that you don't ever want to put it down, or reread again and again with getting tired of it, I love the feeling when you read a truly good book that you know this book will stay with you, and the characters take up their own life inside your head. You don't have to read something that's full of facts or will change the world so long as you enjoy it that's good but even better is a book that keeps you totally involved. Reading is a very personal experience -- few of my close friends ever read the same books I do, and they have to put up a lot with me reading and being anti-social because it's so good -- reading is worth it. =)

How does politics personally affect your life?

I notice that in talking to people that the ones least willing to listen, hear other opinions and usually the first to resort to getting in fights tend to also still believe that they're WMDs in Iraq and that Saddam caused 9/11.

Anytime I meet someone who uses the "N" word freely also feels that the middle east should be nuked and that the Bush administration is the best example of family values.

Of all of my Rep/Con friends, which there is only 3 in the group I frequently hang out with, they all refuse to watch a Michael Moore film or listen to any speaker that is left of center. They all claim to be Christians but they don't go to church or have ever read the bible. They tend to only invoke the Christian philosophy when it comes to justifying their blanket hatred of gays and middle eastern people.

It's safe to say these aren't my closest friends. My closest friends tend to be very rational in their beliefs and care about the truth more than anything. We all read up and look at politics from many different angles, yet arrive at similar beliefs. I believe if more Republicans and Conservatives would take a look at other opinions and angles besides those only supporting their existing beliefs, that they might change their mind on what is really going on in reality and realize that there is much more to life than money.

Yes, of course.What a psychiatrist believes and how they express those beliefs form part of your treatment environment. Treatment environment is a significant factor in the potential successfulness of treatments, as well as gains in quality of life which may not depend on any particular mode of therapy. The personal and professional beliefs of a psychiatrist will impact the services they offer and the appropriateness of their services to specific clients.That is like asking if how your waiter interacts with you is relevant to your dining experiences, or if the beliefs of an engineer can affect how he drives the train you’re taking. There are some protocols which are assumed to be standard, but there is a lot of room for personal opining and preferences, and plenty of professionals go against the recommended protocols anyhow. Beliefs can mean the difference between life and death in these situations, though allergies, high speed crashes, and so forth are less likely to cause problems than psychiatric drugging.Psychiatrists are mere consultants, in theory, offering you their personal opinions about your own experiences and how to constructively address them. But many or most psychiatrists make prescriptive declarations which tend to color what people believe about themselves and their experiences.If you tell someone they are sick in the brain, they are more likely to believe they are sick in the brain, for instance. And if you tell them that they have a “chemical imbalance” which drugs can correct, they are more likely to believe that, as well. These kinds of beliefs can dramatically influence the choices someone makes and what their outcomes end up being.It is not usually as simple as one person’s word being the absolute truth, however when people vested with social authority and the ability to get you imprisoned or abused start talking down to you or making threats, that has a palpable significance. When people suggest you should be taking seriously risky drugs, now or forever, and trillions of dollars of industry and government are behind them, that is not the same thing as some random person on the street making the same sort of claim.

My Opinion on Interfaith marriages are as follow…Love has No boundries but marriage have. When someone Love to the person who is not same religious believe with him/her, they must think about their future and how their Religion teaches about it and acceptance of their family and environment. Based on my knowledge, Jewish/Christian and Islam religiously prohibited marrying with the person from other faith. So, if you are a True believer of those respective Religions, you must practice its rules and regulations. But if you value Love more than Religion, you have some choices which area) Do not marry the person from other faith.b) Marry with the person who you Love and practice your own religion and let your partner also practice his/her religion.c) Marry with the person you Love and discuss about the future plan for your Religion and Practices.D) Convertion which is like playing game with Religion due to your Love. (I personally never encourage anyone to convert their religion because of Love, marriages, Business, ownership or any types of pressure and insentives.)2. Religion is a very inner personal of each and every Human beings. All Human beings have their own choice and Rights for the Believing and Practicing on any respective Religion. No one can give pressure or Opprest to anyone on their Religious believe and practices. Marriage is a part of Human Life and should not be a piece to create life aprts due to their Religious Believes and Practices.3. When you are going to Love anyone, think about your Religious teaching and practices. If your Religion do not allow to get married with the person from other faith, better stay away since before you have started the relationship.4. Marriage should not be a cause which creates conflicts among Lovers and between respective Religious communities.(tbc……)