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Do You Think A Whole Generation Of Men Have Been Cheated By The Education System

What is wrong with the Indian education system?

Thinking.Science for intelligent ones.Commerce for “good in maths” students.Arts for weak students.Question papers.Bihar boards’ open cheating.Repeating the same questions from past papers. Leading to proliferation of “guidebooks” business.Clash of views.If your views don’t match with the teachers’, you won’t get desired marks.Long hauls.11000 UPSC aspirants on an average don’t make it in the interview. 2000 of them don’t find their place in the merit list. They have to go through the process again. They could have had easily filled any group B job.Mugging over understanding.“Sun rises in the east and sets in the west.”People writing XII boards mostly remember the solution of the question asked in their exam.Stickiness in thought process.Reforms are envisaged in 10 years. It takes 10 years to implement them.K. Kasturirangan to head panel on National Education Policy. He will suggest some fresh reforms. But alas, all those reforms will bite the dust.TSR Subramanian’s recommendations on Higher education are yet to be implemented.Last day hauls.“Ma’am told us these important topics. Learn these by heart. You will get good marks.”Sad part is that these persons really do top the exams.It leads to “Yes men” around teachers and professors.Vicious cycles.Intelligent—- Science—-Send to Kota—-Depressed—-Suicide.Commerce — Prepare for CA — Feels like not interested — ends up wasting precious time.Arts --Prepare for UPSC—not interested—- ends up wasting many years.Extraordinary delays.CBSE did some serious mistakes in this year’s results. Now, many students' marks are increasing. But college cut off won’t count those increased marks. These students miss the cutoffs of their favourite colleges.UPSC exams takes an year to complete the process. Many young years are drained into it.Things are beaten into the head.My friend’s sibling had started writing sentences. I asked him to write something. I asked him to write something in 5 different ways.He wrote the word “something” in five different fonts!When after few months, the teacher asked him to write something, he did the same. He was scolded by the teacher. He came to home crying.AImage: Don't Let Perfect Get In the Way of Progress.

How does education help a person?

Education is essential for everyone.It is the level of education that helps people earn respect and recognition. In my opinion, it is indispensable part of life both personally and socially. However, the unequal standard of education is still a major problem that needs to be solved.Imagine the world without schools, colleges, universities,Impossible! Right?Education is giving and gaining knowledge. Education helps us to choose the right path, how to walk on that path, how to deal with the obstacles.Education is the most powerful weapon to safeguard ourselves and gives us confidence to stand for what is right.Education helps us to distinguish between what is reasonable and unreasonable. Education is like the battery in the electronic gadgets.Education builds our personality, because what we learn, we become. Education is not what we gain in schools or colleges, it is what we learn from our own or other's experience. It can be imparted or gained by anyone and everyone irrespective of age.Thanks for A2A.

Do you think feminism has ruined relationships?

This is a school project (you're not doing my homework! lol) I just want some opinions?

Do you think feminists helped a little but in general, most are man haters. They have a chip on their shoulders and most can't stand traditional men and women. Most hate the gender roles and will refuse to take care of a man?!

Men still want to feel welcome and needed. Many of today's women have no understanding of men or their needs, period. TRUE?! ..not true?

Do you think mandatory parental involvement should be necessary to improve schools?

Oh man, I could talk about this subject forever!! My daughter graduated in 2010, I was involved in her school from kdg till graduation. I still attend school board meetings and help with the band and drama club (as does my daughter).
I have seen parents who do not care, I have seen kids fail because the teachers and administration have tried to get the parents to come in, but they won't. Know what happens then? They come to the school board and complain that little Susie if failing and they knew nothing about it. Luckily there is always a building administrator at the meeting to say Ummmm, we called numerous times to have you come in for a meeting (I love when that happens).
I have spoken to many teachers and they really do not know what else to do, they try to talk to the parents but sadly you cannot make parents care.
Our school does have Home study for kids with behaviour problems, and mandatory tutoring classes. We also do have summer school that is suppose to be mandatory, but again, there are some parents who simply do not send the kids.
Sorry if I rambled, and I love your ideas, except the part about sending teachers to lower performing schools., when a district has great teachers we must do all in our power to keep them.
I am also not a fan of the testing. My daughter is very smart, but when it came time to take those tests, she pretty much froze up and many many kids are like that, they have test phobia. That is no indication on how well the teacher is doing.

EDIT @ Dago Red: The schools are teaching the basics, in my State you have to have 4 years of Math, Science and English, and 3 years of Social Studies to graduate. I believe, starting with this year, you also have to have 2 years of a foreign language. I cannot speak for other states only the one I live in.
As for the mandatory tutoring, at least in our district, these are classes that meet twice a week in the morning before school starts and it is the district that pays for it.