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Do You Think E3 Will Reveal Next Gen Console Prices

Which next-gen console will you buy:PS4, Xbox One, or WiiU? Why?

As it will be some years before I need to replace my PS3, it's hard to tell. If I had to choose today, however, it would be the Xbox One. Why?I am not a hardcore gamer. The XBox one seems like it has and will continue to have more non-game entertainment options.Did I mention I'm not a hardcore gamer? I play games maybe an hour a month. I own four games. I've never wanted to sell one, never wanted to borrow someone else's games, and thus don't care about any of that stuff. I also never done multiplayer online gaming and have no intention of ever doing so.I'm hoping the XBox One will eventually allow me to get rid of the cable box. The PS4 hasn't made any moves in that direction, and it's a bit of a thing for me.Based on Ariel Williams' answer, it seems like the XBox One will have a slower fade into technological obsolescence.I'm intrigued by Kinect, which I've read is better, more sophisticated and more versatile than  the Sony Camera (or whatever it's called)And because I don't care about the biggest complaints people are making about the XBox One. Required Internet connection? My PS3 is already permanently connected to my WiFi. (Honestly, I don't understand the fuss over this issue: I assumed that our consoles have been permanently connected to the Internet for years. It's like getting mad when your employer says all employees are required to shower daily. Don't you do that already?) Oh, and the privacy issue with the Kinect? A non-issue. To save electricity, I turn off the power strip that my game, cable box, and TV are plugged into when not in use. Let's see Kinect invade my privacy now. (And heck, if it bothers you so much? Throw a towel over it when you're not using it. How hard is that?)To put it succinctly, I'd pick the XBox One because I'm not interested in a gaming console. I'm interested in a media/home entertainment hub-like device that happens to have gaming capabilities.

Why are consoles *typically* locked to 30 fps?

Consoles aren’t locked at 30fps. Most console games run at 30fps because graphics are apparently more marketable to the consumer base than frame rate is. If you tell somebody in an E3 presentation “look at how smooth the frame rate is!”, I doubt you’ll sell many more units - the people who really care about that kind of performance already have gaming PCs, anyways. Takes a special niche of gamer to really care about those technical aspects, yet still be too cheap to pay a few hundred dollars for them. On the other hand, you show a pretty trailer (usually with graphics beyond what the game will actually have on console, almost always running on a higher spec PC) and… well, everybody can appreciate good graphics.

Will Microsoft and/or Sony reveal new consoles this year?

While I do believe that we will get hints at new consoles this year I do not believe that there will be any rush to get them to market. I generally think that console cycles will get longer with us keeping them longer as time goes on for a few reasons. 1. Software updatesWith this ability both the PS3 and 360 have been able to improve their offering considerably over the years with new software updates keeping them up to date in a way that was never possible before. 2. Graphical ComplexityAs computers get more powerful and graphics rendering becomes less of a challenge the difficulty in creating beautiful games moves from developers to designers. The issue with this is that there really is only so much time and money a company can put into a game and computers a getting more powerful faster than we can make people more productive. This generally means that while video games will get a little better in the coming years we will stop seeing large jumps in graphical quality due to human limitations not computers. This removes the need for a more powerful device to come along every few years.3. CostEverything to do with console gaming is getting more expensive. The games are going up in price and used games are being phased out. Consoles are becoming more sophisticated and they are selling for more. Games are costing more and more to produce. This is a ecosystem that cannot continue to scale this way and keeping a single console in market longer solves these issues. Less R&D for developers and consoles makers saves money. The console being on the market for many years allows the price to dramatically drop and thus more to be sold. Lastly more of a single console in market makes taking a risk on developing an expensive game less risky and better games can be made. So while I'm excited to see what comes next, I would be just as happy to keep my PS3 and 360 for another few years.

Do you think that the gap between PC gamers and console gamers is widening as PC games continue to raise their minimum spec requirements?

Question: Do you think that the gap between PC gamers and console gamers is widening as PC games continue to raise their minimum spec requirements?How…? Like, first I need the “gap” to be defined. Secondly… this just means that technology is advancing. My high-tier computer hardware gives me the “same” performance as an Xbox, but I have so much more. 144hz at 1440p as opposed to 30–60hz at 1080p or 4k. Add on’s, wider array of games, I can expand my storage to… well…. upwards of 16 terabytes, Four 4-terabyte hard drives set to RaID? Hell I haven’t even filled a single 4 Tb drive yet and I’ve got around 100 games on my Steam library, plus a few non-steam games. Your Xbox doesn’t have that option… does it? Not without doing an upgrade yourself or slapping on an external…Plus, we tend to drag along console behind to an extent. the higher quality our graphics, the more console gamers will expect from theirs, which means they need better hardware etc etc etc.Final thought? Yes, computers from 5 years ago are on the very edge of “you need a newer system” but at least ours is a matter of “We can’t promise how good your system will play this game” as opposed to “That new game coming out? Console exclusive for our BRAND NEW CONSOLE! Forget the fact that you have games on their old one. Oh, and they’re not doing backwards compatibility (looking at you, initial release of Xbox One). So, not much difference than ours.

PC gaming VS Console gaming?

PCs DO NOT go to crap in a year, unless you constantly kick and unnecessarily open it to feel around.

There is much more customization and freedom with PCs. You can play games at higher settings than consoles (little known fact, the Medium setting for most PC games is usually the setting for consoles). The keyboard + mouse setup may take a bit of time to get used to if you've always used consoles, but after you nail it down, it's great for FPS games or, heck, any game. If you know what you're doing, you might even be able to build a strong PC for even less than £650, maybe even less than the console. There's Skype, Steam, WinAMP, web browsers (that don't suck), and best of all, mod support for games. Plus, if you're an indie developer, it's very easy to publish and sell your games. The only bad thing is that you MAY be susceptible to viruses, but it's not that hard to prevent and/or remove them.

Compare that to the Xbox One. You will definitely have TV, Skype, and games. You won't have to worry about viruses. However, it will most likely be very strict on how you can customize it. There's no mod support unless you hack the system, restricted indie development, a few apps, and you're limited to a gamepad setup.

What was Microsoft thinking with the Xbox One?

I can answer your question who would buy the xbox one? First off, I would. Reason one is because I have always had an xbox and that is what I just grew up with. I'm not a fan of bandwagons. Reason two, I can't leave the halo story line behind. Halo C.E. was one of my first video games I played, and was my first console game and FPS and with the start of a new trilogy, just can't say no. Third reason, it all depends on who needs the attributes of a certain console. For myself, I will be going off to college in just under a month and am starting to look at things that would benefit my entire living quarters and not just my gaming. The xbox one is an all around entertainment system with, television, DVD player, internet browsing, and of course the gaming. Unfortunately, PS4 is just that, a gaming console. Now I am not nocking it, please don't take this message at that I am bashing the PS4. I am just giving my opinion on who would buy the xbox one over the PS4. So obviously, people who are looking a little more in combining entertainment devices into one would be more suited for the xbox one over the PS4. Now the PS3 did have way more exclusives that I personally have played and enjoyed but that still doesn't change my mind for the PS4. I would rather purchase an xbox one because it would be more convenient for me. Now a person who would only want a console just for gaming, then by all means, go buy yourself a PS4. Hope that helps!

Which console is better, PS4 or Xbox One?

I want to get a next gen console, but I want to do it correctly. I was leaning more towards the side of PS4 until Microsoft changed there policies(which BTW is in my eyes an act of desperation, because if they really did care for the voice of gamers, they wouldn't place those policies in the first place). I want to know that is the $100 price difference really worth it. The set top box I have right now can do almost anything the Xbox One can do, all it needs is a motion control system and voice control. But then again they might come in handy at a point. The PS4 does have the hardware edge but it got me thinking that if it will freeze up or lag the way it did in the Sony E3 Press Conference during the Assassins Creed Black Flag game play. And not to mention the online problems for PSN. I want it purely for gaming. I really like the idea of having a PS Vita as a secondary screen which is supported by every game, same thing Microsoft has through smart glass but I am not to sure if it is supported in every game. I want a console which every YouTuber will play on and which is mostly more popular. Please help, I really want to make the correct choice here.

Is the Xbox One X going to help Microsoft beat Sony in the console war?

Actually, there is no war between the consoles per se, the war is actually between the PCs and consoles.Coming to the question,From the details revealed so far, it looks to be true. When Sony released their PS4 Pro, there were immediate comparisons between the Pro and Xbox One S.Then, Sony apparently said in a statement that the PS4 Pro was meant to compete with PCs.Now, when the Xbox One X was revealed at E3, there were comparisons again. The specs as told by Microsoft suggest that it can possibly beat Sony's console.The specs detail that the Xbox One X will support native 4k textures and a locked 60 fps for all the games. The console has 6 teraflops against the Pro’s 4.1 teraflops. But, as recently Bungie announced that their Destiny 2 will be locked at 30 fps on consoles, including the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. If this statement is to be believed, then that will be bad business for Microsoft.To be honest, it's really very early to start comparisons between PS4 Pro & Xbox One X given the fact that the latter won't be released untill next year.Cheers !!!!

How to convince my parents to get me a ps4 or the new xbox?

Honestly these new consoles are not much different than a PC in many ways. If they have issues with age specific content than just let them know that parental controls are always available and assure them you will not play games they do not want you to play. If they let you have a PC than I don't see an issue with a next gen console. Actually a PC is worse to allow a minor to have than a console so let them know that if you think they will not take away your PC lol.

Do you think Sony skipping E3 this year has anything to do with PS5 potentially releasing in 2020?

Well kind of.Sony mentioned that they didn’t want to do E3 just to run a highlight reel of games, so in future, unless they have something exciting to reveal they weren’t going to join the show.In a way, you could probably take that as Sony saying they don’t have a new console to reveal.