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Do You Think Gerald Wallace Will Step Up

How many years before the Philadelphia 76ers become a contender in the East?

I'm going to go with 5 years, assuming Philly can bring everyone back under contract. Here's why:Development of Ben Simmons. He may look like an all star caliber Player but I believe he is in for a rude awakening. The league will adjust to him and his inability to make anything away from the basketball will haunt him.Development of Markelle Fultz. Will he ever be a good Player? So far it's too early but it doesn't look good.Eastern Conference landscape will change. The mainstays of the conference outside the Celtics will fall off. The Bucks will probably be really good at that time but the window will open up for Philly.

Did the Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves both come out ahead in the Butler for Covington and Saric trade?

I think so.Covington is an interesting player. He shoots reasonably well, but does very little else well on offense. Defensively, he is quite strong, with the ability to steal, rebound, and cover on the perimeter. He is capable of being the worst starter on a good team.Saric is an excellent role player. He has wonderful offensive skills, featuring excellent shooting, elite passing, and good court awareness. He is generally a defensive liability, since his only NBA position is power forward, but he lacks the toughness and athleticism to own the paint against strong 4s and the speed to defend shots against stretch 4s.Butler is good enough to be the 2nd or 3rd best starter on an elite team. He is exactly what most teams want from the 3 at this time, with all of the strengths of Covington but much more individual offensive skill, better court awareness, and more star power. He doesn’t have the temperament or individual skills to be the top starter on a good team.So, Minnesota received two 7/10 players, both on decent contracts. Minnesota doesn’t have the players to compete as a top team at this time, but they picked up solid assets. They will need to sign an elite free agent or luck out in the draft to step forward, but they would have gone nowhere with Butler.Philly received a 9 who needs to play with a 10. Embiid happens to be that 10. Butler comes with risk of departure at the end of the year, but he would certainly have departed Minnesota and will probably stay in Philly. The Sixers have a chance to be a top 3 East team that legitimately challenges Toronto and Boston, although the Fultz issue is highly distracting. Most Philly fans think that Colangelo is a clown who got fleeced choosing Fultz over Tatum. Elton Brand has improved the image of the front office in Philadelphia.

Where did the Philadelphia 76ers play their 2005 home games?

Why do people ask questions in Quora that can easily be answered elsewhere with a simple search?Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia)

Who is the best perimeter defender in the NBA?

I would have to say Shawn Marion. Iggy,Bell,Allen,Deng deserve some recommendations. So who do you think is the best?

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