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Do You Think Im Selfish And Unmotivated

Depressed and unmotivated?

Depressed and unmotivated?
It seems like ive been stuck in a rut for quite sometime. I have like one good friend that i hangout with all the time and it just seems like ive gone to nothing i havent started college yet i dont gave a licence and just got my ged lost a long term boyfriend last month still friends but not what i want. I just feel like nothing and nothing i can do can make me happy. I feel like im disgusting and that people dont want to talk to me or boys think im gross. And i fake these smiles and it kills me because im trapped and so unhappy and i feel like i need to do something or im going to be stuck on the track to nowhere please help. And everyone in this town and everything is routine nothing new. I dont know how to meet new people or find a new boyfriend. Help please

My mom is making me feel unmotivated what do I do?

I was at my sports team practice and when we got back she kept saying how I didn't try hard enough or stretch enough for the ball and she said I was an embarrassment. I was trying my best though and she doesn't see that. She keeps telling me what she's saying to me should be encouraging but they're the opposite! It makes me feel like I should just give up and quit cause it's making me care even less. She does this a lot and knows I get mad and it doesn't help but she still keeps doing it. I can't even say much back to her cause she will take away my phone. What am I supposed to do, I get so mad when she lectures me like this and tells me I'm the worst on my team and I just feel like punching her in the face. I also feel like quitting just so she can feel guilty. What should I do??

Why am I feeling so low and unmotivated?

I feel like I have lost hope in myself to do anything anymore. I feel like I am just living and not doing anything with myself.. Im am 23 years old and I should be out with friends enjoying life and not sulking in misery about myself. I feel stupid and worthless. I just go to work on the weekends and the other days i just sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon and then watch tv or smoke lots of cigs and sometimes drink beer until I cannot feel these lonely feelings. I know that I am just slowly turning into the person I don't want to be which is a bum. I am not going to school and even when I was in school I was not really trying because I couldnt make myself study or do homework. I just suck and I hate it. Why do I continue to put myself in these situations and continue to not want to be around people? I just sit and think about how stupid I am. I feel like if I am around other people then I will feel like I am just making them sad because I am sad at the time and I am tired of making everyone around me sad because of me. I have no motivation and my memory of things is just getting worse because all I can think about is how suck I am.

I'm depressed and unmotivated,I feel trapped?

The most important thing you need to do is SEE A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY!!!! Clinical depression is a treatable illness. Professionals have the most power to help you feel better. A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine, a therapist / counselor usually does talk therapy. Either way, it is essential that you seek help!

If you're anxious about seeing a therapist, then maybe consider online therapy? [real-life therapy is best]

Another thing that might help is this book called 'Feeling Good' by David Burns. I personally have it and find it invaluable. If you have any doubts, read the amazon reviews :P

If you ever get to the point where you may need to speak with a professional due to any kind of suicidal thoughts, please consider calling a Suicide Hotline. They are always incredibly courteous, extremely helpful and kind.

1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK
1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255

What to do about an unmotivated adult stepchild living at home?

My wife and I have 5 minor children, ages: 4mo., 4, 6, 8, and 10 years- living with us, and recently found ourselves in a situation where her homeless 19 year old son (my stepson) who is in and out of jail and does not work, came to live with us. He is doing nothing to help himself, stays up all night, sleeps all day, and just lays around the house and does not clean up after himself. When I've mentioned even the slightest thing about his behavior, my wife gets defensive (makes me feel selfish) but I was never raised this way and I think that boy serves as a pour example for our minor children. My wife claims that she is not enabling him, and I am afraid to discuss this with her for fear of making her upsett. I realize that I am only the stepfather; is it my place to say or do anything about this situation, or should I just try to ignore things and let things take their course. I for sure don't want to be the controlling "bad guy", but it frustrates me having to put up with this.

I am just not a very nice person - am selfish, unreliable & 'flaky'?

I have really tried to become a better person but I just don't have the willpower. I only get in touch with people when I need something then dont say thank you and ignore them other times. I am lazy, unmotivated, somewhat unhygeinic (don't always shower, brush teeth, clean nails etc). I just have so many things wrong with me. I buy self help books etc but never bother to read them fully. I have alienated everyone from me. I am unemployed and have been blacklisted at a couple of agencies cos they got me a job but I just did not phone them back, then lied that I did not get the message. what can I do with this mess.