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Do You Think Krista Will Return On Episode 5 Of The Walking Dead Agme

On the game The Walking Dead can you save Lee in some way from turning?

No you can't save lee there is no possible way to keep him alive.

Nobody knows who the two figures are at the end. Telltale games confirmed that there will come out new episodes (no release date yet). but they did not announce if it's going to be about clementine or not!

if there will be info about it ik will be in the link down under:) it also has some cool video's about the game.

be patient my friend.

Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner Question (Spoilers)?

So at the end of Episode 4, did you choose to show the group your bite? Also, who did you take with you to find Clementine and why? I chose to show them the bite, and I ended up taking Christa, Omid, Kenny, and Ben. Sure Ben is a screw up, but I bet the game developers will have him do something in Episode 5 that makes up more everything.

[spoiler] Could Lee Everett from The Walking Dead game survive?

[ spoiler alert ] *stop reading if you haven't played episode 5 yet

So I chose to amputate my bitten arm, and I didn't tell Clamentine to kill me to prevent me from turning. Could it be that Lee just has a normal infection because of his chopped off arm and therefor has fever and so on? I was thinking maybe he will be found by Molly and saved.

Did Telltale games confirm his death? Did they rule out a possible return in season 2? I'm curious on all information about the next installment.

Thanks in advance!

What happens with Ben in The Walking Dead?

Alright, well, from my experience, I dropped Ben back in Crawford. I do have my regrets, however I'm replaying to experience Ben's flagpole death firsthand, and other things I missed out on. After my choice, we rushed back to find Omid and Christa locked in the garage, and they claimed Vernon took the boat. But back to the point of Kenny's "demise". We four were running across rooftops, trying to get to the Marsh House Hotel. Kenny was a bit behind, and patted Lee on the back which knocked the walkie talkie out of his hand and into a hole in the roof leading into the building. There was a bit of a debate about who should go in to get it, but certainly wouldn't be Lee, with a missing forearm. So Christa jumped in, grabbed the walkie and tried to get back up. Realizing there was no other way, Kenny jumped in and boosted her up. You see Kenny fire his gun once or twice, and then a horde of zombies. However, you also witness him run. Perhaps there was an exit...

The walking dead arcade game ep 4; I can't open the safe!?

I am on episode 4...I'm not sure which part I'm on, I think it's like the part before the last or the last. We snuck into Crawford and we are in the school, Molly took off with the battery, Kenny and Brie got the gas and now we just need the medicine before we can get out of here, I'm getting stressed because this ep is by far the hardest and it feels like it never ends and by now after hours I kind of want to beat it already...Can anyone help? I'm in the nurses office with krista and the doctor guy from the sewer, already played the tape and it didn't show the lock combination so the doctor suggested I go find the 'dead' guy that was seen on the tape to see if he has a part 2 of the tape...PLEASE HELP I don't want to go back out there and their are walkers everywhere! (Haha I am a teenage girl and quite scared of horror and zombies..but the game is fun and I enjoy the show)

Have you ever played a video game that left you sad/depressed?

Some games leave bigger marks than others.Three of them definitively left me feeling sad, almost empty, and shook my conception of life and its meaning.Life is StrangeMax Caufield, a 17-year-old girl, discovers that she has the power to rewind a short period of time. What will you change? What consequences will those changes have?Why it made me sad: I won’t spoil, but no matter your choices, you can’t prevent everything from happening. And if you rewind to cancel a bad event, who knows if something worse won’t happen?This War of MineYou control a group of survivors during a civil war, where militaries shoot everyone on sight, and thugs attack civilians.During the game, you will have to deal with hunger, anger, depression, theft, aggression. You will also have to make choices, where there is no right answer.Why it made me sad? Because it is way too realistic. If war breaks, it won’t look like Call of Duty or Battlefield. It would look like This War of Mine, where there is no heroes nor “happy” ending, just survival.Heavy RainYou play a father whose son has been missing, and his race against time to find him before the Origami Killer does.I won’t spoil, but there are several endings - and not all of them are happy ones.Why it made me sad? Because Heavy Rain makes you realize that no matter what you do and how hard you try, life always catches you.