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Do You Think My Old Friend Had A Crush On Me In Middle School

My crush has a girlfriend, but I think he likes me. Do you think he likes me?

ok so my crush has a girlfriend who I used to be best friends with in middle school but we grew apart once we got in highschool( btw we're all freshman who are 15 years old). I've known my crush since I was in 5th grade but I didn't have a crush on him, puberty hit him like a truck. We've grown a little closer this year and he's in 2 of my classes. One time he sat next to me after our gym class and truer to gross me out by saying "oh nice and sweaty" I pulled out my perfume and sprayed him twice and he said I hope renee(his girlfriend) doesn't say anything. He always talks to me and teases me in our social studies class too, which his girlfriend is in. For example, he said "why are you so bad at soccer?"( I play the full game every game on varsity as a freshman) so I said " why are you so bad at baseball" etc. One time he asked me if I ever scored goals and what position I played and I asked him what position he played too. I looked up how to tell if someone has a crush on you and a website said if their body is turned towards you in a conversation and if they mirror you're body movement. So the next day at school we were sitting in chairs at gym class writing definitions , my crush was diagonally behind me. So it turned around and started talking to my friends and he was talking with us too but his body was pointed towards me the whole time even when he was talking to someone else. I also touched my hair or fixed it and he did too right after me. Do you think he likes me?

How do you ask out a girl in middle school?

well i have brown hair blonde high lights in middle shcool adn 4'11 also 13
ive had the same problem...

i had a crush on this boy before and he did not ever have a girl friend in his life! (no point in liking him.) well the best thing is to ask her like say "do you want to be my girl friend" or "would you be my girl friend".

dont be mad if it does not work thats ok....because she might not be ready to go out yet.....(like the boy i liked) im giving you advice from my own experience. hope its for the in 7th grade (suppose to be in 8th though....stupid schools..just because ived live in californi they have to hold me back in texas!! anyways...hope it works out for the best......

any more questions e-mail me at

ill be glad to help!

Is my friends little sister too young for me to have a crush on?

i think its perfectly fine. ur not that much older then this girl and u dont seem creepy or anything, so yah just spend time with her and hang with her in the afternoons when no ones home. i would love if some cute boy was with me for a few hours. dont spend EVERY day with her and stuff coz that would be way to much. like 2 times a week u could like hang with her. *WARNING she could really really really like you so dont go any farther then making out w her. shes still young so be careful **dont go near couches or beds or stuff like that

Reuniting with an old crush?

So there's this girl I used to have a crush in back in middle school. I was kind of a nerd back then. Now that I graduated I cleaned myself up and have more confidence I want to talk to her. I had moved to another state before high school. I recently moved back to the town I went to middle school in. I added her on facebook and I just want to know how I should approach this. Im onlya asking thisif because I don't want to screw it up because she is a complete angel now! And before you go judging me im not a bad looking guy and I've dated girls just as pretty if not hotter than her. So Im not a complete loser. Just need some advice