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Do You Think Russia Will Invade Ukraine

Do you think Russia would have still invaded Crimea if Ukraine had possessed Nuclear ICBMS?

Certainly not, unless Putin wants Moscow to look like a radioactive scrap metal heap.

So there's your answer. All we have to do is furnish the US and NATO friendly Baltic Nations with Nuclear ICBMS, and Russia will never go on a conquest again.

If we don't, then make no mistake, this will not be the last conquest on Russia's agenda, they WILL eventually expand further West.

But if we furnish all his target nations with a nuke or two, that would put to bed any bright ideas by Putin once and for all.

So why don't we?

Why did Russia invade Ukraine?

That is not an invasion for the purpose of waging war. It is to protect those Russian ethnics and citizens under siege by gangster nationalist Ukrainian thugs in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Russia has national and security interests to protect. The U.S. cries national security all the time while it is a few thousand miles from the countries it attacks.

Do you think that Ukraine will be part of Russia soon?

Actually Russia never planned to occupy the whole Ukraine. Putin allegedly proposed Poland to annex West Ukraine just in the way Poland itself was divided by Nazi Germany and USSR. He doesn't consider these territories as a part of Russian World.Take a look at the map from Dima Vorobiev answer, it actually reflects pre-war election stats by pro-Russian vs pro-EU political parties. It has changed a lot since then. Even Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens strongly oppose the whole Putin ideology of extending Russia to all territories where Russian is spoken.Russia annexed Crimea and created two puppet states on the small piece of territory where pro-Russian political views where prevailing. Even in the Kharkiv region that is neighboring to Donbass pro-Russian views had no majority. Support of Russia significantly declined since then when people start to see what the Russian World actually is.And in terms of military feasibility, there is no realistic scenario for Russia to occupy Ukraine without using nuclear weapon. Ukrainian army changed a lot since 2014, both technically and morally. Ukraine probably can’t win full scale war with Russia but can definitely make human loss of Russians unacceptable. And even in case of successful occupation controlling 40 millions of non-loyal inhabitants is extremely hard.Instead of occupation Russia prefers internal political destabilization, media war against current Ukrainian government with a lot’s of paid trolls, sabotage at military warehouses, murder of significant opinion makers.

Why is Russia invading Ukraine?

You see Ukraine used to be apart of The Soviet Union. In 1954 they acted to be their own country. Crimea is a large city in the Ukraine. 60% of their population speaks Russian. The Ukrainian president passed a bill to strengthen relations between the European Union. President Putin didn't like that so he made the Ukrainian president decline the bill and that started protest in the Ukraine. Crimea is mostly full of pro Russian citizens. So Russia wants Crimea back. Also the Ukrainian government is poor and they are considering war against Russia. If that's the case it would be a terrible match up. Russia would kill them and the Ukraine would go so deep into debt they probably won't be a country anymore.