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Do You Think That Naruto Feels Bad That Salura Really Likes Sasuke And Not Him

Does Sasuke have any real feelings towards Sakura? If so, how does he show that and is it enough for Sakura?

He DOES have feelings for Sakura, I mean they did have a beautiful child. Sasuke is a very complex character so he's hard to understand at first, but once you get to understand and know his ways, his intentions become clear. Sasuke was afraid to love again due to the misfortune of having his clan entirely killed off and he loved his brother, Itachi SO much, and his clan was killed by Itachi (and Obito) so imagine how heartbroken he was that night, so heartbroken that his Sharingan awakened at that time. But we all know that Itachi had his reasons for doing that (aka-protecting the village and make Sasuke the “hero”.)Tobirama mentioned when he was reanimated that the love the Uchiha possessed was greater than the power of the Senjus’ love and therefore once the person they love is lost, they awaken the Sharingan which is known as “the eye that reflects the heart”. Therefore, you can tell here that Sasuke’s love for her must be powerful.Anyways, Sasuke and Sakura’s feelings are “connected” so they don't need words in order to express themselves about how they feel. Sasuke’s way of showing affection to her is by poking her forehead (just as Itachi did to him) so there you know, how GENUINE AND LEGIT his feelings are for her. He also has a smile that has only been shown to Sakura and I am sure that Sakura is happy with it, he may be far away from home but she knows he loves her and remains loyal to Sasuke because their love is that strong. Sasuke in the Sakura Hiden book went back to the village during his mission because Sakura had been kidnapped and knowing this he rushed straight back to the village. Sasuke mentions her in the data book it and in the Akatsuki Story, it stated that he described Sakura was the one who filled his lonely existence, like she was spring sunshine in the cold winter. In Akatsuki Story, it also mentions that the first time he left the village, he was falling in love with her and left him guilt-ridden once he left.(P.S. personally I've always thought Sasuke had feelings for Sakura just that he didn't show them cause he was THAT type of person plus very smart.)

Does sasuke has feelings for sakura (in naruto) ?

Its still a little early to tell, but in the show, he comes closer to her and starts to show his feelings a little more, aka in episode 109. But as you see throughout the series he opens up to her more.
Episode 109. ^-^ cheers.

Who do you think are the most-likely couples in the Naruto world?

I think Naruto + Hinata , Sasuke+Sakura, and Shikamaru + Ino! Those seem to me the most obvious, but I sopose I am just a hopeless romantic!!
I want to hear from you! Feel free to talk about any blooming Naruto love!! Do you think Gaara of all people will ever find love, or just more pain and agony!?!

What do you think of these naruto couples?

well in my opinon
here are the pairings
also give me your opinions on them
which are good and bad?
who are your fav
do i make a good point
and who you think should be together

naruto and hinata: perfect couple :)
wild and calm balances things out
plus he said she'll be a great bride :D

sasuke and sakura:
at first sakura did want him cause of his looks
but over time she relizes she loves him and he
needs someone to revive his clan, and shes a medical ninja
so she can do freaky baby making ^___^ like infertility treatment

tenten and negi :D:
for some reason people want him to be paired up with hinata
_there COUSINS and thats incestuous 0_0
plus tenten and negi are cute together

shikamaru and temari:
i guess he likes older ladies ;)
some freak sex:D
there cute 2 gether

ino and sai:
idk bout this couple but its possible

asuma and kurenai:
the most obvious of course
and there c-ute

there my fav
child hood friends
and there sexxy together x21413515

lee and sakura:?
not possible
maybe out of sympathy

ino and sasuke:
hell no

naruto and sakura:
hard to imagine
hes too wel....
icky >__>

gaara and sakura:
where do people get this

hinata and negi:
mutants 0_0

jaraiya and tsunade:
hell to the no
she loves dan
plus hes pervy

choji and ino:

shikamaru and ino:
only if temari dies

tenten and rocklee:
nuh uh -__-

kakashi and sakura:
no way
thats illegal

kakashi and anko:
but not going to happem

kakashi and rin:
yes :D
meant to be

hayate and purple hair girl:
yup yup yup
but he died :(

might guy will be single forever
end of story

deidara and sakura might be cute
but unikely

Why does Sakura love sasuke instead of naruto?

Kind of have to agree with the statement above me. Why should Naruto get with Hinata instead of Sakura after what Sakura was doing to him, who didn't understand him.

At the start of the series, Sakura had a deep infatuation for Sasuke Uchiha, rooted in his good looks, cunning, cool attitude, and prodigious talents. For that reason, many of Sakura's early appearances were dedicated to her continuing efforts to win his affection. As the story progressed, she began to recognise Sasuke as a real person with imperfections, and developed a more sincere desire to be there for him, and later fell in love with him.

Am I the only one who thinks Sasuke does not deserve Sakura?, I don't think Naruto is interested in Sakura anymore. In the manga, I don't think he's brought up his crush with her at all.

I think Sasuke and Naruto deserve each other X3

In any case, SasuSaku is all on how you look at it. Sakura tried to stop him. You are only looking at the 'annoying part'. However, he said "thank you." That has a lot of signifigance. He bit his lip before he said it.

He denied the proof of her ignorance and shallowness. Why would he? Either to leave quickly, or to try to protect her emotionally. He then called her annoying to playfully tell her that he remembered and to end the conversation. It means that she did make an impact on him.

Sasuke left her on a bench instead of the ground.

Is SasuSaku is really going to work out?

I had read recently that some said Masashi Kishimoto is going to make Sasuke and Sakura arc after the battle of sasuke and Itachi. But according to the his interview, he only mentioned to do sasuke, kakashi and sakura stories respectfully. But let's say if he did work on sasuke and Sakura arc, does that would mean sasuke and sakura will being together, or sakura would turned to naruto then become just friend with Sasuke... Dont get me wrong, i am totally in SasuSaku pairing, it just make me headache to make me think about it... Somebody help me!!!