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Do You Think That This Girl Is Pretty

Do you think that this girl is pretty?

This is a picture of my girlfriend who doesn't believe she is pretty, and hates a lot about the way she looks. She is always comparing herself to other girls, and it drives me insane. Could you rate her, or write why she is or isn't pretty, so I can show her if there are any good answers. Thanks.

Do you think Indian girls are pretty?

...... yes, they are, the Bengali girls are very pretty and sweet things -
mishti, beautiful and well behaved and talk a lot,

I am an Indian.

1. Do guys think that most girls are pretty or most girls are ugly?

most are ugly. like 70 percent of our population is fat

Guys Only! What do you think of very pretty girls?

Okay, guys,. when you see a woman who is REALLY pretty (naturally -with little or no make up, not overly dressed up, just stunningly beautiful), what do you think? Do you hesitate to approach her, do you automatically think she's gonna be stuck up? Do you think "she must have a boyfriend?" Do think "I can get her?" What is your opinion of naturallly beautiful women when you know abosolutely nothing else about them?

Doing very unscientific research for a class.

Is it OK to tell a girl that I think she's cute or pretty?

Sure, but it’s all about doing it in the right context. It also depends on the sort of relationship you have established with that girl. Comments about physical attractiveness are not always construed as a compliment because they’re often made inappropriately and sometimes without honorable intentions. It’s generally okay to compliment a girl’s beauty when there is appropriate context for such a remark. E.g., “I like the way you did your makeup today, you look really pretty!” It’s generally okay to compliment a girl you think is cute if you already have her respect ahead of time and she feels comfortable around you. Before delivering remarks about someone’s physical attractiveness, first ask yourself why you want that person to know how you feel about his or her looks. What is the purpose? Is it because you want to date that person? Will hearing your comment about looks make that person feel special? Is there a chance your comment might make her feel uncomfortable? Most girls will have learned to distinguish between genuine compliments and shallow comments about their looks by the time they reach adulthood. Girls are used to brushing off annoying comments, so just make sure you deliver your compliments respectfully and at appropriate times.

Because I think girls are pretty, am I not straight?

Okay well I have had obsessive compulsive disorder for me thinking i was les, and the psychologist said I wasn't. I saw les porn at a young age, I was curious and wasn't doing it so much because I liked girls but because it was a sexual act that had led from regular porn.
When I see other girls stripping and guys liking it, it turns me on. Not because the girl is stripping but because she is doing it for the pleasure of the guys. I want to strip for guys and I think its so hot when guys are pleased.
I am always comparing myself to other girls, my boobs are too small why can't I look like her, she has a nice butt...etc.
I have no intentions on doing anything with a girl. When I think of doing anything I get this weird feeling and get all hot and want the thoughts out of my head immediately.

Has anyone ever felt like this, if not how did you know you were bi and I'm not?

How can girls say other girls are pretty?

i don't understand one the questions saying am i pretty all the time girls say omg you're well pretty but if they're not a lez how can they tell i know i cant tell if my friends are fit or for any boy at that matter is it just a girl thing that they can tell if other girls are pretty.

Why do girls ask you if you think another girl is pretty?

She never seems to asks me that when there's a girl she's clearly prettier than. She always conviently asks me when there's a girl who yo'd have to be blind to say you don't find her pretty.

Next time I get asked that, I'll take a bite out of a snickers and hopefully get an idea to mend the situation. LOL

Am I gay if I think girls are pretty, but am not attracted to them?

Everyone can tell when someone is attractive but not be attracted to them. I'm gay and I can tell which girls are pretty. I know my straight guy friends can tell when a guy is sexy, whether they admit it or not. I have plenty of straight girl friends who talk about attractive features on a woman.

Nothing abnormal, everyone does it whether they admit it or not.