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Do You Think The American Government Looks In On Things Like Y/a And Other Sites To Find Ways Of

What do people in the UK think about the North American English?

i do no longer think of any English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish people have problems with North people. i'm in the north of england. There are some British accents I even have problems with - I recommend better than having to pay interest stressful. One is an accessory i've got in basic terms heard infrequently, and that's the actual, finished, unmoderated Wigtownshire accessory of south-west Scotland - that's denser and greater complicated in sounds than the different Scottish accessory i've got heard, yet perchance that's because of the fact there have not been an identical encounters with somebody who's lived entirely interior of a community with that accessory and not had reason to reasonable it. There are some northern Geordie-appropriate accents (i.e. equivalent to that spoken in Newcastle) that unmoderated could be troublesome, too, yet i understand that section greater useful so i'm greater 'tuned in' even to the thickest of accents. i think of The angels is right, that the magnificent variety of accessory in the united kingdom, the place it extremely does replace interior of 30 miles, makes us extremely used to adapting. i'm shocked you had an issue with 'The King's Speech' because of the fact the king himself had an accessory on the component of that of what you will hear on maximum British media i.e. southern 'won pronunciation'. playstation I could have mentioned, i've got by no ability had the slightest concern understanding any u . s . or Canadian i've got ever heard.

Why do American men hate women?

Take it from an actual American male, American men here are greedy, arrogant, ignorant, self-centered, and self-obsessed assholes who want to dominate everyone not like them. You get this the most from the white men, those privileged elites who have never understood what it's like to be a woman, an African-American, or any other minority group. The white men have ruled America for 300 years and they don't want to give that up. They see the fact that women are making great progress and advancing towards total gender equality as a threat to their exalted position as male overlords. Don't let them fool you with their lies; they don't "love" women, they only love them in the way you "care" for someone by what they can do for you, how you control their lives, and that's true here. They don't think of women as people, but objects, especially since most men here are the most crazy religious fundamentalists on the planet. Not as bad as the ignorant men in Third World countries, but not by much. It's reached the point where I hate American men and I just wanna castrate the whole lot.

What do Americans find most annoying about foreigners?

I’ve got a couple:Coming here and trashing the place. Yeah, the USA is just a racist war-mongering hellhole of a doomed country and you’re country is the pinnacle of equality and the beacon of the world. If that’s so, then why are you sending your kids to school in this country? If things were so wonderful in India/Morocco/Poland/Germany/Argentina/Iran then why even come here?Speaking your language in front of us and assuming you’re going to have a private conversation. I really love this one. Yeah, sometimes it saves time, but you never know who speaks what. My in-laws were shocked that a 22-year-old black woman spoke perfect Mandarin Chinese when we went out to a restaurant.This goes for Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean as well. We’re not called the melting pot for nothing.Trashing people X to us. Oh yes, tell us how awful the Jews/Muslims/Chinese/Hispanics/Gypsies/etc are. My Muslim neighbors are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. When I fell and broke my foot, Sayeed was the first person I called and he had me in his car driving me to the doctor 5 mins after calling him. I’ve had Europeans tell me how disgusting Latinos are, without even knowing I was one. My real favorite was when someone from a certain European country actually said “well, you can expect 9–11 when you support the Jews” and was shocked when the guy in the booth next to him dumped a drink on him. There’s a reason Americans laugh at eurotrash.Not respecting our laws. Render unto Caesar folks. The police here don’t care that your drinking age is 18. Here it’s 21. Don’t like it, don’t drink. Same goes for jaywalking, fighting, arguing with police, driving rules, and just plain being a nuisance. Don’t be surprised if you get arrested for breaking the law.Complaining. This one really gets me. This is separate from trashing the USA. There’s more to the USA than McDonalds and Disney world. There’s a huge number of things to see and do here. Yeah, we’re a young country, but there are plenty of other young countries. Hell, I don’t think I have even entered a McDonalds for a decade.

What do Brits think of America?

These days I feel saddened and puzzled.When I was growing up back in the 1950s and 1960s I thought of America as being the promised land. It seemed to be a wonderful land in so many different ways. My parents talked with real gratitude of the help received from America in the war. All the best films came from America. American music was exciting and mould breaking. Above all America seemed to be a place where ordinary working families (blue collar families in American terms) could lead an affluent comfortable lives with homes, cars and appliances beyond the dreams of Europeans.We weren’t really aware of the discrimination against black Americans until the civil rights struggle began and then we all identified with and supported those fighting discrimination.But now it all seems very different.These days it seems as though America falls short in so many different ways.The American health care system seems barbaric - every other developed first world country sees access to healthcare as a right.The American economy no longer seems to work for blue collar families. Since 2000 the real earnings of middle earners ( the median workers) have fallen by around 15% while low earners (the 25th centile) real earnings have fallen by 25%. Despite this the party in power is promoting tax cuts whose benefits will overwhelmingly accrue to the top 1%.America seems to be retreating back from the Enlightenment values on which it was founded. It is scarcely credible that the truth of evolution and the age of the world are still contested by many Americans.The attack on the mainstream media as “fake news” is worryingly reminiscent of fascist, communist and other authoritarian regimes.American infrastructure and education are falling behind other countries.And I just don’t understand how and why Trump was elected.So I’m sad that the America I admired so much has changed and puzzled why Americans allowed it to happen.PS: America is a beautiful country and Americans are usually warm, friendly, generous people (which only makes the position of America sadder and more puzzling).

Does the guy in my American History class like me?

His name is Travis, and I think I like him. Although, I'm not too sure if he likes me too. When I come to class, he takes my history book or my pencil case(he gives it back eventually). And he also hugs this one girl and looks at me to see my reaction. Of course I playfully roll my eyes and then he stops. Do you think he likes me?

Why do the British hate Americans?

not everyone hates the Americans!
i happen to love the accent and i think you all seem really fun.
i had a friend who left school years ago to live in Texas with his dad, i went out with him one night and i was really bowled over by the way he talked, the same happened the other night when i had 2 American Mormon men in suits come to my door , i just find it fascinating, like I'm in a film, its weird, but then maybe i am just weird?. i think from another point of view, i heard someone say that if you are typically British you will always be "a little bit bored and a Little bit disappointed" in our eyes Americans are always so happy compared to us, they can always come out with some great life changing speech and their so emotional too. i think it may annoy some Brits.

Why would the government fake the 9/11 attacks?

The USA needs an enemy. Why you may ask? The largest portion of budget in the USA is National Defense! With the USSR gone and not one single other "Superpower" on Earth, then, what better of an enemy than one with no face? The U.S. has no been at war for 13 years with an enemy with absolutely ZERO evidence. I was in the USAF, I have seen many USAF cargo planes and the such. The plane that hit the South Tower was not a passenger jet, end of story. Now ask yourselves how many rights have you lost since the attack on 09/11? "Real" terrorists have a history of claiming responsibility, not one ever claimed responsibility for 09/11. I do not much believe in chance, fate, coincidence nor happenstance. OK, you will think "Conspiracy Theory". I want you to think about the evidence that is readily available for anybody, add it all up. 1+1=2, 1+1+1=3, 1+1+1+1=4, I find it probable that the next number is 5. Does it seem likely that half a dozen guys that learned how to fly Cessnas, with box cutters were able to take over jet liners full of passengers? Is it likely that jets crash and leave no physical evidence? I have looked up hundreds of crashes, and there is always evidence, ALWAYS! Crashed space ships leave evidence for Christ's sake! It is not on possible, nor probable, but highly likely that our government has been lying to us, deceiving us, for decades. That is atrocious!

Why do conservatives think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is stupid? Are they confusing inexperience for unintelligence?

many of her comments. When a politician believes or wants something, they are expected to understand why they believe that and how they would accomplish it. Cortez has failed to do that. One good example is her plan for universal health care. someone questioned her on how she planned to raise 32 trillion dollars to finance medicare for all. Her response?“You just pay for it.”That was it. Im sure that she has ideas of increasing taxes on the rich and whatnot, but she didnt say any of that. Her response was useless, and frankly insulting to the intelligence of others.Another is her response to the low unemployment rates.“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family,”the washington post, liberal darling it is, even did a fact check, and the results were brutal. I dont have the exact link but i will post it if i can find it.See, people dont judge politicians on what they pass, they judge the parties and the governnment. They judge politicians by what they say. We can see, that right now, Cortez doesnt seem competant or smart.Overall i would say she has the problem that many young people do today. We are very outspoken and loud about what we want fixed/changed but in many cases, we dont have the reasoning or knowledge to make sure it happens.Experience has less to do in politics than how one acts. A new candidate can look experienced if they are confident in their decisions, but an unintelligent candidate will always be unintelligent.

Japanese vs. American Animation?

I've grown up watching both and I like em both equally. I do enjoy Japanese anime more when it comes to storylines. Most American cartoons are made specifically for dumb children so it is hard to find one that has a good story. Most anime are more mature and also have different types of stories from American shows. They range from action, romance, sci-fi, mecha, fantasy, slice of life, school life, drama, cooking, music, action, adventure, sports, martial arts, and psychological, etc,.... When it comes to the animation, I like American better. Japanese anime is very well drawn, but not well animated. The characters are often too still, while american animation will have the characters moving and have some body language when they talk. But I do appreciate that anime keeps the lips only up and down, keeps the lip syncing from looking awkward when they get dubbed. But nothing can compare to the animation quality of the classic disney films, ahh so beautiful ^_^ But really it's hard to compare such different things. Even if something is less realistic or whatever it can still be a good and fun thing to watch.

What do the US and developed countries think about Pakistan? What comes to mind when you hear the word “Pakistan”?

Even though I am not entitled to reply this question, I would reply based on my conversation with citizens of western country.United States- I was having a dinner with my colleagues in New York and one senior lady asked me why your neighbor “Pakistan” was root of all terrorism. Obviously, She was not aware about India-Pakistan past & rivalry.Denmark - One of my Danish colleagues asked me why majority of Indian restaurants are owned by Pakistanis. He then answered his own question by saying that no one will go to Pakistani restaurant due to bad image of Pakistan (linked with terrorism).Germany - One of my German colleagues (he is well aware of history) asked me to explain the reason why Pakistan uses terror as a tool to fight India.Germany- One of my Swiss colleagues asked me why doesn’t India invade Pakistan and finish the terror problem. He was not aware about Pak Nuclear weapons.Germany- One of my Spanish colleagues who had witnessed Madrid Bombing of 2004 knew about role of Pakistan in that attack. He considered Pakistan as safe haven for terrorists.