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Do You Think This Hair Is Pretty Or Ugly

Do you think strawberry blonde hair is ugly or pretty?

such a veryyyy purtyy hair colour XD

Do you think girls with red hair are ugly?

no you are able to desire to rock that hair you already know how uncommon crimson heads are yet basically organic ones sorry if i offended you im a gurl and in specific circumstances desire i had organic hair that grew to become right into a distinctive shade like crimson how awsome that is not having to dye it already properly those adult males could desire to correctly known the interior is easily what counts or maybe they may be basically HATERS properly rock that hair one back if i already suggested that

Do you think dreads on girls are ugly or pretty?

on girls they r hideous but on guys it depends like the brandon jay mclaren the guy off of the best years he has dreads but he's sexy cause his dreads r neat and pulled back into a neat and clean ponytail. not left anyway and looks all nappy and dirty and GROSS. but for girls its a definite no- no in my opinion

Do you think her hair is ugly?

I think she is beautiful girl and her hair is apart of her personality and it is unique and I like it.

Pretty? Cute? Ugly? What do you think? [PiCS iNCLUDED]?

Im a guy,
and I can become a very good critic more than Simon Cowel...

but youre 7 for me...

Go and sunbathe or tan your self...
and you look better when your hair isnt straight.

Age 5–13 Yes:I thought I was ugly when I was really young because I got picked on in school and alot of girls used to refuse to dance with me and I would cry and sing my little Tupac songs like Papaz Song, “I had to play catch by myself what a sorry sight…a pitiful plight so I pray for a starry night…” I felt alone for a while even after one of my childhood friends showed interest in someone else. So growing up was pretty rough. I also dealt with racism and “black trials” of self hatred.Age 14-present adulthood : NoI'm in my late 20s, I've had self esteem since I discovered when I was 14 in 2004 what it was like to actually receive some popularity during middle school. This beautiful girl Cynthia Stark, was unpopular in school and I was very popular… but as a teen I made the biggest mistake by breaking up with her because of rumors about her. She was emo or gothic and by dating me she was so nice and everyone in the school knew about us but I f**ked up. So although I'm not ugly, my karma is delivered to me now…in having problems finding the right girl, and there is not a loyal woman since then who has made me really want to get married. But for the most part no I am not ugly…other women have validated it. And a woman I met in 2004 who was 24 and me being 14 she definitely made my self esteem boost up, we fooled around and to my surprise she never got caught up but she moved away. (To this day Florida teachers still sleep with their students.) Black Consciousness also made me realize I wasn't ugly…

Do you think im pretty? and also i need to know what hairstyle/HAIRCUT would suit me ??

hi Alliyah i just really wanted to tell you not to listen to people when they tell you your ugly,Beyonce said in a interview that she was called ugly in middle school,look at her now,the point is someone that actually wasted they're time to comment on your looks,has no life,and you look really pretty and if it makes u feel any better,I called my brother to see what he thought of u and he said he thought u were gorgeous i hope u don;t mind,all u need to do is tell yourself that ur beautiful and you will gain your self-confidence back,i was called ugly b4 but i learned not to take it seriously and move on,I think that is what u need to do and btw the person who said u were ugly is blind cuzz ur really pretty if u don't believe just look at the comments
:)---GOOD LUCK!!

Do you think beauty marks(mole lol) are pretty or ugly?

easily, there are in all probability alot of fascinating indigenous Peruvian females at a undeniable age, yet i think of the climate and the style of lifestyles that they've, makes them age and look haggard earlier their time. by potential of Dutch, do you advise blond hair, blue eyes? i think of females are the main fascinating, while their helpful aspects are dazzling yet no longer harsh. edit: there are generic ideas approximately helpful aspects that individuals locate the main enticing...almond formed eyes (to no longer close or far aside) smallish noses, and severe cheekbones. those features could be present in any race