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Do You Think This Is Disrespectful

Do you think it was disrespectful for Iron Man to wipe his hands when Spider-Man drifted apart?

Robert Downey Jr. is a highly skilled actor with impeccable instincts. Adding an emotional barrier between himself as a paternal mentor and Peter is a perfect way to underscore his own emotional dysfunctions with his father.Tony Stark is a character is, to the least, the spitting image of his father- protector to the world, outstanding lover and husband and genius inventor and entrepreneur. But as a paternal father figure, he is distant and even cruel to his son.The BARF tech scene in the beginning of Civil War was THE BEST, most cathartic “wish” on Tony Stark’s list of regret of not saying the bare minimum to his father before he was Murdered. His wish as a half ass “I love you, dad”, but without so much as look him in the eyes when he said it.This tells you that Tony has severe daddy issues- intimacy toward someone he instinctually Views like a “son”, he adopts his own fathers awkward “cold shoulder” to. His father apparently was much more comfortable being Steve Roger’s “big brother” , which is sometime he could not even transition to with his own son. His father was very critical and always chastising Tony, which is EXACTLY how Tony was with Peter. Even when he annointed an “Avenger”, he didn’t look him in the eye or give him that “We need each other in the face of danger “ huddle. RDJ is THAT good as an actor. Calling him “kid” despite all they went through is indicative of his daddy dysfunctionsANSWER: Yes. Tony’s Touch of “aloof” arrogance is a cover for his on dysfunctions he had with his father. It’s almost impossible for him to be openly warm or mushy with any young person he feels responsible for. Every mannerism, gesture, criticism or brushing off of a sentiments moment toward Peter means he sees him like a son. That’s how his own father treated him.

Do you think it was disrespectful to not have Trump speak as GHW Bush's funeral?

A2AHELL to the no.You can’t allow Trump to speak at a funeral. All he can talk about is himself. How would he have been able to wax philosophical about the greatness and achievements of someone else? It would have been so embarrassing for everyone.They were not that good friends, the Bushs and the Trumps. The only reason Trump and wife were even there is because GHWB was a diplomat and expressly told his family to invite them.Would you let DJ Trump sing? How about dance? Then, no. Anything that demands pre-thought, or preparation is off limits. Let him wing it at the funeral of one of his own family or close friends (?), which would be wholly appropriate and very interesting.And, I hope they publicize that. But they won’t. And he won’t speak there either I bet.

Do you think it's being disrespectful to write someone's name all in lower case?

No, It's awesome!


Do you think people here are disrespectful toward Leo Black?

In case you don't know, Leo is the World War 2 vet gracing us with his presence and wisdom. He is 90 years old. People say it is unlikely that someone like that would be on here, but why is that? You can always find some exception to the rule anywhere. I think people are rude to him and are trying to bully him. You know who you are. Shame on you!

Do you think it's disrespectful/rude to make guests wash dishes when they come over?

my boyfriend was over the other night. I told him to come over and eat because I made a big pot of spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad and no one eats home cooked food around here. Literally my family just eats fast food on a rotating basis. So after I was done cooking my mom told him to wash all of the dishes and my dad was looking at her like " huh". My dad normally washes the dishes while I cook. My mom was like " oh your father is too tired to wash the dishes tonight" And my dad was like " I never said I was too tired. that's a lie. It's rude to ask guests to wash dishes. I can't believe you did that". There was another time where I had cooked catfish and she asked my boyfriend to take the grease outside. Then today my mom confronts me and she's like " Why does your boyfriend come over every weekend and then leave after he eats.. open your eyes.. don't be naive like a 5 year old" And I was like " what are you talking about. I TOLD him to come over and eat this food i cooked, I can never finish it all myself and ya'll never want to eat it. plus, he doesn't just come over to eat. he talks to my dad a lot and they watch tv together" My boyfriend has helped me a lot in more ways than one, he's always there for me.